22 Unexpected Times People Wound Up Making Friends

22 Unexpected Times People Wound Up Making Friends

I guess there’s not really an “expected” way to make a friend, but some of the ways people have come together are unique enough that they sound like details you learn from a sitcom flashback clip. Like the Redditor who became friends with someone in junior high after sitting next to them in the cafeteria and eating the discarded crusts of their pizza. They’ve been friends for decades now.

Other Redditors have shared the origin stories of the unexpected friendships they’ve made over the years, and sometimes puking side-by-side is exactly what’s needed to forge a lifetime bond.

clush . 6y I was at a concert with my ex-gf (she was ex at the time too) and she dared me to give this girl my number that I briefly chatted with. I did, we ended up dating for three years, and now we're getting married next year. ... 2.5k

n298ev . 6y I tried to send a package to a friend in South America. The damn thing went all of the way to the correct city but then for some reason was sent back to me. Someone told me there was a person in my department from that same country, so I sent them a message to see if they knew why that would happen. That person's mother happened to be visiting so she took the package back with her went she went home. Been friends with the person ever since. ... 1.7k

anybodyanywhere . 6 6y There was someone trolling me all over the web on a certain topic. I just PMd her and asked one day why exactly she was doing it. She explained to me, and we had a conversation and became friends. ... 196

meltedsnowflake . . 6y I tripped over her shoelace and bonked her in the nose on class picture day. She was the new girl who had only moved to our area that summer. Still friends to this day, 22 years later. ... 622

DroolyBunz . . 6y I was a chubby Asian kid back in 10th grade. There was a new guy in our table in chemistry, so I went over to introduce myself. But before I said anything, he just said You look like Kim Jung Un. We are still best friends now. ... 1.2k

Mixam_Max . 6y I farted and it reverberated off the chair I was sitting on and it amplified. Girl was on the phone sitting beside me, she stopped her conversation turned to me and asked Wait did you just fart??? I Said Yeah(I was tired and not really caring at that point.) She laughed and we introduced ourselves. ... 1.6k

ProverbialNuke . 6y I was really sensitive to people trying to make fun of me and would see it everywhere. When we met in fourth grade, teasing was his M.O. I proceeded to hate every interaction with him and got really mad at him, one incident being us swing our backpacks like morning stars at each other, me frothing with rage and him having a blast. We met again at summer camp, he asked why we hated each other, and neither of us had a good answer. Friends ever since. ... 562

mostbestest. 6y Asked the barber to make me look fashionable, he retorts with I only cut hair pal. Best buddies for a year and a half now ... 65

MetalLava . 6y Went to a beach and started burrying my friend in the sand. Some random dude comes up and asks to be burried too. Dude and us are now friends. Additionally: boy comes to my (open) dorm and sits in my trashcan and mutters about memes. Friend. ... 4.4k

OhAces . 6y My friend was dating this girl, he introduced us at a bar, she's a boilermaker/welder, I'm a weld inspector, natural enemies. She instantly starts shitting on my career choice and we pretty much yelled at each other for 3 hours and irritated the fuck out of everyone around us. Now we are besties, I even got to test her very first pressure TIG welds at a job we were both on, they weren't the best but they passed. ... 4.7k

RainAhh 6y Go to midnight book release by myself in hopes of making a friend or two. I have social anxiety so, hah, поре, not talking to people. I'm standing in line after all of the activities were done, waiting the last 5-10 minutes until they can hand out the books. This wild woman is in front of me - loud, obnoxious, turquoise hair, gushing about books that I also love. Everything in me wanted to be her friend but I just could not get myself to talk to her. Weeks later, I'm talking to a coworker about a book I'm reading

everyspcguy2017 . 6 6y Walking up to my new neighbor's door with a bottle of Fireball, sticking my head in and asking if he wanted a shot! Good friends now! ... 44

dragonseye87.6y First day of preschool and I'm shy. My mom drops me off and tells me to make a new friend and school won't feel so scary. I crawl under the first table I see (because I liked pretending to be a dog and, I guess, scared dog me hid under tables) and I bump into another girl crawling underneath the table. I ask her if she wants to be friends and she agrees. Little me felt accomplished that I made a friend so fast and wouldn't be afraid of school anymore. She was my first best friend, and she

Scrappy_Larue . 6y A woman who I didn't recognize friend requested me on Facebook, so I looked at her profile to see how we were connected. She was married to a guy I went to high school with and hadn't seen in ages. I thought it was weird, but accepted her request. The next day I got another friend request and message from her husband, my old friend. Не said in the message that he requested me from his wife's account the day before by mistake. Не thought he was on his own account. Five years later, I have little to

remmysroad . 6y My now best friend was new to my jr.High. she was in my lunch and sat with my group, but I was the only one who didn't know her from classes. So she got a slice of pizza for lunch the first day and didn't eat her crust. I asked if she was gonna finish that, she said nah, I ate her pizza crust every time from then on, and for about a month I thought her name was mermaid but that's another story Now she's one of my few close life long friends ... 281

BlackBeat301 6y When I was 23, a random old guy in his 70's sat next to me on the train one day. I was listening to music at the time but didn't want to come across as rude so I switched off my iPod, struck up some crap conversation about the weather and we started to chat. Не asked about my music taste and if I played any instruments. I play violin, guitar and piano and my Grandad plays accordion and his eyes lit up when I mentioned this. Turns out that he composed both classical music and Scottish country

Quirkybumblebee 6y In the first grade, I finally had a loose tooth and you can bet my hand was in my mouth trying to get that sucker out of there all the time. My kindergarten class had this huge ceremony for when you lost your first tooth that I missed out on, and dang it, I wanted my teacher to do one for me. We were standing in line to leave school and I was wiggling away when the girl behind me suddenly jerked back and hit my arm. My tooth popped out but it slipped out of my hand.

danetrain05 . 6y My only time at Octoberfest, I got so drunk during the pregame that I had to throw up. I went outside and threw up over the porch side. Hot guy at the party whom I was crushing on saw me, said, That's a good idea. and started throwing up next to me off the porch. I held his hand and rubbed his back while we were puking. It was magical. I'm gay, he's straight but it was a moment that transcends sexuality. ... 558

ItsTheMort . 6y Played world of warcraft 12 years ago, started talking to some dude, added on MSN, his older brother thought I sounded cool or something, and added me. I'm Norwegian, they're Swedish. Three years or so later when we had turned 18, he(the older brother) came to Norway to a festival with me and a few other friends. Still great friends, haven't talked to younger brother in forever. ... 1.6k

ILACTUALLY_LIKE_YOU.BY Google image search. As a teen I was looking for pictures of this particular artist and found a good one through image search. I clicked through the link and the source was this person's blog website. I can't remember the exact details but I eventually ended up speaking to the person on MSN messenger. FYI I'm from the UK and they are from Canada but we became good friends and have met irl a few times now and still chat relatively regularly 10 years on! ... 132

quilladdiction . 6y She was lost on a calculus assignment and thought I looked smart (lol), then we noticed each other again in chemistry and immediately tagged each other as lab partners. We both dropped calculus within two weeks because it was hell on earth, but much bonding occurred over stupid phenyl group in-jokes and how lost we were in labs. Been friends for almost seven years now. ... 204

PearlSquared . 6y I met this girl on Google Plus entirely by coincidence while browsing a meme hashtag for badly photoshopped pictures of Misha Collins' face (#mishapocalypse). We hit it off immediately over some shitty emo bands. She became my girlfriend for, like, a year, before becoming and remaining one of my best friends to this day. I'm very happy to have her in my life and am so thankful that I happened to be browsing weird ass Misha Collins memes that day. ... 80


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