20 Moments of Twin Telepathy So Wild They’ll Have You Seeing Double

‘I wish I had that sandpaper’
20 Moments of Twin Telepathy So Wild They’ll Have You Seeing Double

It would be rude to call twins “freaks,” but there’s certainly something strange about the entire concept. While some twins participate in “twinning gone wrong” kind of hijinks, other sets can get into some downright creepy situations. Either way, it can get weird, especially the whole “twin telepathy” bit. One Redditor told the story of being on a plane experiencing turbulence at the exact moment her twin sister woke up from a dream where she’d been on a plane experiencing turbulence herself. 

Sure, this may sound like a mere coincidence, but once you’ve read the other stories Redditors have shared, you’ll realize it’s hard to shrug off all of these as coincidences — especially the one about the unknown pregnancy.

Fameroni 0 6y Once my twin and I had a high school literature class together. The class was playing a charades-style vocabulary game in which people would have to act out a vocab word and get their team to guess it. My twin went up for my team, saw the word on the paper, and just looked at me with a sad, defeated, expression. I looked from their eyes to the teacher, and guessed the correct vocabulary word first try with no clues. ... 320
friskyfrog224 . . 6y My twin and I were both sport camp counselors a couple summers ago. To decide which team would go to bat first my twin and I would play Rock Paper Scissors. We shot the same hand 9 times in a row. ... 1.2k
Call_Me_Kenneth_ . 6y During woodshop my twin thought I wish had that sandpaper. I thought he had said this aloud and handed the sandpaper to him without saying anything. No one around us heard him say he wanted sandpaper, and is still one of our greatest moments. ... 1.9k
MrMeeseeks33 . 6y My brother and myself will call our parents seconds apart. I lived on the east coast for college and my brother lived in LA. I would ask my mom about blank and she always would say your brother just called 2 seconds ago to tell me about blank. It happened more often when we were 3000 miles apart. Also me and my brother never call each other, he called me during the boston bombing to ask if I was ok and I had just sent him a texting not even 1 mili-second before saying I was fine.
ROBANN_88 . 6y it annoys me how often my twin brother and i, by sheer coincidence, end up wearing almost the exact same clothes. ... 714
lobstah1 . 6y I have twin one month old babies and they both wake up and scream/cry at exactly the same times every night FML.... ... 138
Thompson_S_Sweetback. 6y I played Scattegories with a pair of identical twins and some of our family. It was insane how unfair it was for them. Even when they tried not to, they guessed the same answers a good 50% more often than the rest of us. ... 76
IndiaLeigh . 6y My aunt and dad were twins. My aunt woke up in the middle of the night from an odd dream. She even woke my uncle up to tell him about it. In the dream, my dad told her to take care of my sister and I. Не told my aunt he was leaving and needed her to look after us. She said the dream really shook her. That morning we found out my dad died in his sleep. ... 2k
Gonzostewie . 6y My father is a twin. When my uncle was on his honeymoon, my parents were robbed. When my dad discovered the break-in, my uncle, sitting at his campsite, jumped up & told my aunt pack your shit, something happened with (my dad). We gotta go. They were 1500 miles away. ... 2.4k
Jackisback123 . 6y My mum swears this story is true, but because were were quite young at the time I can't remember it! One of us was going up the stairs, and the other was playing in the living room. My mum was stood in the doorway of the hallway and and the living room, so she could see both of us. Whoever was on the stairs fell and banged their knee, but was fine. Instantly, the twin in the living room (who couldn't see the stairs and was unaware anything had happened) suddenly grabbed his knee and started crying...
Nate0110 6y Back in 2004 my twin brother got married and went to Hawaii several months later on a delayed honeymoon. Around Tuesday I started to feel really hot and felt heat radiating off my skin, the next day it was a little worse. That night they called and said where they were at. I asked them if Jason had gotten a sunburn and his wife confirmed he had gotten his back sunburnt. There have been other times I was thinking about something and he would start talking about the same subject. Once when we were kids I was thinking
marilokisky 6y I'm a complete scientific sceptic and completely aware that there is nothing supernatural about this, but it's still very odd. Around the time (the same hour) that my twin sister died I fainted for the first time in my life. I was not aware she had died (it was an aortic aneurysm, totally out of the blue, she was 23 and healthy). I was at work and just fainted. I wasn't sick, never fainted before, I just collapsed to the floor with no warning and was unconscious for around 5 seconds I think. While I was sat being
SillyGayBoy . 6y Someone with twin boys said they both had tests in school and both answered everything exactly the same and the teacher was furious and made them test again separately and still tested exactly the same and it was really embarrassing for her. ... 408
OatmealRaisinBagel 6y In high school we took a quiz on the assigned reading we had done from To Kill a Mockingbird. One of the questions was what did Scout dress up as for Halloween? (a ham) My brother and I both included similarly drawn pictures of stick figures wearing ham costumes in the margins of the quiz. ... 3.3k
SiennaStyles. 6y My sister woke up from a bad dream where she had been on a plane experiencing terrible turbulence. I was, at the time, on the other side of the world on a plane experiencing horrendous turbulence. ... 137
 . 6y My twin sister and I both took Spanish in eighth grade from the same teacher, but we were in different class periods. At the start of every new lesson, we would watch a video introducing what we were about to learn. Our teacher would always ask us if we had any questions after the video finished, and several times I was the only one with a question and when I would ask it, our teacher would turn white and say, Your sister was the only one with a question last period and it was the exact same
brontojem . 6y I have twin daughters. They are only 18 months, so they haven't had a lot of time to do something too freaky. However, once I came to pick them up at daycare and they were still playing while I was talking with the teacher. They were on opposite sides of the room from each other each pushing a play stroller with a baby doll in it. At the exact same time, with no discernible communication made, they both stopped, walked to the other side of the room, and started pushing the other stroller. It was crazy. ...
jaysjami 6y My twin and I have felt each other's illnesses at times and pregnancies. I knew she was pregnant with her first child before she did. I started dry heaving in a store and knew it wasn't me.. called her and told her to do a test. The next day she was at my door with a positive test. She just had a baby a month ago and wasn't telling anyone she was at the hospital til after he was born. But I knew she was in labor almost immediately.. I got a bad headache and told my oldest
Happykamper991 . € 6y Nothing super crazy. But sometimes my twin and I will forget who did what. Like I'll have a specific memory of something even from a few years ago and she'll go No, I did that. And sometimes its confusing and annoying because I'll have such a vivid memory of doing it, but she did too. The exact same way. ... 3k
rahyveshachr.6y My BIL's are identical twins. Back when I was still dating my future husband I was at their birthday celebration (age 15 or so) and they both said some complex sentence at the exact same time in the exact same tone, rhythm, everything (I don't think I like that very much or something like that). ... 43


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