18 of the Funniest Pranks People Played at Sleepovers

‘We lit their hair on fire’
18 of the Funniest Pranks People Played at Sleepovers

There’s no act more beautiful than victimizing one of your friends at a sleepover. It takes a lot of trust to fall asleep in a room full of awake people, and what funnier way to break that trust than by setting an alarm and firing paintballs around their sleeping bag as they jolt awake? 

The devious pranksters of Reddit have revealed the most hilarious ways they’ve made a friend regret falling asleep, and a few of these definitely qualify as torture tactics. 

pwhipple06 . 1 11y Me and the bros always tired that hand in warm water bullshit. But we would end up just pouring a little bit of the water on their crotch. Followed up by waking them up screaming DUDE YOU JUST FACKIN' PISSED YOURSELF! ... 5
buttsexwithasquirrel . 11y When the first person fell asleep one of us used to drop our pants and get our ass as close as possible to their face without touching. We would then proceed to grab their cellphone, take a picture of this and set it as their background and place the phone back. None the wiser until the morning. Eventually no one wanted to ever fall asleep. trying not to die laughing and wake them up was the hardest part. edit: the person assing usually had the hairiest ass in case anyone was wondering... ... 8
 . 11y One time we put Sriracha sauce into someone's mouth while they were asleep. It was pretty funny how it all progressed. And one time someone put shaving cream all over my pillow which I couldn't see in the dim light. All over my face when I just wanted to sleep. ... 2
jakov1337 . 1 11y I popped a habanero in my friends face while he was sleeping. I meant to run it on his lips so it might tingle but I started laughing and it popped between my fingers, splattering his face with more capcasin than any man should endure. Hilarity ensued. ... 2
NoApollonia 11y Best was from when I was in high school. A guy fell asleep before his friends and they shaved off his eyebrows - he was a jock and let it get to him, so his girlfriend had to draw them back on for him everyday. ... 7
 0 4y I had a massive popcorn fight with my friend and we broke 3 vacuum cleaners trying clean it all up. ... 9
RealTock . 1 10y Setting their iPhone alarm to the obnoxious Alarm tone, call them, and as they are waking up fire a few paintball rounds around their bed. Gets them every time ... 2
CVMackin . . 11y light their hair on fire.... ... 6
joethemann2 . 1 11y I put my friend's cat on his face while he was sleeping. Не was not happy with me. Neither was the cat. ... 2
angeredsaint . 11y Woke up in a bed full of dudes watching brazilian fart porn on my laptop on full volume using my chest as a table. ... 17
hodown94 . 10y Changing the clocks ahead by 45 minutes has a lasting comic effect over the next few days ... 1
Yonyonson100 . 1 197d dog whistle on YouTube from your phone while lights are off usually gets me pretty good. ... 1
dragmetoshell. 13y Just at that moment when my friend was almost totally asleep, Me and my other friend started a cd of quiet train and railroad sounds (we were near a track to start with). We then got progressively louder, but not too loud. Then we got a flashlight (super powerful, of course), and blasted the cd and stuck the light in his face! Не fell out of his bed and screamed. There was great rejoicing. ... 42
 . 13y My friend, who drove me to a party, passed out in a lawn chair. We loaded him into the passenger seat of his truck and I drove him back to my house. I got into my truck and pulled it perpendicular to his, headlights facing the passenger window of his truck. All at once I turned my headlights on bright, laid down on my horn, and revved my engine. Не woke up screaming, kicking, and wildly grasping for a steering wheel. Не was still doing this as I fell out of my truck laughing and crying. ...
Cold_Kneeling . 10y Our super gothic, I-want-to-be-scary friend fell asleep at a party a couple of years ago and we gave her the fluffiest, pinkest teddy we could find in the house and propped Breaking Dawn open in front of her face so it looked like she was engrossed. Then took a whole album worth of pictures of course. Not exactly extreme until you realise how many bruises we had to pay for that photoshoot with... Still worth it though. ... 2
basec0m . 11y I filled a buddy's open mouth with ketchup while he was sleeping... then I was scared he was going to choke or drown and woke him up. Lost our deposit on that one... ... 2
Level5CatWizard . 11y Someone fell asleep at a party I went to. She fell asleep with her eyes open. I thought she was dead, but apparently she does this all the time. So we put Lipton teabags on her face and stacked stuff on her, then took pictures. She did eventually wake up. ... 3
mackjr . 11y We would wait until only 1 person was left sleeping, then all crowd around them and shine a flashlight in their eyes and yell 'TRAIN' ... 2


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