21 Embarrassing Hobbies People Refuse to Tell Their Loved Ones About

21 Embarrassing Hobbies People Refuse to Tell Their Loved Ones About

How you spend your time is none of anyone else’s business. You’re under no obligation to tell your friends and family that you record yourself reading Goosebumps books out loud (including the sound effects) so that you can listen to them later while falling asleep. Yes, that’s a little weird, but it’s completely harmless and a nice way to chill after a long day. 

In the spirit of sharing hobbies, Redditors have divulged the secret things they do in their spare time, and some of these admissions may inspire you to get a little weird yourself.

pickle_man_4 0 4y It's not hiding, I just don't talk about it. I LOVE watching documentaries/YT videos on theme parks, abandoned places, and Disney (especially the theme parks).

Protagoras67 . . 4y I write erotica stories for myself. But the system I have in place is so convoluted and bizarre I can't let any the people in my life know about it. ... 9.5k

SheepFloof . 6y I used to play blindfold chess, and man that didn't make me popular at all. ... 1

InfinitePizzazz . 4y I collect Micro Machines. The classic originals from the late '80s. I have probably close to 1,000 of them and I keep them at work so my family doesn't find out and want to play with them. ... 13.6k

psychnurseguy . . 6y I make custom Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I've made ones themed on Alien and Star Wars. ... 7

conventionals . 4y Programming. I feel like they would expect me to become the next big thing or something while I just want to make funny little games to troll my friends. ... 1.2k

 - . 4y I'm a male who likes to collect and use nice soap. ... 9.2k

IseeMyCatOverthere . 4y I have internal conversations with characters from my favorite shows, youtubers, or people I know to help me make decisions. Like, I take their hypothetical advice, but I know I'm the one controlling what they say. It's hard to explain. ... 3.3k

vilecheesecake . 4y Stand up comedy. ... 7k

kuluka_man . . 4y I record myself reading books aloud. Like Berenstain Bears chapter books, Choose Your Own Adventure, Goosebumps, etc. I do the voices, edit out the mistakes, sometimes add music or sound effects. Then I listen to those recordings while doing household tasks, or especially when I can't sleep. Hearing my own voice reading helps me doze off like you wouldn't believe. ... 6.8k

PersistentHobbler 4y I build virtual houses in the Sims to post on the gallery. I think I'm up to like 8,000some downloads. (Which is not that much but... yeah I post often). On days off when no one's around I might post five builds in a day. I just find it super relaxing. I like to flesh everything out with little knick knacks so it looks like real people live there. So yeah I'm an adult who plays doll house. What about it?

Dutchstranger5 4y When I'm bored I play music to fantasize on while I walk in circles. If I don't walk in circles or move in any way I can't fantasize, so I only do it in my room and make sure my footsteps are not heard. The problem is that I always think of parallel universes and such, and if I don't stay enough in the real world I sometimes just start walking faster out of nowhere and then you can clearly hear me walking in my room, so than I just sit down acting like I had to walk

 4y I have a lot of weird hobbies, but the only one I don't tell people about is that I talk to myself. A lot. Like, full blown, never gonna happen scenario conversations for 30+ minutes at a time. Always have since I was a kid. I'd be embarrassed if I got busted talking to myself like a fucking lunatic, but I have worked myself through some personal shit on more than one occasion just by being able to say my problems out loud, even if no one is listening. Honestly, I blame it on my ADHD, but what

SapphicSaionji • . 4y I voice act. My family is mostly non-American, and don't know the first thing about voice acting. They've caught me looking like I'm talking to myself doing funny voices, and pretty much thought I was nuts. Since then, I've been keeping this hobby away from them. It's not something I tend to do to get the bills paid, as I lack equipment of any kind. I just do it for fun. I like altering my voice and singing songs in different voices. I also just like to be dramatic lol. ... 2.7k

Lutboi . 4y I've been practicing mongolian throat singing for about a year now... ... 11k

Flying-Broham. 6y Designing aquariums. I love laying out and putting together really nice looking planted aquariums. I just generally don't mention it to people because I always get weird looks. I just make people look at pictures of my aquariums and they typically get it at that point. Or they just want to be left alone. Who knows. ... 25

littlerockOP . 10y In high school, they offered a Falconry elective, but only strange/religious kids signed up, so I was worried what people would think of me.

MoabFrican . 4y Sometimes when im bored (havent done it in a while though), ill put on sunglasses and sit somewhere public that has alot of foot traffic and watch people. Its absolutely hilarious and can be very entertaining at times. 8.1k

oh-shoot-some-rat 4y I don't really do it anymore, but I liked to get cheap liquid glue, put it on my fingers or something, then peel it off. It was always strangely therapeutic for me, but I'd be pretty embarrassed getting caught. ... 5.8k

ProGenji777 . 4y I create little origami cranes whenever I have the chance. A lot of the time in school l'll find a piece of scrap paper and so l'll rip it into a square and fold up a little intricate paper crane, and then l'll put it somewhere and see how long it will last before being found. A few of my friends know about it, but that's it. My goal is to put these cranes in enough strange places that people start noticing and they'll wonder what the fuck is going on. I've managed to hide a few on top

Obi-wanna-cracker . 4y Online roleplay. Normally not erotic but super in depth role play about fictional worlds and the adventure I have with people I normally don't meet. I've made friends from thus and it's fun. It may not be the weirdest but its abnormal at most. ... 1.4k


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