23 of the Wildest Things Teachers Caught Students Doing

‘A girl had 50 plastic spoons in her pocket. She tripped and they all fell out’
23 of the Wildest Things Teachers Caught Students Doing

Every teacher has a student they’ll never forget. Sometimes, it’s a kid who was particularly attentive in class and showed a lot of potential. Other times, it’s a student who started making instant pudding in a Cool-Whip container during a lesson on Macbeth

The educators of Reddit have filed reports on the wild, awkward or hilarious things they’ve seen a student do, and we’d really like to see what these fine pupils are up to now — especially the child with the tooth collection.

Losaj 6y I used to teach middle school before graduating to teach high school. While I was in middle school I had one awkward student in my last period that took a liking to me. Не would stay after school every day just to hang out with me. Не was always asking how he could help out after class, like cleaning the white board, putting chairs up, that sort of thing. We would usually talk while he did this. One day he suprised me by saying I bet you'd be a really good dad. I think it would be awesome
paperconservation101 . 6y One girl made a fake boyfriend using some Arabic movie star as the profile pic. When her friends found out it was one epic cat fight in the yard. She went through all the effort of creating fake Facebook convos of her talking to herself. She actually logged into two seperate accounts at the same time to create convincing conversation to show her friends. ... 5.3k
BlueprintBD 6y I used to teach 7th grade science in a school with fairly low- level students, so reading skills weren't particularly sharp. As we're about to get into the differences between living and non-living things, it was time to cover some new terminology, so I had a student read a paragraph from the textbook aloud to the class. It went something like this: There all kinds of orgasms in the world; big orgasms, small orgasms, even microscopic orgasms. Some orgasms have fur, some orgasms have scales, and even you are an orgasm! Not a single student knew any different,
UCFandOCSC . 3y A whole salami. Kid kept walking over to his backpack and sticking his face in to take secret bites without me noticing....I noticed. ... 13k
 . 14y In a social studies class once, the teacher left the room for a minute to talk to the teacher in the next classroom. The class idiot stood up in the middle of the room and shouted Listen to this and lifted his leg to fart. That was his intention at least. What happened was he shit himself. An avalanche of watery diarrhea cascaded down his leg and pooled at his feet. Everyone ran out of the classroom. Не was know as shitstains for the rest of school ... 227
GansettMan . 6y A 6th grade boy called another boy Gay. That boy responded by saying I'm not gay, if I was gay I'd be touching your balls right now!! ... 9.4k
elemonator52 . 3y Christmas ornaments. They were throwing them at each other and it eventually caused a fight. Next to that would be a curtain rod. Не found it and kept hitting people with it. ... 17k
 . 3y my sisters teacher had to call my dad about a suspicious powder my sister was eating out of a bag at school. she was dipping her finger in a bag of powdered jell-o and eating it and letting other kids do the same. ... 20.3k
droopingcactus25 . 3y Another student's tooth. That he had fished out of the trash can. That he was going to add to his tooth collection. ... 1.2k
allie-the-cat . 6 6y I only listen to oldschool hip hop. My favourite group is NWA. I bet you've never even heard of them. This was said to me. I had to stop myself from laughing in this kid's face.
gtmonroe . 6y I watched one of my students break apart an eraser, you know the big pink kind, and then proceed to put all the pieces in her mouth and fire them out like a gun at the boy sitting next to her. When I asked her why, she told me it was because she wanted to be his friend. Kids... ... 6k
canquilt . 6y A child divebombed in from behind and kissed me on the cheek while I was sitting. That was super strange. Another child's pants ended up falling all the way off while he was in his chair. His bare ass was on the seat. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows, turned around, and the next time I glanced at him his pants were back on. ... 899
 . 3y Instant pudding. My student was mixing it in a large Cool Whip container, using milk from lunch, right in the middle of a lesson on Macbeth. ... 10.9k
VaderBreathing . 6y Well there was that time that a seventh grade boy decided to put his open mouth on my office window and swirl his tongue around, mynock-style... ... 3.6k
shadowgerbil. 6y Student would sit in the back and mutter Kamehamehaaaaa, sometimes for 20 minutes. Не also insisted on being called Goku. We labeled his behavior chart to start at baby Goku and advance to Super-Saiyan level 4. Не never made it past teenage Goku. ... 3.9k
DanTheTall 6y First day back at school after Christmas this year, I was talking with my Yr 7 form class about how their Christmas' went. I mentioned at one point that I was still feeling tired from the early start, and one girl piped up with I'm so tired too, Sir. I wish you could take me back to bed. I know she just meant that she wanted to go back to sleep, but fuck, that was the most cringy thing I've ever encountered. Just lucky that no one else realised what she said ... 155
teddyreddit 3y It was December or January and we were having one of those lockdowns where the police come in with dogs to sniff for drugs. We were all locked in our classrooms and no students were allowed out, even to visit the restroom. One of my students was white as a ghost, very afraid. I asked him what's the matter, but it was obvious he was afraid he was about to get busted. Не said Do you think the dogs will go to my locker? I said I don't know, do you have something to be worried about? Не
DownWithClickyPens 6y I was teaching 7th grade math. My kids had all done really well on a recent test and I asked them for suggestions for a class reward. Kids starting shouting out ideas. Chips! Pizza! Candy! Out of the back of the room, a kid who normally is pretty quiet yells out, Let's get boners! The class loses it. They all start laughing while the kid who yelled is repeating I meant DOUGHNUTS! I MEANT TO SAY DOUGHNUTS! It took a good 10 minutes to get control of the room back. Kid was pretty embarrassed but I did my
HellolAmElias e 4y This past year I had a 3rd grade student who is kind of unusual, but generally keeps to himself and is quite docile. Then one time he hit another kid, apparently for no reason. Не started crying right after and kept saying he didn't mean to do it, and he didn't want to. When I tried to ask him for more of an explanation, he said the Devil made him do it and sometimes his body does things he doesn't want it to. His dad didn't seem to know what to make of it either. After that
wsdancergirl . 3y Eyeballs. I worked with a blind student with autism. When he would get angry, he would pop out his glass eyeballs and throw them across the room. They were expensive, so mom asked that we put them in a plastic bag in his backpack if he threw them.... no more eyeballs for you today! ... 6.5k
WaterMelonShowerCap. . 3y a girl had about 50 plastic spoons in her pocket, she tripped and tey all fell out, we all found it hilarious but a high up teacher was walking by and made her pick them up (she was going to anyway) and put them all in the bin he was probably very confused over the whole situation ... 13k
manlikerealities 4y There's usually a kid in class who is a bit odd, and has trouble making friends no matter how much you try to encourage them. One kid, l'll call him Jeremy, was pretty lonely and spent every recess alone until the new student showed up. You've never seen two weird people get along so well. They invented a 'llama language' and spoke to me in llama language (I said that was ok as long as their homework was in English). At the end of the year, Jeremy gave him a sculpture of his friend's head made entirely of
Bookishfarmgirl 3y An entire menagerie of live insects. One afternoon my class decided that they should see how many bugs they could capture and keep alive in my classroom. The next day, I returned from covering lunch duty in another part of the school and noticed that one of the cubbies had paper towel taped over the front like a curtain. Before I could investigate, I noticed several Tupperware containers hiding in desks. Dozens of worms (that was the cubby) Many assorted beetles Uncounted ants 4 bees A wasp And, most upsetting, several flies which were crazy glued to index


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