30 Funny Times People Got Tied Up in Knots With Technology

‘My grandpa once tried to print a YouTube video’
30 Funny Times People Got Tied Up in Knots With Technology

If you’ve ever used the self-checkout aisle, you know that technology is imperfect. But sometimes, and I’m so sorry to say this, the issues we have with technology can be chalked up to operator error. I know it’s hard to accept that. It’s even harder for people who didn’t grow up with the bells and whistles of computers. How do you explain to pop-pop that you can’t print a YouTube video? Or how do you tell your dad, without laughing, that websites don’t close at a specific time? 

To that end, Redditors have logged on and shared the funniest technological confusion they’ve ever witnessed, and we really love the grandma who opens the door to “let some more wifis in.”

milieu_of_mediocrity . 6y End user thought she could reboot her machine by turning the monitor off/on. I got curious when it only took 2 seconds for her to restart, so I had to walk to her cube to see for myself. ... 1.9k
bobthewonderdog . 6y Work in IT for a large corporation and I had a senior lawyer, mid 30s at my company complain that the WiFi wasn't working when she left the building. Needless to say I was staggered by the ineptitude. ... 1.8k
Maryb3rry . 6 6y Walked into my boss's office and she was holding a magnifying glass to her computer screen. She's such a dear thing. ... 1.2k
 . 6y My grandpa once tried to print a YouTube video.... ... 407
DylonNotNylon 6y I work as tech support at a university, so computer illiteracy keeps me employed. There's one professor I've had to teach to right-click on multiple occasions. Also, just last week a woman (corporate client) called about a strange message on her computer. Outlook had detected she moved time zones and asked if she wanted her laptop to change times to reflect her new location. It's just asking if you want to adjust your email to your new time zone since you're an hour earlier here. So I'll get my emails an hour earlier? Some people really think computers
Captain-Janeway . Gy A co-worker of mine, an older gentleman, knew how to use Excel, but nothing else. When he needed to type up a document, instead of opening up a word processor, he would open up Excel and just type his document into one cell that he enlarged to the size of an 8.5x11 piece of paper. ... 4.7k
PromisedAGoodTime . 6y I work with a guy, who for two months and countless visits from our IT guy, claimed that his computer was still going slow. So the IT guy set a dead computer tower, which isn't even plugged into anything, next to the one that he was using and now my coworker says it goes twice as fast. ... 7.4k
phaithlas. 6y My dad asked me what time a company's website closed. I told him 6 and we'll take care of it tomorrow. ... 6.8k
 . 6y My mom tried to download Uber and accidentally registered herself as a driver ... 3.3k
butta-muffyn . 6y My nanna asked my mother where the film went into her mobile phone when taking a photo. ... 2.8k
ChickenOfDoom 6y In highschool, a student plugged his laptop into the wall outlet to charge it in the library. The librarian came over to him completely livid and made him unplug it, because they had been having issues with hacking and she believed he was going to use his connection to the power grid to hack into the library computers. ... 85
Kat75018 . 6y When my friend's mum fiends an error in her text she will delete everything she has written since the mistake, correct it, and then retype the whole thing. ... 1.6k
ProfBurial 6y I once witnessed the owner of a fairly large company work the mouse while a subordinate worked the keyboard. They were older gentlemen. It was adorable. Like two toddlers working on a rubik's cube. ... 767
 . 6y So I was checking this guys internet and I asked him to show me his modem. Не goes to another room and comes back with his mouse. I had to leave the room because I couldn't stop laughing. ... 385
sparkle_dick . . 6y A lady at my work couldn't figure out how to take a screenshot of a webpage, so she printed it out and scanned it in then sent it as an all staff message. ... 1.1k
mishra1111 . 6y My uncle has step-by-step instructions for accessing his email, which is the only thing he does on his computer. Any time he makes a mistake, he shuts down the computer and starts over. Не also moves the mouse into position, takes his hand off completely, then pokes the button very carefully. ... 8.4k
 . 6y My mom sent me a text asking if my Internet was out because hers wasn't working. I reminded her that we lived 1200 miles away from each other. ... 571
TurboVeggie . 6y My college professor was going to bring up her PowerPoint slide and said she was worried Black Friday would make the internet slow. I have another, which some people have argued with, but ill say it anyway. My grandma lives in this brick house and her connection is pretty bad on her phone talking to me, so she says, Hold on, I need to go open up the door and let some WiFi's in. ... 459
 . 6y In recent memory, I can recall an instance where my mom had a recipe open in Chrome, and I wanted to show her a YouTube video. I opened another tab in the browser and she got mad at me because she thought I deleted the recipe. ... 6.8k
ProneToHysterics e 6y It was me, a long time ago. Before webcams were common. I ended up at this webpage where it said something like there was a new technology where the screen would take your picture and then show it to you. So I went and brushed my hair, changed my shirt and came back to get my picture. I smiled and pressed the button. It made like a flash and then said to wait up to 5 minutes for the result. I waited patiently as I saw the picture SLOWLY loading...only to finally reveal a picture of an
 . 6y My mom seriously thinks she can only access email from the computer on which it was set up. She has created a new email address for each new computer she got.
arthur2-shedsjackson. By About once every year or so my father asks me something like how to I get this text from there over to here without retyping it. I explain copy and paste to him and he gets out a notepad and writes down the instructions. ... 97
Macabalony 6y Took a physics course from a professor who got their PhD in biomechanical physics. IE how fast the cell moves or at what rate does the mitochondrial proteins work. Complicated science stuff. One day the professor was using PowerPoint for a lecture. The Adobe update icon popped up and they had no idea how to resolve it. They restarted the computer and within 5 minutes it popped up again. The entire class watched in amazement as this professor struggled with the Adobe update icon. The professor cancelled class for IT to come fix the issue. ... 5.4k
MissMrsMissed . 6y My grandfather, bless him, in his late 70's just learning how to use a computer, and he would enjoy spending an hour or so in the evenings getting creative using the Paint app on his laptop.. I was talking to him about replacing the ink in his printer as it was running low. Then a look of horror came over him and he leaned in closely and said, M I've been using the paint app on my computer how much ink have I been wasting. Не thought using the paint on his computer (without printing it) was
wiggles . 6y The first email my dad sent me when I went away to college, and the first email he ever wrote, didn't have any spaces in it. It was just one long word dotted with occasional punctuation. Не didn't know what the space bar was and thought the computer would just add the spaces automatically. It was hilariously adorable and every time I think about it I get a little sad I didn't print out and frame that email. ... 5.9k
 . 6y My grandmother flipped out when I showed her how to access her Hotmail account while on vacation in another state. She watched, mesmerized, as I showed her how one can log in from anywhere, as long as you have the correct user name and password. The following week she sent a mass email to the family expressing her concerns about how nothing on the computer is safe and that I was able to hack into her computer from Florida. Major facepalm. ... 6.7k
nonnamous . 6y I worked in tech support in the mid-90s at a company where computers for admins and sales were a relatively new thing, so I have a million stories. Got a call from an employee insisting her new, tested mouse wasn't working. Went through all the questions (is it plugged in? do you see the arrow on the screen?) and could hear her clicking so I knew she was at least doing something. I finally went to her desk and saw that she was using her mouse up against the monitor, trying to click on things right on
HIM_Darling . 6y Coworker asked me to turn the clicking sound off on her keyboard. She thought that the sound keys make when you type on the computer keyboard was a sound effect similar to when you type on a cellphone. Nope, it was her long fake nails making the keys clack. She refused to believe me, so I told her to call tech support. No idea how they handled it, lol. ... 3.3k
 . 6y My professor used bing to search for google.com ... 339
jaimmster . 6y My coworker doesn't know how to create a pdf directly on the computer so she prints things out then scans them to create a pdf. ... 2.4k


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