30 of the Wildest, Funniest or Pettiest Requests People Put in Their Will

30 of the Wildest, Funniest or Pettiest Requests People Put in Their Will

Everyone knows that a will is their last chance at showing out — or better yet, getting even. Sometimes, “showing out” comes in the form of a grandmother who demanded to be tits-out at her funeral, and given the price of breast implants, I can’t blame her for wanting to get her money’s worth. But “getting even” via will-and-testament is far more salacious than bare breasts could ever be (sorry grandma!) — like the woman who left her daughter $20 as a reminder of the time the daughter stole $20 from her. Now, that’s how you craft a will. 

Redditors have weighed in with the funniest, weirdest and most dramatic requests people have put in their wills, and some of these demands might inspire you to make some vindictive adjustments to your own. 

 . . 5y I'm not a lawyer, but my grandfather saved his kidney stone so that he could leave it to my cousin. They never really got along. ... 735

staying_incognito87 . 5y Not a lawyer but my mom put in her will that if she dies under suspicious circumstances that my sister and I won't be left anything. She watches a lot of true crime. ... 13.8k

2rio2 . 5y A furby collection from models collected in the late 90's. They were convinced they would retain future value. This was 2011. ... 17.6k

 . 5y I had the first son so my dad decided to leave me more. Except he did the math wrong and it came out to 105%. Не had dementia. ... 9k

BrannyB . 5y My friends mother had in her will that cat gets to live in my house alone until it expires the cat lived there for a few years alone with a caregiver checking on it. Yes she was rich. 281

nelson227 . 5y Might be late to the party and not a lawyer, but my great- grandad had a clause in his will that stated something along the lines of, if any of the beneficiaries decide to dispute the contents of the decedent's estate, their share becomes $1 and nothing else. Seemed like a pretty good way to maintain harmony among his survivors. ... 1.5k

 . 5y My vindictive grandmother left my aunt $20 as a reminder of the $20 my aunt stole from her once. ... 17.1k

gabberrella24 . 5y I work in probate. The oddest thing I've seen in a will is to euthanize their beloved horse, have it cremated and it's ashes scattered with the decedent. Lucky for her horse, she named a horse that was already dead so the one she got afterwards lived to see another farm. ... 25.3k

 . 5y My great grandmother left most of her money to a local donkey sanctuary ... 12.3k

 . 5y Not a lawyer but my grandpa put in his will a chocolate bar for everyone one of his grand kids. Well I have like 12 cousins and very difficult to track down where a couple of them went. All this estates and money he had in will was at a stand still for months because they couldn't find my couple cousins. Had to show court we put in effort to hire someone to track them down etc. The lawyer that was helping execute the Will was blown away that this lawyer allowed this and why he wouldn't

Dr_BrOneil . 5y Just last week I handled a matter where the parents left millions in artwork to various people, wads of cash to various charities, and only left their kids the family cats. Turns out they did it because the kids got them the cats to comfort the parents in their old age and the parents fucking hated the cats but the kids wouldn't let them get rid of the cats. ... 7.5k

literaphile . . 5y Lawyer here. Probably the woman who wanted to gift the frozen semen of her dead dog. ... 1.3k

Cocoah83 . 5y I'm the executor of my grandmother's will. I also get the house and everything in it and a share of life insurance that's split three ways between myself, sister, and mom. My mom has always said that all my dad , my grandmothers son-in-law, would like to have is some table. Well in the will there's like a whole paragraph that states how my dad gets nothing, he doesn't lay a finger on any thing in the house or any money. How my dad is basically worthless and deserves nothing and how he was a crap dad and

PBandJoe . 5y When my great aunt whom I barely had any relationship with died, I discovered that in her will, she left me a taxidermied giant silk moth that she had hanging on her wall. Evidently someone told her about my love for bugs. I still have it and it's one of the coolest things in my collection of odd knickknacks. ...she left my cousin a Furby. ... 36.6k

Womblechops . 5y A relative worked for a firm preparing wills and was confronted by an Executor who had an edict to scatter the deceased's ashes from a microlight aircraft. Не couldn't fly one. She kindly pointed out to him that the drafting said nothing about whether said microlight was in flight at the time of scattering. ... 826

AHU Navaro27 . 5y When my grandfather passed his will asked that I clean out his shed, and I alone. I found marijuana seeds, old reel style film pornography, which was hilarious and a bunch of other unsavory paraphernalia. 50's flick knives too. ... 5.8k

cyan1de23 . 5y Had one client who stated in their trust that among other contingencies before their heirs could receive any inheritance that the heirs must finish undergraduate college prior to age 30 and must complete certain coursework by Dave Ramsey. Seemed a little extreme at the time but maybe they're on to something. ... 63

NerdSandwich . . 5y Not a lawyer, but I work at a law firm. One client left $100,000.00 to his two cats so they could maintain their current lifestyle. ... 11.6k

MesoBeso . 5y My Dad had secretly paid off my grand parents house when he first made some decent money back in the day but never told the rest of the family. When both grandparents passed there were a number of surprised faces realizing that they were not getting a cut of the house. Dad being Dad sold the house and gave all the grandkids money to go to college. ... 110

X_TheRussianSquid_X.5 5y When my great grandad died in his will he stated that his coin collection be split equally across his family. There was like 8-9 of us and 3 potato sacks full of coins. So we all gathered round a table and each took one coin each until nothing was left. Among the coins was an Iron Cross, which was quiet odd as the only person on that side of the family that went to war was his dad, and he served with the ANZAC's in WW1. ... 1.1k

Killallthemods . 5y My grandfather left me $1.00, he had dementia and confused my dad ripping him off with me. Не left the rest of the family between $100,000 And a few million each. They all said they felt horrible because they knew the details, but not horrible enough to give up any of their share. The way I see it is it was never my money to begin with, so it's not a loss. I'm just glad my sister got a hundred thousand,she needed it more than any of the others. ... 1.2k

littleredbird1991 5y Here's one from one of my dad's law partners. Не had a lady come in with an itemized list of books and wanted her will to contain all of the books and who will get what based on her choosing. So basically she decides who gets what specific book instead of letting her beneficiaries decide. The truly astonishing thing is how many books and how specific they get. According to dad's law partner her list is at about 2,000 books to be divided among about 30 people. She is apparently very specific and comes back at least once

aldol941 5y My moms uncle, a priest, specified that everyone who attended his funeral would receive $1,000. Nobody knew this until after the funeral, and much fighting and resentment in the family ensued once it became known. Well, I would have come if I knew... and I should get the $1,000 even though I didn't attend because I was sick, ... etc. Great way to stir things up a bit from the grave! ... 59

thecatdaddysupreme . 5y My grandma left a penny and a nasty comment to almost every person in the will, all of her sons and daughters, even a few grandchildren, except for me. I got 1,000 dollars. Thanks, grandma. ... 20.7k

FairyFlossFairy . 5y My Grandmother had her boobs done when she was in her 60s, nothing really wrong with that, but when she died, she wanted an open casket with her boobs on display. Really Nanna? She passed away at 80 and got exactly what she asked for. Grandad had ended up sticking 2 strategically placed daisies on her boobs. So she got what she wanted and so did Grandad. RIP Granny, you silly b$%ch, love you. ... 886

 . 5y Not a lawyer but my grandmother's will stated that my father had to outlive her by a certain amount of time (I honestly don't remember exactly how long, I was 15). My father died less than a month after she did, so instead of things going to my father the next step was the estate being divided between me, my sister, and two cousins. It was so bizarre! ... 2k

angelusmortis94 . 5y My great grandfather had a pair of socks that he only wore on Christmas day with the family. They were hideous. After he passed, we found out he left those socks to my uncle in his will and told him to carry on the tradition, which my uncle has done. I've already been told I'm getting them next. 376

mmm_tacos2159 . 5y Lady wanted her small dog to be buried with her. If the dog happened to be alive when the lady passed, she wanted the dog put down and then join her.

AHOY gaurddog . 5y My great uncle's official will gave the contents of his Outhouse to the City Council of a nearby town after they'd tried to take his land twice to build a new water treatment plant. Не spent quite a few years fighting eminent domain claims and just wanted to give them something in return. As a joke his kids boxed up all the books and magazines in the out house and dropped them off at City Hall ... 3.7k

robrtsmtn 0 5y Per earlier entries, I am not a lawyer. However, as I am an only child, my Father didn't create a will as he felt I would get it anyway. Do you know how hard it is to prove you have no siblings. ... 104


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