20 of the Wildest Experiences Tourists Had in a Hostel

20 of the Wildest Experiences Tourists Had in a Hostel

There was likely always a bit of anxiety around staying in another country, but Hostel sure didn’t help. You can usually wave off this kind of paranoia by reminding yourself that it was “just a movie,” but Hostel was unfortunately based on a real-life “murder website,” so there’s no solace to be had. 

Redditors who apparently weren’t terrified by the Eli Roth film took their chances at lodging with strangers anyway and ended up regretting it. Whether it was being terrorized by Hungarian guys with a fire extinguisher or getting cursed by a witch, these are the hostel horror stories Redditors have lived to tell.

penispenis2. 8y The summer after high school I went backpacking with my friend. We were in Nice, France staying in a dorm with about 8 other people. I had gone to shower and get ready for bed and when i walked back to the room everyone was asleep and I was quietly trying to put my things away and get into bed. I unzip my backpack and in the darkness of the room I hear I smell an american scum I quickly reply nope just a canadian here eh. I laid awake in bed for about an hour before I

Dakozi e 8y Staying in a hostel in Amsterdam and had the drains clog up late at night so the shower, toilet and sink were slowly filling and unable to drain out. Woke up at 6AM with the entire floor covered in water and my roommate getting extremely mad and cursing the hostel in both English and Portuguese. The funny part was the hostel was extremely nice and well kept, just bad luck that the room I got had plumbing issues overnight. ... 26

Judean_peoplesfront . 8y I can get comfortable in the worst conditions so I'm going to post a funny instead. I once ordered chicken at a small hotel I was staying at in Cambodia - after waiting for ages I asked what the deal was. Apparently the chicken escaped when the chef tried to butcher it and she'd spent the last hour trying to catch it ... 10

Twice_Knightley . 8y I was on my 3rd day of being super ill while traveling and there was a fucking witch casting a spell on a drunk girl in my room. When I told her to shut the fuck up, she hissed at me and yelled something I didn't understand. ... 21

SwahTonle . 8y It's a toss up between the night of the chicken that wouldn't shut up in Vietnam and the bed bugs in Lombok. the bed bugs were probably far worse but I kept walking over to that caged chicken whispering   you shut up. shut. the. fuck.up.you bloody Gà gai ... 959

 . 8y Naked, fat, drunk Russian guy trying to jump into the upper bunk for what seemed like an eternity while I cowered in the lower bunk and got flapped at mercilessly. ... 83

AnticitizenPrime 8y Disease. The first night of my 3-week vacation in the UK, I stayed at a hostel right by St Paul's Cathedral in London - one of those bunk-bed style rooms. I woke up to the sound of nasty, wet continuous coughing coming from one of the other people in the room. Sure enough, I caught terrible flu from that room which really put a downer on nearly half of my vacation. I still enjoyed exploring the UK but I had to drive around with a giant box of tissues the entire time and was hopped up on flu medication. I

Silverback_6 . 8y Drunk Canadian girls barging in the room late at night, waking everyone else up, and then proceding to pass out and snore like a 45 year old obese alcoholic man for the rest of the night... when sleep apnea hit and it sounded like one of them stopped breathing I was almost hoping she wouldn't start again, just so I wouldnt have to put up with that crap anymore. ... 306

laughfarts . . 8y Shared a hostel with two British dudes that incessantly and aggressively spouted off every stereotype regarding how fucked up the US is and how fat and dumb everyone in it is. I'm a skinny American of average intelligence who also doesn't have much faith in the US, but by the second day it was hard not to deck these guys. ... 281

lynnyfer 8y Stayed four nights in a hostel in Paris. First three nights were GREAT, because my friends and I managed to snag a private room that was just us. The last night, they'd accidentally double-booked and the second party had paid more, so they spread us out over several rooms. I wound up in a 12-person room with a bunch of Australians, and apparently one of the girls had slept with the other girls boyfriend and everyone started to take sides. I was in bed with the curtains drawn by the time the fight started, and huddled in a

herekittyrawr 8y American arriving in India for the first time. Landed in Calcutta, easily the dirtiest place I have ever encountered. My traveling companion and I settled on a room in a hostel with a cement courtyard that was cheap and seemed fine, if not a bit run down. Fast forward to the next day being covered in HUNDREDS OF BITES FROM BEDBUGS. It took a full day to determine they were bedbugs and not just mosquito bites. We went back to the room, it was about 9pm at this point. Lifted up the mattresses to see what seemed like

davvero 8y I stayed at this hostel in Rome that was super sketch. It was dirty, and I left with pinkeye AND bedbug bites. But that wasn't even the worst. There was this strange woman there that insisted on reading my fortune. She apparently used to be a heart surgeon but had to quit because she had a near death experience- which also apparently gave her a sixth sense. She told me I had great aura about me and also warned me about the Mexicans staying at the hostel. I really couldn't understand everything she said, because she spoke Italian

Kokiri_Salia 8y I woke up in a hostel in Melbourne, at about 1 am because there was weird crashing and bumping coming through the wall. Not what you think, there was only the hallway on the other side of that wall. A French girl got up and stomped outside angrily, followed by me, because I was pissed/ intrigued. We then stumbled upon a bunch of English guys, playing cricket in the hallway, completely naked. One dude tried to cover himself with a cricket bat as we walked past. The same guy had shown his dick to everyone in the common

coldjeanz . . 8y Barcelona. Two toilets near our 8 bed room. One kid vomited into one of the toilets and clogged it, we told the staff and they said they would fix it. They ended up putting an out of order sign on the working toilet so everyone kept using the broken toilet (except those with common sense). The smell in that place was absolutely repulsive. ... 32

littlepoot 8y There was this one hostel in Amsterdam that probably had mice living in/around the bunk beds. As I was falling asleep, I could hear strange rummaging sounds in the mattress above me (it was unoccupied). Later, I woke up randomly in the middle of the night and felt something breathing by my ear. I jumped up and turned on the light and there was nothing there. I searched all over the room and couldn't find a trace of any mice lurking about. I willed up the courage to go back in bed and fell asleep and in the

taydep 8y I got eaten alive (200 bites) by bed bugs in a hostel in Hawaii. I was allergic to the bites and had to go to the hospital and get put on steroids. I itched so bad for weeks. Had to buy a new wardrobe of long dresses to cover the bites because I look like a drug addict! When I told them about the problem, they went outside and got an old bed and spayed it with mineral oil, wrapped in plastic wrap, and said, Here, you go! A new bed! You should be fine now! I lawyered

 8y I was staying in a hostel in krakow and I met some cool Germans and we went out to this vodka bar and had some drinks. I must've been getting sick or something and the alcohol made my sickness way worse cause I puked my guts out that night and I had the chills and had the shits like crazy the next day. Anyway, the next day after the vodka bar night I was in the bathroom and the lock broke while I was inside the bathroom.. Nobody was around, it was like 3 in the afternoon. So

lala11223344 8y Stayed at a hostel in Italy in a mixed dorm for 5. When I arrived I learned that their was a large queen bed, 1 set of bunks and a single twin bed. As a girl traveling solo I took the twin. Wound up sharing the room with 4 awkward unattractive horny 17 year olds. I went to bed around midnight. They came in 20 minutes later and things started to get weird. Long story short they all got in the big bed and had a foursome while I remained paralyzed in my own little bed. I turned

indie-elephants 8y Stayed in a very dirty hostel in Barcelona, close to the train station as I was catching an early train the next morning and it was the type of hostel that has live-in local residents. I (female and 18yrs old at the time) shared the room with 7 other males, predominantly aged 30-50 yrs old, the man in the bunk next to me snoring so loudly I was surprised he didn't wake himself up. Also the unpleasant feeling of bugs crawling all over my body! Got out of there as quickly as I could. Also the couple having

areallyredrobin . . 8y I had some Hungarian dudes break into my room and spray fire extinguisher on me. ... 7


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