40 Funny Childhood Habits That Full-Grown Adults Refuse to Give Up

‘When I fall asleep, I pretend I’m in a cave outdoors’
40 Funny Childhood Habits That Full-Grown Adults Refuse to Give Up

The idea that we should shed all of our childhood habits as we get older is ridiculous. If anything, adulthood is when we need to let loose more, not less. So what if you’re 30 years old? You can still play with some toys in the tub before washing up. Who’s going to have a problem with it, the bath police? 

Redditors have confessed the hilarious, innocent ways they’re still clinging to their youth, and yeah, the guy who breaks into a little sprint every time he turns a corner will likely feel young forever.

yikesonbikes . . 4y I sort multi-colored candies (Skittles, M&Ms, etc) into their respective color groups and eat them one color at a time. But I save one of each color for last, and eat that group all at once. ... 6.2k
SquireX . 4y As a kid, I was terrified of Vampires (due to watching the original made for TV Salem's Lot). I convinced myself that if I slept with the covers up to my chin, they couldn't bite my neck. Didn't work, but I still sleep with covers up to my neck when I lay down in my coffin in the morning. ... 3.2k
Milosh226 . 4y Run for a split second after I turn a corner, to confuse the people behind me ... 1.2k
COntrol_Group . 4y Make sure the tongs still work every time I pick them up. ... 14.3k
redyellowblue5031 . . 4y Still sit in the shower like I did when I was a kid. Hell if I'm gonna stand there for the most relaxing time of the day.
woollyhatt.44 Always take a sip of the water before I swallow a pill with it. Gotta make sure the throat works.
John_key_is_shit - 4 4y Walk along ledges instead of the footpath ... 25.8k
foshoshi . 4y When I eat marshmallow cereal, I always eat the cereal part first and save all the marshmallows for last ... 2.8k
swampjedi . 4y If I can't sleep on my stomach with my right knee pulled up and left arm straight out under my head, I can't sleep. Sucks when you have shoulder issues. ... 9.8k
Laceybram 4y When I fall asleep, I like to pretend I am very cold and in a cave outdoors. I've done it all my life. When I became a mother, I couldn't imagine it without also imagining my daughter was there. But even in this imaginary scenario, I had to imagine that she was there with me, but somehow safe and warm in her pack and play in a safe sleep position. ... 1k
WeSoDed . 4y When i pee (male), I hold my shirt all the way up with my chin. ... 4.6k
SUR MIL Sarnick18 . 4y Until a few months ago I stood up to wipe. Had no idea I was doing something weird. Until my wife walked in and she has been making fun of me ever since ... 946
 . 4y If there are any biscuits with layers that Im eating (ex. Oreos or wafers), I would always eat most of them by taking apart each layer and eating them one by one. ... 1.7k
mildRepercussion . 4y I still bite the head and legs off of animal crackers before eating the rest of the cracker.
NonConformistFImingo . 4y I still play with toys in the bath for at least 20 minutes before actually washing up. Bath paints/crayons, little rubber ducks, etc. I'm a 30 year old woman. It's fun. ... 1.7k
DigitalAbuse . . 4y Keep a light on in the hallway when going to bed, and leave door cracked open. I always want to see an escape route. ... 128
godtiermars. 4y this is going to sound silly but every night before i fall asleep i lay in bed and write stories in my head. i thought I would grow out of it eventually but now the stories are just way more complex LOL ... 9.5k
 . . 4y Rushing upstairs or into bed after turning out the light. ... 19k
 - . 4y i'm 18 years old. still check my closet each night before i go to bed. while it used to be for monsters, now it's for the creeps horror movies have warned me about. ... 2.1k
AmicableSnowman . 4y When I was younger I'd help my mum fold bedsheets, you know, we each grab an end, put the corners together twice to fold lengthways, and then walk towards each other to fold widthways. I used to always give my mum a hug at the end of it, with the bedsheets pressed between us. This would repeat for as many sheets as we needed to fold (1 or 2 or 3, you know). Now I am 33 years old and when me and my wife fold sheets together, we end it with a hug... plus she gets
DinastyOrDieNasty 4y When i'm on a hike I pick up a rock and carry it for about an hour. Then i put it down in a nice spot. I've done that since I was a kid so rocks could change horizons and see the world ... 9.7k
 . 4y I always count the stairs when I climb them. ... 920
Bergerboy25 . 4y Whenever I'm walking somewhere, I still try not to step on the cracks of the sidewalk. ... 1.4k
DouchebagMcPickle .  4y I scrape my ice cream bowls and yogurt and pudding cups like it's crack, and lick the bowl/cup clean. ... 511
 . 4y I blow in my cup before filling it with liquid. I used to think that blowing in the cup would remove the germs. ... 8.9k
FlashTheorie . 4y I'm 28 and I still use the magic thought : If  happens, then  will happen to me
golddustwitch . . 4y when I go to the beach I always draw a circle around our stuff... ya know... to protect us from the sea bear ... 12.6k
mydogroz . 4y I can't sleep with any limbs hanging off my bed or the dead dog will lick me. ... 13.5k
ShowingMyselfOut . . 4y When I see the clock is at a specific hour exactly, (like 7:00), l'll very softly say bong that number of times like I'm a grandfather clock. ... 8.9k
macabrejaguar . 4y Oh man. This is gonna sound so weird and I have no idea why I did this, and sometimes still do. As a kid. I liked to time how long I peed, but, I didn't use numbers. I would repeat the names of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty in my head and count how many times I said all 3. Flora. Fauna. And Merryweather over and over, while peeing. Sometimes, I subconsciously still do this. It was so constant as a kid it's like I trained myself to recite this when I pee.
UnofficialDad . 4y I still shake the milk carton before pouring it. I think this came from when my dad left and all we could afford was powdered milk, but I honestly cannot drink milk if it hasn't been shaken. I feel like it won't be uniform. ... 2.2k
akatash . 4y Whenever I eat a sandwich I start from the crust, so I have all the fluffy part in the end. Been doing this since I was 5. ... 14.7k
RobbieDubb . 4y When I'm walking on checkered tiles, I try to only walk on one color.
D3ATHi7S3LF . 4y Whenever I hear an airplane or helicopter I look up to find it
saynotomoviedates . 4y Sometimes when I sleep, I keep one leg in the blanket and one leg outside of the blanket so I'm not too hot and not too cold. I called it the banana split. ... 2k
PiggyMcjiggy . 4y I rub my feet together till I fall asleep. Also, saving best food for last. Fries and then burger. Garlic bread then alfredo. Also rarely drink anything while eating. ... 1.2k
Th3Hon3yBadg3r . 4y When I was a kid, I'd always eat one thing on my plate at a time. Unless it was something like corn & mashed potatoes, then I'd mix that together. I'm a grown man these days, still eating everything individually off my plate. Apparently it's noticeable because people have questioned me about it. These days I just tell them that if I'm poisoned by my constituents, they'll know which item was poisoned. ... 10.3k
softdayrain . 4y My dad would offer me the 'best bite' from whatever he was eating. The bite of the cheese burger where the cheese is curled perfectly over the edge of the hamburger, the center bite of a steak, the end point of a piece of pie,. Не would let me examine his food and point to the best bite which he would then feed me. I do the same for my kids and my husband and I do this for each other. ... 431
ErislvyBlack.4 4y I always make sure to say good bye to all the household pets before leaving. ... 28.3k
lawnmowergoat25 . . 4y When I eat a cosmic brownie, I always eat the side with less sprinkle-thingys first so I'm more satisfied when I finish the whole thing. ... 8.2k


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