33 of the Funniest Lazy Things People Have Done

33 of the Funniest Lazy Things People Have Done

At a certain point, laziness starts to border on ingenuity. Case in point: While it can be considered lazy to attach a bottle opener to your dog’s collar so you never have to go looking for one, it is incredibly smart. Life is hard enough, why not create little shortcuts for yourself? 

Redditors have sheepishly admitted to the laziest things they’ve done, and not to enable the behavior, but a lot of them are on to something. Not the person who warmed up Diet Coke in lieu of coffee, though. That was definitely a mistake. 

aprofondir . 9y I was watching Breaking Bad on my computer but I wanted a glass of juice. So I opened my router settings on my laptop to disable my mom's laptop's MAC address on the network so the Internet wouldn't work for her, so she would come to my room to ask what the fuck, and I'd ask her to get me a glass of juice and that it's already fixed. I'm still ashamed of myself. ... 5.7k

tomatoketchupandbeer . 9y I stuck an empty poster tube to the wall diagonally next to my bed so I could put trash in it and it would roll down into the bin which was about a metre and half away. I thought it was kind of smart but so lazy Obligatory cheers for the gold ... 3.5k

mc-sanders . 9y When i was a baby i wouldn't walk so my mom got scared and took me to the doctor, he separated me from my mom and i went running back to her, turns out i just liked being carried around ... 36

hpatel16 . . 9y I was wearing a mid length dress and knee high boots so I measured the exact area that would be exposed and just shave that 5 inches right smack dab in the middle of my legs.... Then I contemplated what I'm doing with my life if I can't shave my entire legs ... 4.1k

 . . 9y I was too lazy to make coffee this morning, so I put diet coke in a coffee mug and heated it up in the microwave. 3/10 would not recommend. ... 3.4k

Sunburnt-Vampire - 9y When I use the microwave, I press the same number twice because I can't be bothered moving my hand to the zero, so I do 11 or 44 instead of 10 or 40 ... 142

YDOULIE 9y For about a week in college I would make hot chocolate or coffee with hot water and use it as a substitute for milk for my cereal. I just always forgot to get milk when I was out and I was too lazy to go just for milk... ... 188

NotMathMan821 . 9y I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime so I could get free 2-day shipping on an order of new underwear, all because I didn't want to leave the house or do laundry that week. ... 4.4k

killyourmusic . . 9y One time I was choking on a peanut butter sandwich. I didn't even try to cough it up. I just thought, Well, this is how I die.

 9y The other day, i was laying in bed, and my Roku remote was on my desk, literally 5 feet away. Rather than stand up to get it, I grabbed my phone, downloaded the Roku app, and used my phone to stop the movie. 5 feet. ... 2.5k

ACBongo . . 9y - 00 Sometimes I really want to play Xbox but the laptop is already on... So I just watch 'Lets Play' videos of the game I was thinking of playing instead! ... 344

Invalid_Redditor_ 9y When my wife is out of town, I only eat canned food, directly out of the can, over the kitchen sink. No cooking, no dishes. It's absolutely disgusting, but I'm just too lazy to make a meal for just me. ... 2.2k

DinoSoup . 9y The day I moved into my apartment I was exhausted. So I just put my box springs and mattress on the floor and leaned my bed frame in the corner to assemble the next day. It's two years later and my bed frame is still leaning in the corner. ... 1.1k

Destructopuppy 9y Stabbed a can of soup with a penknife until I could drink the contents cold because I was too tired and wasted to either А. Heat it Or B. Walk half a dozen paces to the kitchen and get the can opener. ... 718

CreeDorofl . 9y When I'm leaning back in the chair with one hand on the mouse, and I want to go from reddit to facebook, I don't lean forward enough to reach the keyboard. I look for an F somewhere on the screen, highlight it, right click and copy, then right click and paste it into the browser bar and let autocomplete suggest facebook. Then I click the go arrow. ... 232

heartbreakcity . 9y I outsource my video gaming to my boyfriend when I want to play but am too tired. He'll just ask me what I want him to play, and then he'll run around and kill shit for me until I fall asleep. ... 101

_Piratical_ . 9y Not me but my father in law. Не has two TV screens on opposite sides of his bedroom hooked to the same cable box. That way he doesn't have to worry when he gets uncomfortable laying on one side all day. Не just rolls over and voila! There's another screen with the same show playing on the other side of his bed! Genius! ... 3.1k

flowercup . 9y Instead of counting eight hours from when I plan on falling asleep for my alarm clock, I set the timer on my phone for 8 hours and 15 minutes. ... 666

 9y Sometimes, when I'm really hungry, I'll just take a nap because it's easier than making food. ... 4.2k

phpascal . 9y I download music I have on CDs from the internet because the CDs are in my car. ... 4.1k

Zaldrizes . 9y My light is the opposite end of the room. I sometimes call my brother in, ask a random question, and say oh can you turn my light on? as if it's an after thought. ... 2.2k

Ovary_Puncher . 9y I have a remote controlled outlets in my room, so that I can turn on/off any electronic device without getting out of bed.

rj23187 . S 9y If I have to put something fragile on the floor, like my phone, instead of bending to put it down gently, I drop it on my foot to 'soften' the impact, and then let it roll off the slope off the foot.. ... 848

aznrunnerman . 9y Sometimes I'm too lazy to dry myself after a shower so I end up just sitting on the edge of the tub or standing until I eventually just air-dry. ... 2.8k

trainsacrossthesea 9y Rotate the batteries twice in the remote. Still wont work, watch Golden Girls marathon. ... 1.9k

Pellantana 9y I am too lazy to scratch my own back. So I put my toddlers toy on my head and she will then climb all over my back to try and reach it. Back scratched, toy awarded. ... 352

stopthedumbing . . 9y I sometimes rewash the same load of laundry multiple times because too damn lazy to move it to the dryer. ... 29

akkari1990 . 9y I quit Smoking one year ago because I was too lazy to get up and buy new ones one Weekend. Went better than expected though!

dabooton 9y I scheduled all my classes this semester to be in the building right next to where I'm living so that I don't have to walk far. ... 28

 • 9y I turn my laptop on its side to watch TV shows when I'm lying down on my side cos it takes me that much effort to sit upright. ... 75

 9y i pretend i dont hear the alarm clock in the morning so that my husband gets up and shuts it off for me. ... 863

LascielCoin . 9y I once skipped an entire day of classes because there wasn't enough milk to fill the cereal bowl in the morning. Lost all my motivation and just went straight back to bed. ... 4.8k

king_popov. 9y My dog has a bottle opener on her collar so I never have to look for one ... 377


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