28 of the Wildest Things a Metal Detector Has Ever Uncovered

‘A 1946 Sedan’
28 of the Wildest Things a Metal Detector Has Ever Uncovered

The beach is generally a place of leisure, but there are dutiful soldiers who, armed with their metal detectors, view this sandy vastness as the perfect place to find hidden treasure. And while you may laugh to yourself and think their missions are a waste of time, some of these treasure hunters have experienced unfathomable success — just ask the guy who uncovered an entire phone booth

Other Redditors have shared stories of the treasure they managed to locate without a map, and so, the next time you’re laying in the sun and hear that persistent beeping from a metal detector, don’t scoff. There might be a car buried deep beneath you.

mcfuddlebutt.6y I don't do beaches but I do occasionally go metal detecting. Best thing I ever found was a horse shoe. ... 35
HalfChineseJesus . . 2y I found a buried safe and it had an entire families passports, money clips with ~$700 worth of money and 2 PS vitas Unusual to say the least. Reported it to the resort I was staying at and it belonged to a family whose hotel room was robbed earlier that day. I'm still confused as to why it was buried ... 9.5k
 . 4y Musket balls. I later found out that in 1866 there was a battle around that lake. ... 251
GoodTato 6y A box FULL of bottle openers. Two of them were broken but still, there were like 150 bottle openers in there. ... 6
coinkidshrimpy . . 4y I found a can of ravioli, it was quite the treat that evening! ... 1k
reddi MR_INFINITY_SCP88888 . 2y S honestly the best thing i ever found was a metal mustard gas can, an now it is in a local museum ... 8.4k
Domriso . 7y My father found a tiny anvil in our backyard. About the size of a flip phone. No idea what it was used for, but our house used to be a big farmhouse a hundred years ago or so. ... 182
BudJohnsonPhoto . 2y I found an entire phone booth. It was thrown from a bridge and I found it poking around with an old no-name (to me) detector about 15 years ago. I was carefully making my way down a river - it was clearly from the bridge into the river and hadn't moved much when I stumbled upon it. Wish I had a pic, pre-smart phone. ... Reply 53
 . 6y I bought a top-of-the-line metal detector. I spent probably 3 hours using it one afternoon and found something big. It took nearly an hour to dig it out. It was a leaf spring. Then the metal detector went in the garage and hasn't moved for 2 years. ... 26
IndigenousBastard • . 4y Cock rings. Too many sandy cock rings ... 83
db3feather . 2y A 1946 sedan buried in a wash. Took me two days to excavate. ... Reply 117
Wetworth 7y An antique (60's?) Hotwheels dump truck. Not terrible exciting, but 8 year old me loved that thing in the early 90's. ... 56
LeftBrainCO . 2y I found several pieces of a 50's era cap gun in my backyard. it looks like the kids left it in the yard and the mower redistributed it all over the place. I hope to find it all to make it a shadow box art piece. ... Reply 56
bippityboppe. 2y 1960 squirt bottle ... Reply 3
7LeagueBoots. 6y I was at a beach in Northern California in the 80s and the guy metal detecting got a hit right near me. Не stated digging, went down about 40cm and came up with a 6- pack of unopened beer cans. Не seemed satisfied with that. ... 282
 . 2y I tried out my metal detector a few years ago on our last day in a national forest. The best we could find is a pendant that said I'm a Catholic. If in an emergency, call a priest. ... 1.5k
Wpgdarrell 6y My best find a stethoscope!Sold it a few months later to a young lad who was probably an intern at one of the local hospitals. 241
mutherfuqq . 2y I found an ох shoe on a road in the woods near my parents house that is documented as having been used prior to the civil war. There are several home sites in the area as well. Other finds in the road have included tobacco tins, dog collar, and a 1942 quarter ... 2.6k
m1shmc . 2y When I was a teen I found a perfectly round metal ball about the size of a large grapefruit at a local beach...turns out it was a cannonball and now sits in a local museum. ... 319
TalesFromThe 0 4y I found another metal detector. It was the strangest thing ... 2.9k
Aaron4424 . 6y I once found a monopoly dog thing. It was the craziest occurrence because I had been missing the very part of a old monopoly board I got from a pawnshop and it made a wonderful addition to my collectionx .. 177
Alarmed_Ferret . 6y My dad let me borrow his metal detector when I was like 9. I found a bunch of shell casings in our yard for a large caliber handgun. We lived in the suburbs. I didn't tell him. ... 2k
StArKIA- . 4y One time my uncle found a friggin 1942 FP45 pistol deep under some beach nobody goes to. The thing didn't work anymore but was still a crazy find ... 906
Damnit_Fred . 6y My neighbor owned a metal detector and we would often trudge through the woods in our backyards searching for treasure. One time we found a spot that seemed rich with metal and we started to dig, hoping to finds swords, coins, etc. Instead, we dug up a nest of bees, and they promptly attacked us. I got away with 5 or 6 bee stings, and we haven't metal detected since. ... 17
gaywitchcraft420 . 4y One time when I was little I watched a guy with a metal detector on the beach reach down only a few inches into the sand and pull out a whole metal colander. I've always wondered how it got there and how no one had stepped on it before, it was so shallow. ... 119
route395 6y I terms of monetary value, at a beach I once dug up a white gold chain with a cross that I sold to a gold shop for $250. The find essentially covered the cost of the detector. However, you might want to ask about people's strange finds. For example, I've come across chewed up dog collars, a few hideouts, and a large knife caked with dried blood. ... 981
DonkeyFarm42069 . 2y Super old silver dentures with fancy ceramic teeth, at a 1700's house. Gave them to the property owner, who loved them! ... Reply 37
PM_ME_COOL_THINGS 7y A human skull with fillings. Turned out to be a murder victim ... 393


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