16 Hilarious Identical Twin Mix-Ups

16 Hilarious Identical Twin Mix-Ups

It’s kinda crazy having to go through life knowing someone else has your face. It’s even crazier when you know that they can get you in trouble for having your face while not actually being you. Obviously, I’m talking about identical twins, not the 1997 film Face/Off starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, though I guess the same concept applies. And while not on the same level as John Woo’s science-fiction action thriller, these twins of Reddit have had some hilarious identity mix-ups, including spurned one-night stands, spousal confusion and a very confrontational waitress.

lattest . 5y My dad is an identical twin. Both have a wife and two kids. They both frequent a restaurant with the family. Every time we go to that restaurant, the staff point and whisper. Dad tells us it's because they think he and his twin are the same guy, with two families (who don't know about each other), and bring both of his families to the same place. ... 22k

detroitminute. . 5y I had a steady boyfriend for years, and he would often get messages from people (sometimes pictures or videos) about my sister making out with someone else or holding hands with someone else, and they thought it was me. Shook tf out of him at first but we laughed about it eventually. ... 8.7k

BFfenrir . 5y Visited my twin at another college; was sleeping at his place when some random girl crawled into bed with me. She did not believe me when I insisted that I wasn't him so we stayed until he got home from the bar. I'll never forget watching the sinking realization in her face. ... 11.8k

Novahawk12 . 5y Me and my twin being young and dumb decided to switch classes at school one day. We were in year 2. About 15 minutes into class we both realised that since this wasn't our class we could act up a bit (Cuz the other would be punished not us) which resulted in us both getting lunch time detention and the awkward conversation with our teachers about why we were acting up.

Briannkin . 5y I'm not, but my brothers are identical twins. My brother and I both had kinda shitty weeks a few months ago, so we decided to go out for dinner. Got there and the waitress kept giving me just the dirtiest of looks. Finally she looks at my brother and says something along the lines of wow, I can't believe you are seeing other women while your girlfriend is on a mission trip. Turns out, the waitress was friends with our other brother's girlfriend. The waitress got really embarrassed when my brother introduced us as the twin and

Robbylution . 5y I got an acceptance letter for a college I never appied to. My high school sent the college my transcript instead of my brother's, so I got a letter with my name and his choice of major. It's funny now. At the time it was a huge pain in the ass to get unfucked. ... 3.3k

redrosie4 . 5y One time we were discussing random people who we shared birthdays with and one of my friends told everyone I don't share a birthday with anyone... We had to remind her she was a twin. ... 383

MTGBro_Josh . 5y Brother and I worked together for about 4 yrs in retail. We would often get scheduled wrong and got so many you are in two places at once comments. Most awkward thing I can recall that happened was I got yelled at by a customer (I ran register and he ran the floor) for something my brother did. The customer laid into me and I watch my brother appear from around a corner and he came by and asked the customer to lay off me and he'd help her. The customer profusely apologized before following him. All

doublebbs9395 5y Most of the people I knew in high school would eventually figure us out seeing as most of us had known each other since elementary school. Now that I'm in college, I have random people walk up to me to talk about the next homework assignment/essay/just any class that my twin is taking to me, not realizing that we're 2 different people. It's amazing to see the differing reactions of people once I break the news to them. It's always either visibly confused, laughter, and then maybe a oh, fuck you followed by even more laughter once they

Dragonfudge . 5y I was walking to my car one day after classes when I was in college when this girl comes marching up to me angry as all hell and asks why I didn't call her back after our wonderful night together. Turns out, her and my twin had a one night stand and he ghosted her afterwards. ... 6.2k

TheGingernational . 5y I was in a play in college and my brother was supportive enough to come to one of the performances with some other family members. The stage manager saw him and came up to say TheGingernational, what are you doing in the lobby? You're supposed to be in the green room. To which he responded: Oh my god, I forgot all my lines! She then remembered that I have an identical twin. ... 581

allonan2361 5y I dated a girl with a twin sister only way to tell them apart my gf had a freckle under her right eye and her sister had one under the left. I came home from work one morning gf was doing the dishes so i slid up behind her and started kissing her neck she turned to look at me and wouldnt you believe it the freckle was on the wrong side. Gf's sister had come to visit and nobody bothered to tell me. After the initial shock wore off i started apologizing they found it extremely funny,

 5y In high school one of my twin brother's teachers said hello to me and tried to grab my arm to speak to me about something probably class related. I didn't know who it was as I had never taken her class and walked off quickly and kind of weirded out. Later she berated my brother in class in front of everyone for being so rude to her. Не told her it was probably his twin brother and she didn't believe him. Everyone else in the class told her that he did have a twin brother, to corroborate his

logicalsilly 5y I have one with a twist. Me and brother are 2 years apart and resemble each other vaguely. We moved towns and after few years I was visiting my old town. Went to a store and the owner greeted me with some slangs that should be used only with friends. I was shocked and he realised his mistake. Apologized profusely and told me how he was a close buddy of my bro. After a year or so I saw him at a railway station. Jokingly I shouted the same slangs to greet him. A WTF was written all

jimboslice1384 5y I had my boss get mad at me one time because I called out of my shift one night when I was really sick. Не left work before the dinner rush and got some food at a different restaurant that my twin brother works at. My brother told me that my boss went up to him and said something along the lines of why did you feel the need to make up you were sick, just to go work at a second job? I'm not sure if I want someone who will lie to me to work for

GrilledBeesSandwich 5y My parents have a friend who is an identical twin. Several years ago he and his wife were in the process of adopting two children through a private agency. Things were going well and the adoption date was set, but about two weeks before it was supposed to be finalized the couple got a phone call from the agency stating there was a problem. One of the people working on their case claimed they had seen the husband out with another woman and the agency would not adopt the kids into an unstable home. Turns out, the husband's
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