21 Jaw-Dropping Things Seen in a College Dorm

One frat house made an indoor skating rink
21 Jaw-Dropping Things Seen in a College Dorm

It’s a miracle that anyone makes it out of college alive. Even if you don’t directly participate in the debauchery of those early adult years, stupidity really takes hold, and mindless chaos consumes the entire campus. And so, it’s not even remotely surprising that a fraternity decided to create an indoor skating rink by laying down plastic sheeting, flooding the second floor of their house and then opening the windows to let the water freeze. It’s even less surprising that a few days later, the second floor collapsed and caved in the first floor. It is surprising however, that no one died. 

In that vein, Redditors have recounted jaw-dropping stories from their college days, and a lot of them involve some naked guy.

 . 8y One naked drunk dude jumped through first floor window. As in broke the window with his bare skin. ... 690
StannisIsTheMannis . 8y I was an RA. I had 8 residents trap a raccoon and bring it into their dorm to domesticate it. Guess what happens when you let a Raccoon in the dorm? It fucks shit up. ... 3.6k
Ryuuenjin . 8y Raw meat in the halls. Just like, cuts of meat left on butcher paper in front of people's doors. ... 1.5k
willywag . 9y Woke up late one night to hear some commotion in the lounge next to my room. Glance out the window and see a couch go flying off the balcony and crash to pieces on the ground five floors below. Then a slurred voice shouted up from the ground: Don't you fucking throw couches at ME, bitch! ... 3.6k
Hideo_Bromo . S 9y Some guys on my floor decided to trap another guy in the bathroom. Our rooms were designed as suites where two rooms connect via bathroom and you lock the bathroom door from the bedroom. The guy who was trapped was claustrophobic and got out the only way he could think: by barreling through the walls and into the hallway. I wasn't there when it happened and only saw the aftermath of a huge hole in the wall, but it was pretty wild ... 2.1k
ironmaven . 8y One guy peed on a cookie sheet and let it freeze outside in winter. Не took said frozen sheet of pee and slid it under another guy's door when he wasn't there. All the rooms in that dorm were carpeted. ... 3.2k
Levelis . 8y My sister once had a guy fall through her roof. I was there that day! ... 1.8k
JASP3RB3ARDLY 8y A guy that was wasted and tripping balls went into the wrong room in the middle of the night and was thrown out of said room, across the hall and through the wall into my old room. Turns out there had been a giant hole there that was cheaply patched up years ago, otherwise there should have been no way he could have gone straight through the wall. It was a cold night, but my roommate and I pushed S dresser up to attempt to cover the hole until someone could fix it. Good times. ... 1.5k
thril_hou - 9y Girl slid down stairs on an ironing board in the dark, sparks everywhere, tit popped out. ... 3.3k
Jatz55 . 9y Not my story, my dad's. Не had a whole chicken in his refrigerator that had gone bad, so he tied a rope to it and stood at the top of the stairs swinging it at people and clucking as they walked up. ... 2k
TellemSteve-Dave 8y I had some friends cut down a christmas tree from campus somewhere and put it up in their dorm room. The only thing is, real christmas trees are not allowed because they're a crazy fire hazard... They bought one of those things you would put a live plant in (a planter?), some 90 degree brackets, and some screws and screwed the tree down. Then they built a false top and sprinkled dirt and rocks (again taken from campus) on it to make it look like the tree was planted in dirt. They convinced our RA that they had
Smalls_Biggie . 8y One day I woke up to a sink sitting in the hallway. Like a sink that is built into a counter top or something. Someone must have just ripped a sink out of a counter top, from a different building, and put it in the hallway...on the fourth floor. ... 952
PrussianPanda 9y Some girls on my floor (3rd) left their window open on a freezing winter day with their built in heater blasting. The heater over heated and exploded causing that half of the floor to flood with boiling hot water along with all of the rooms under it. There was steam all in the halls and the fire alarm went off, water was absolutely everywhere. Didn't touch my room so I didn't give a fuck and went to class. ... 775
yeastybeast . 8 8y My brothers frat flooded the second floor in the winter. They lay down plastic sheeting and then opened all the windows. It froze and was a badass indoor iceskating for a few days. Then the second floor collapsed through the first floor into the basement. They lost their charter. Its a miracle nobody died. ... 3.8k
spoodr . 8y one time, my roommate and i hatched quails in our dorm room. we started out with growing plants, then breeding betta fish, and from there we kind of escalated to birds. ordered a cheap incubator and the eggs online, and kept it in the corner of our room without having any real hope that any of them would hatch. three of them did...somehow...and they lived in our dorm room for a whole year without the ra finding out. helps that they only grow to be about three inches tall. ... 537
CND-ICEHOLE 9y These two brother & sister ginger twins lived in my dorm. Both pale, overweight with straggly hair. Some of us were sitting on the sofas in the lobby, chatting away and planning where to hold our 420 session later that day. An ambulance pulls up. Emergency workers rush into the building with the gurney, head straight to the elevators. Everyone is wondering what is going on, and clearly worried. 10 minutes later the emergency crew come out of the elevator, ginger sister is lying on the gurney yelling in pain, face red and covered in sweat. Ginger brother
peanutbuttersucks . 8y Lived in a 21 floor tower, something like 1600 students lived in it. 4 guys decided to have a jam session in an elevator and go up and down the building - had drums, guitar, saxophone, and vocalist. I think every single floor wanted to murder them. ... 3.5k
brotherjonathan . . 9y MU back in the mid 80's, some guys taped, caulked, and screwed the gang shower door shut trying to make a swimming aquarium of some sort. They filled it with about 5 feet of water and 5 or 6 guys climbed in and started swimming when the the stall glass broke away from the walls and a couple thousand gallons of water flooded the entire dorm floor.
passthetreesplease 9y A friend slightly leaned on this girl's sink and it broke clean off the wall, water shooting everywhere. ... 349
jeb1499 . 9y I went to an engineering school. I remember two guys on our floor got high one time and took: a coat-hanger, string, magnet, and tape. They succeeded in designing a device which could remove the peep-hole in a dorm door, and then proceed to unlock it from the inside. Nobody was safe after that. ... 3k
Pendrell_Crush . 8y My dorm had a Secret Santa thing where your Santa would give you a task to do, and if you completed it, you'd get a gift. In the packed dining hall one night shortly before Christmas break, a huge, hairy, completely naked man jumps onto a table, tucks his junk between his legs, and screams daddy only likes me when I'm a little girl!. My roommate was his Santa, and as a reward for completing the task, she gave him a teddy bear wearing overalls. ... 1.1k


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