24 Incredibly Awkward Situations People Had to Quickly Explain to a Stranger

24 Incredibly Awkward Situations People Had to Quickly Explain to a Stranger

One Redditor was minding their own business and rolling a cigarette when a nosy stranger not only accused them of smoking crack, but threatened to call the police on them. In a desperate attempt to stop her, the Redditor said, “This isn’t how crack is smoked,” which horrified the stranger further, but at least staved her off from calling 9-1-1

This is the kind of scrambling many Redditors have had to do in an awkward moment. Whether it was insisting they really weren’t looking at porn in a Starbucks or explaining why a child called them Satan, these situations really drive home the fact that without context, seemingly normal things can look hilariously abnormal — and really, really bad.

Bmac1977 . 7y Happily married with kids. While at the grocery store, we ran into one of my 5 year old daughters friend's family. My daughter then told the friend's mom that she and I should get married because she was nicer than her mom. Awkwardness ensues. Turns out my daughter wanted another sister but she didn't want a baby around the house. Easiest way to do that in her mind was for me to marry another lady with a kid... so her friend could be her sister ... 2.2k
JoshXH . . 7y Why I, a mid/late 20s guy, was picking up a 13yo girl from school... She's my sister, the resemblance is blatantly obvious, but one of the mums there still felt the need to make a scene. ... 1.4k
DreddMau5 . 7y Had to explain to a woman who was about to call the police that the cigarette I was rolling was not crack, and when I told her that's not how crack was smoked she gave me a horrified look then took off. ... 1.4k
 . 7y That the little 3 year old girl crying and yelling YOU'RE NOT DADDY was my niece and I REALLY wanted my sister to come back from the restroom right then. ... 4k
ChunkyBlowfish . 7 7y I was playing chess and my opponent turned the board around, I then yelled Ah man! I hate being black! in the middle of a starbucks, I really had to explain my way out of that one... ... 300
Xerciss . 7y My sister and went out to lunch after not seeing each other for a long time. It just so happened that her friend worked at the restaurant we went to. Now, I've never liked my sister's choice in friends so most of them had only ever seen me once or twice. Anyway, her friend was our waiter, and after taking our order she said, quite loudly I might add, He's cute where did you find him? How long have you been dating? My sister explained it away as I sat laughing my ass off. ... 60
Ruval 0 7y my at the time 20yo girlfriend (now wife) had just gotten her wisdom teeth removed and it was fairly rough on her - had to crack the teeth and pull pieces out, etc. She was pretty banged up for a few days. Of course, I knew why she looked like that. So I didn't think anything of taking her to the mall. Death glares. Death glares everywhere. Or, so she tells me now. I was too oblivious to notice, thank god. ... 235
themanny. 7y That my comment to his sixteen year old daughter it's nice to see you wearing clothes finally was because I had only seen her at my kids neighborhood swim team practices. In a swimsuit. For the last five years. That was some next level awkward. ... 83
Betterthanthouu . 7y A friend and I were staying in Amsterdam. We had a hotel in the Red Light District, so, we were using the presence of brothels to indicate we were near the hotel. We were trying to find our way back, while waiting at traffic lights, I noticed a brothel and said to my friend Look! Prostitutes! We're nearly there. A guy who was also waiting at the traffic lights gave us a look of disgust, the only thing I could think to say was You gotta understand the context. ... 199
BtDB . 7y My wife has a hyphenated first name. Sometimes I call her by name A, sometimes by name B. Which has led to some awkward situations of me explaining that I do not have two wives. To further complicate things, she also has two email addresses. one for each name. that doesn't look sketchy at all on my phone since they show up as two different contacts. ... 333
Feebedel324 . 7y I was in a Starbucks studying vocal folds when I was in grad school to be a speech therapist. Well vocal folds look a lot like a vagina... they thought I was looking at porn. I had to quickly explain what was going on and that I was not a total creep. ... 163
Alleline . 7y My wife was busy, so I brought my 14-year-old daughter to a charity event, sat at my company's table for the dinner. One of the new board members, whom I had talked to twice, asked my daughter, how long have you known Alleline? She obviously was figuring my daughter for a new girlfriend. That was awkward. It was also awkward to realize that my 14-year old with her hair up and in a long dress looked like an adult to strangers. ... 852
LapisRS . 7y I run a children's ministry at my church. We do skits for the kids so they can better grasp the stories. I usually end up playing the bad guy, but the kids have just assumed I'm playing Satan. So now any time I walk in the room, they all yell HI SATAN! So this one time at Walmart, this kid from across the store sees me and yells, at the top of his lungs, LOOK MOM, IT'S SATAN ... 890
RoboNinjaPirate. 7y My daughter is Asian, and when she was an infant, she has Mongolian spots on her butt and lower back. If you are unfamiliar with them they look like dark bruises. We printed out articles about Mongolian spots in Asian infants to show to the daycare/ church nursery workers / etc so nobody would think we had been beating a baby. ... 142
SaturdayBaconThief 7y I once took my neighbor's 4 year old daughter with my 4 year old and infant to chuck e cheese. Sometime during the trip, my 11 month old had chewed of her sticker showing she belonged to me. I explained to the guy at the front what had happened and he turned to the neighbor and asked is this your little sister? She told him no. I had to have my husband bring my daughter's birth certificate in order to leave. ... 860
pics-or-didnt-happen .7 7y Buddy was handing me change as we were pulling up to the drive-thru, but we fumbled and dropped it all on the driver's side. Well, I couldn't reach down cause of the steering wheel so when we pulled up my buddy was bent over my lap grunting to reach a quarter. ... 306
 . 7y This one night my friends and I went out for drinks and were walking down my street early in the morning. When we got to my building's parking lot I noticed that there was a car was parked at the front and it looked like my mother's car. So I crept from behind the car until I got to the driver's side window and pressed my face hard against the window and scared the poor old lady. Man she screamed so loud, but after I explained myself she was so cute and couldn't stop laughing. ... 2.4k
 . 7y At a gay cocktail party for which I was a guest pianist, a straight guy came into the reserved room of the restaurant where it was being held to request a specific song for me to play. Не stood there, looking around, and said, With so many good-looking guys, where are the girls? I said, This is a private party - you might want to look elsewhere. When one of the hosts came over and asked if he'd like a drink and hot appetizers, the guy decided to stay, join the party, and had an excellent time! ... 377
Spazmer . 7y We have a really common type of minivan in the most basic colour. I went into a grocery store to grab a few things while my husband and kids waited in our van. When I came out I walked straight across with my head down and got in the van... then noticed how spotless the floor mats were. Then looked up and there was a strange man in the driver seat. I yelled OH GOD THIS ISN'T MY VAN! I then realized mine was two parking spots over, with my husband and kids inside killing themselves laughing.
takenorinvalid 7y My 4 year-old son gets really nervous before his violin lessons. He's always afraid of making mistakes, no matter how often tell him it's okay. One day, he didn't want to go in. So, to encourage him, I tried bribery. I said, I tell you what. As long as you go in there and do your best, we'll get McDonalds after. So, he went in. And, for a while, it was going well -- until his teacher gave him a new song. Suddenly, he got really nervous and stopped playing. His teacher tried to gently соах him, but he
BetwixtBytes . 7y My ex-girlfriend had a meltdown in a mall parking lot. The hair stylist she went to cut her hair shorter than she wanted. She started crying and screaming once we reached her car. People kept coming up to her asking if I was bothering her or if I was abusing her. I quickly had to explain the situation to 5 different people while trying to calm her down. It was awkward. ... 1.2k
 7y I look really young, and most people think I'm around 18 or younger (I'm 28). The older they are, the younger I look to them. Anyway, so I was cashing out a customer and he was telling me that he felt old because he just dropped his oldest off at college, so I told him, Yeah I know how you feel, my son just started kindergarten. And he got this horrified look on his face. I was confused for a second before I realized that he probably thinks I got knocked up when I was 12 or so.
SUSAN_IS_A_BITCH. 7y I was trying on my friend's bra alone in her bedroom when her roommates walked in. Halloween was right around the corner, but that's not really what your mind jumps to when you open the door to find a strange man wearing your friend's bra and checking himself out in the mirror. We're all best friends now. And I looked damned good. ... 1.2k
AltSpRkBunny.7y Sorry, he likes to be tickled. My toddler was running up to people and asking them to tickle him. This was before the stranger danger phase. ... 648


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