16 of the Wildest Things People Did With Their Friends

16 of the Wildest Things People Did With Their Friends

A real friend is someone who will let you pelt them with tennis balls that you doused with gasoline and lit on fire. If anyone in your social circle insists that this isn’t what friendship is about, you now know where their limitations lie, and that you definitely can’t count on them when your pyro desires kick in. 

Along those lines, Redditors have reminisced about the wildest situations they got into with their friends, and it sounds like a lot of guys love standing around and blowing shit up together. As they should.

Hank_Wankplank 10y My friends and I decided to drink 100 cups of coffee after watching the Futurama episode where Fry does the same and slows down time. We went to the supermarket, got a huge tub of instant coffee, went to my friends house, then realized we didn't have any sugar, cream, milk etc to drink it with. I got to 11 cups of plain black instant coffee in about 40 mins. I was sweating, my heart was beating fast, I felt really greasy and I couldn't stop pissing. My friends sister then informed us if we carried on we

ererdfdfcvcv . 4y One drunken mate of mine ones shoveled a grave for another one, who already has fallen to sleep. Nobody was able to stop him, because he was way too much convinced, that his friend is dead. XD ... 32

 10y We would douse tennis balls in gasoline, light them on fire, and throw them at each other. ... 3

rumckle . 10y Two things come to mind. 1. Playing hide-and-go-seek through the back streets using cars. 2. Pulling apart fireworks, putting them inside a frozen chicken and blowing it apart. ... 1

Jinzot 4y One New Year's Eve, my friend and I were drunk on a patio with giant mugs of beer having a male bonding moment. We were talking about how we should commemorate our friendship doing like a 'blood brothers' ritual, but something more sanitary. We decided to exchange mugs, dip our balls into the beer, switch back, and chug the whole thing. The next morning, I had a vague memory of my testicles feeling cold, but couldn't remember why. Next time we met up, he reminded me. This was 16 years ago, we're still besties to this day, so

 . 4y Saw a friend of mine light his face on fire because he tried to drink a flaming Bacardi shot, but was too dumb to realize he needed to blow it out first. 60

 . 1 10y Found a big box of rusty keys so we had a rusty key fight. This involved us running around the garden, throwing these keys at each other. They were like ninja stars. ... 1

devinchancexxx . 10y Doorbell ditched the same house over a summer on an almost nightly basis until we got shot at. Then we did it again. We're 19. ... 4

HUNG_AS_FUCK.1 10y We poured 2 litres of bubble bath into an inner city fountain and then went skinny dipping in it ... 12

FreshDumbledor3 . 4y Не casually waved at an ambulance, it stoped and we climbed in the backseat and they drove us around for a while. This was during carnival and we were pretty drunk, later I found out he knew the guy driving the ambulance. ... 102

_OccamsChainsaw 10y You know those giant water jugs that you can fill up for a few quarters? Well we decided to have a chugging contest at the filler machines. It was a giant stream of water crushing on our faces until we couldn't take it anymore. We took turns and threw up a lot. It was like getting drunk only not cool. ... 1

 . 4y Steal a university police car, drive it around campus, park it on the lawn of the student union, with no repercussions and somehow no one noticed.

 . 1 10y I lived near an almond orchard growing up, and around Halloween time when I was 15 my brother and I gathered some friends and decided to play soccer in the orchard, except the soccer ball was a pumpkin, and we lit the pumpkin on fire.. ... 1

LeoZhekov . 4y An overweight friend of mine running away from a loose horse on a big field. We've never seen a guy run as fast.. ... 119

spidihv . 10y A lot. Here's one, we stole a giant inflatable dinosaur from a car dealership and hung it on a highway overpass. A truck hit it and the chord we were using to hang it got wrapped around my buddies arm and came close to pulling him off. What else... Oh shit! We once threw a box of bullets on a fire and hid behind a sheet of plywood. I think that takes the cake. ... 4

fapping-tortuga.1 10y We blew up a really old IBM computer with m80s then we through molotovs at it. We were really stupid. ... 4


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