32 of the Funniest Misdeeds People Got Away With

‘Busted open an ATM with a couple of buddies’
32 of the Funniest Misdeeds People Got Away With

In most cases, when someone reveals a misdeed they “got away with,” their intentions are clear — like the guy who intentionally bounced a student-housing payment on his credit card. After all, no one wants to pay for student housing. But there are other, more intricate schemes that when revealed, leave you with many more questions than answers. For example, the guy who faked his bachelor’s degree and successfully enrolled in a master’s program (at the time he commented, he was in his second semester with mostly A grades). Why did he do that? Then there’s the guy who admitted to going on “adrenaline runs” when he was 14, during which he would venture into the woods at 3 a.m., make a fire, kill a squirrel, cook it and eat it. He went on to say that this took place “on private property” and that “there was a curfew,” as if those are the details we’d be confused about. 

Other Redditors have copped to the acts they’ve gotten away with, and we’d like an update from the Scooby-Doo bandit. 

 9y In college we were required to have an internship for one year. Apparently the summer before I started the internship I was supposed to get a letter in the mail with a list of places I could intern at, but I never got the letter. By the time the year started it was too late to get an internship anywhere. It was my senior year so I didn't have another year to do my internship. So I just made one up. I said I was working with an online literary magazine. I completely faked the evaluations, made up
 9y Came home stoned and smelling like booze when I was 14, didn't get caught because I said a homeless man threw vodka at me. ... 126
frince101 . . 9y I snuck a bottle of water past German security in Frankfurt last year ... 375
linglingdang . . 9y I made a huge fucking hole in the wall of my parents garage. I screwed a pin-board in the wall over the top of the hole and no one seemed to question it. ... 2.1k
 9y When I was thirteen and fourteen I went on these adrenaline runs in the early morning (like 3:00 to 5:00). would go to the woods and make a small fire, kill a squirrel, cook it and eat it. It was private property and there was a curfew. 2.6k
root66 9y Back in the 90's when everyone had dial-up internet, phone sex and psychic hotlines ran credit card #'s in batches long after the call was over. The only thing they verified beforehand was that the card number was valid. Validity was determined by computer software that would check for certain requirements, like the first four digits matching the card issuer and some algorithm that was used to generate card numbers that was also used in those days for verifying them. There was a program called CCWIZ for Windows 3.1 that would extrapolate a bunch of fake numbers from
bab4ss 9y Was walking home drunk from a neighbor I wasnt familiar with on a rainy night during winter. Got so lost that I thought that was gonna die from the cold... So I looked for some kind of shelter, but ended up sleeping in a random car that I broke into. Had a great night but woke up with cuts all over my body from the broken glass. ... 3
AngryPuhtato . 9y While playing baseball in the 5th grade is recess I smacked a guy running across full swing. I said it was an accident. That guy stole my pack of gum and I hated him. No one knows. Не broke his nose and there's a huge scar on his face that you can see even today ... 3
Garrettm10 9y In my freshman year student housing in college I owned a balance of around $2,000 at the end of my lease. I paid on a credit card I knew I didn't have enough money on. I then proceeded to do all the check out paperwork that day with them and got off the lease.......then bam! A week later the charge never went through (bounced) as their wasn't enough on the card and I never heard from them again. My $25 insufficient fee well worth it. Take that overpriced mandatory student housing. ... 6
frd101 . . 9y I faked my bachelor's degree and yet successfully enrolled in a master's program. Currently in my second term with mostly A grades. ... 618
Flacid-whale . . 9y In grade three I light my schools field on fire with some matches I found. I ran away and it got put out. I was a fucking stupid kid. ... 1.7k
Ohtarello . 9y While at a wedding, I drunkenly climbed on to the roof of the bar we were at and stole a shingle. I then proceeded to take the shingle back into the bar, place it on the seat next to me, and call it my new drinking buddy. ... 1.6k
superphly . 9y I went on four dates in one night. Started at 4 in the afternoon, ended at 4AM. Four women, in succession, one after another. ... 3
Mr_Gilmore_Jr . 9y I once acted like I was holding open a door for a long line of people coming out of church, but the door had a kickstand and I just wanted to lean on something. I got so many thank yous. ... 40
marisajo 9y Junior year of high school, I never turned in an essay that was worth a large percentage of my English grade. When my teacher called me over while she was entering grades into the computer and asked about it, I used my excellent lying skills to act completely confused, because of course I turned it in and what was she talking about? Because I had always been an awesome student, she thought it was her fault and that she had lost it. She told me she actually DID remember reading it, and typed a 95/100 into the online
 . 9y Not really the craziest thing I've done but I got out of a speeding ticket (about 15 over) by telling the cop that I was just excited to see my brother again since he just got back from deployment. Some people will say that was pretty scummy of me to lie about. But for something I came up with while the cop was walking to my car I thought it was pretty good. ... 1.3k
 . 9y In college, I hunted rabbits on campus in the middle of the night. I used my blowgun and my friend used a hand crossbow. I now know that we could have easily been arrested or shot, but we still had a blast. Edit: Yes, of course we ate them. Otherwise it would be weird. We stopped after one night when we hit some poor rabbit like four times, but never managed to recover it; that means it probably died slowly by bleeding out somewhere. I felt so bad about it we never went out again. ... 801
martyRPMM 9y I was the phantom tagger in elementary school. I got so prolific that we had to empty our pockets before going to the bathroom to prove we didn't have any crayons. The Principal made several warnings over the PA system saying they were gonna catch me. I managed to hit both the boys and the girls rooms and had several crayon stashes hidden in each bathroom. ... 14
rlisboa 9y I lived in a 15 story building and ended up breaking a main water pipe (by hanging on it) on the top floor of the building. It ended up flooding and causing water damage to all floors and elevators. I ran to my floor and changed from my wet clothe and went out pretending I didn't know anything. Probably close to a few hundred thousand in damages. ... 4
 9y Stole a Bobcat (the light machinery, not the actual cat) for about 12 hours from a construction site. Drove it a mile and a half away to my grandparents farm, who were out of town. Had a get together with friends and tooled around on the Bobcat while drinking. Took the Bobcat back. None the wiser. ... 5
 . 9y Scratched my rental car last week on a stone gate post. Handed it back and stood in front of the scratches whilst the guy was checking it. Got my full deposit back. Only time in 7 years driving I've damaged a car.
4KGB • 9y Similar story here! I got the results of my AP exams back and wasn't pleased. In a rage, I punched a hole in the garage wall. Moved a sign from one side of the wall to the other, right on top of the hole. Dad commented how nice it looked. ... 1.5k
terrett101 . 9y When I was 16/17, I asked a random guy to buy me GTA III in what was probably Electronic Boutique at the time (this was in the UK, game was rated 18, and they take it seriously there). Went outside and waited for him to come out, he thankfully did not steal my money and did buy me the game. I ended up working for R* North on GTA V, so I like to feel this lapse in legality was for a good eventual cause. ... 190
spongebobnopants . 9y I steal Scooby Do stuff. It started when I stole a Scooby Do plate from a friend's house, now any time I see a Scooby thing, I steal it. Just getting started, but I have 5 pieces so far. ... 4
Feb17Sucks 9y Back in the early 90s, when I was 19-20, I made and sold fake IDs. New Jersey driver's licenses were super low-tech and it was easy to make good quality fakes with consumer grade technology at the time (they finally updated them to make them more secure just a few years ago). Large foamcore replica of the license for people to stand in front of, the lettering for their name and address done by inkjet and glued on with rubber cement so it could be easily peeled off and replaced with the info of the next customer. Take
 9y While in high school, I wanted to buy some alcohol for my best friend's birthday, but not only was I a minor, I was broke. Like negative account balance broke. So what did I do? I walked into a big ass major chain grocery store, studied the clerks' movements (like some kind of a stealth game), then walked to the alcohol aisle, grabbed two boxes of 24-can, and just walked out of the store to the parking lot where other friends were waiting in the car, ready for extraction. The first heist gave me a huge adrenaline rush,
FeelTheWrath79 9y My parents got satellite back in the day; the kind of satellite that is a big dish and rotates from satellite to satellite. They got some sort of hook up, so we had EVERY channel. EVERY CHANNEL. We also got a monthly guide with a grid of where every channel was located. Satellite F4 was the position with playboy and spice channels. I can still remember the channel numbers, even! 18 for spice, and 22 for playboy. My friends found out, and they were over ALL. THE. TIME. I think there was another channel called xstasy or something,
 . 9y When I was 19 I was sitting in my room playing Mass Effect and drinking at about 2:30 in the morning. I decided I wanted the Do Not Enter sign down the road, so I stood up, grabbed a wrench, and walked down the street. I shimmied up the sign post, retrieved it, and ran home. Still have it. I did strange things while drinking. ... 3
userbones 9y Several years ago, in the late 90's, I worked part time for a janitorial company. One night we got a contract to strip and wax the floors at a local Best Buy. The general manager of the store (his name was Bob) oversaw our operations, probably just making sure we weren't stealing and what not. After the job was done, that following day I went back into the store to buy a video game I spotted the night before. With my receipt in hand, from the video game I just bought, I walked over to someone in the
chimponabike . . 9y After doing nothing for four months and always skipping courses for the project, I submitted an *.exe file that I renamed to *.avi. I somehow conviced my teacher that this was the only copy I had and that mine was corrupted too. I got over 50% for the project. ... 3
 9y I went to a college where there were no coed dorms. One night I get a call from a nice young lady and she sneaks me in her dorm. The next morning we get a knock at the door from a suspicious dorm director. So I jump out of her second story window. I landed with a nice roll in front a few classmates. Definitely upped my reputation. 10/10 would recommend. ... 18
Dfrozle . . 9y Busted open an ATM with a couple of buddies while drunk. It was actually way easier then you would think. ... 1.5k


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