22 Unexpected Places People Somehow Bumped into a Friend

22 Unexpected Places People Somehow Bumped into a Friend

The idea that pretty much anything can happen at any time is something that fuels paranoia in the pessimistic and gives hope to the optimistic. But even those with the cheeriest of dispositions can be taken aback by chance encounters. Imagine repeatedly running into an ex-girlfriend from decades ago in three different countries (Mexico, Japan and Korea, respectively). You gotta wonder what kind of magnetism is at play when that kind of thing happens. 

To that end, Redditors have shared the most unexpected places they’ve run into a friend, and what they say is true — it really is a small world after all.

habitual-stepper2020 . 2 215d Prison. Isolation cage right next to me haha ... 81

councillleak 215d My Dad and I went to play golf at a nice course in Ireland. Since it was just two of us, we were paired with 2 other random players. The 3rd was one of my Dad's former college roommates from the University of North Carolina (where I went as well) and the 4th was a similar aged guy who went to NC State. So we're in Ireland and all of the players were from the same part of North Carolina. Most bizarre coincidence of my life. ... 860

Impressive_Throat165 .2 215d My mum and dad bumped into an old friend and her husband when my dad was waiting to go into a vasectomy appointment - they'd originally met said friends at antenatal classes about 25 years previously. ... 103

Corpse-Crow . 2 215d I was in Hawaii for holiday, went into a store to look at some souvenirs, bumped into a friend I haven't seen since college. It was his first time on the island and never thought we would see each other, we've lost contact after we both graduated and lived very different lives as we talked about what we've been up to for the past several years. Turns out we live two streets away from each other, we hangout every month or so due to our schedules. ... 3

Neither-Magazine9096 . 215d Disney world. A childhood friend was working (no kidding) the 'It's a Small World' ride. Hadn't seen them in twenty years. ... 22

2manyfelines . 215d I was in Marlin, Texas to finance some school bonds. I thought the school superintendent looked familiar. And he was. Не had been my first grade boyfriend at the American School in Verdun, France, in 1958! I hadn't seen him in over 50 years, but we both recognized each other. ... 47

Mission_Progress_674 . 215d I met a friend from Aberdeen, Scotland in a bar in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. ... 1.9k

MrsBonsai171 . 2 215d I got into my first accident as a teen and called my dad. Не ended up being an old shipmate of the responding cop. ... 4

evergreentt . 215d It really is a small world. I was climbing the Statue of Liberty 20+ years ago and bumped into a friend from school walking back down. We're both from Brisbane Australia. ... 299

nacex . 2 215d At the pawn shop. Selling a coin collection she'd recently stolen from my mother. ... 73

misoranomegami . 2 215d Happened to my dad on the Great Wall, ran into a friend he hadn't seen in a decade. They were there with 2 different tour groups. Не used to joke he never met a stranger but running into someone he knew on another continent was impressive even for him. ... 1.8k

gotcam189 . 2 215d Similar-ish story for me! I'm American, was on vacation in Budapest. Got in line at a random doner kebab stand and noticed a friend of mine was two places ahead of me in line. Neither of us had any idea we'd be there. Absolutely wild. ... 76

Pawpaw-22 . 2 215d I'm visiting a friend in the large freshman tower of her big school. We're in a tower of about 500 dorm rooms, chilling in her room and all of a sudden, my cousin busts through the door yelling I.m so sorry, hey can I hide I'm running away from the security police.... Wait cuz! That's you!?!? What's up Jamie?! We're like wait, how did you find us? Не had been in a field party, the cops came and sprayed tear gas to disperse, he stole the keg and put it in the back of his VW. Не then

nolenk8t . 215d Thailand. Ran into my favorite coffee barista from Oregon. ending up hanging out with her and her parents for a few days. All the ladies (sorry dad) went out for a spa day and we got Thai massages... as we all walked out with the same uncomfortable expression plastered on our faces, I asked, So everyone had their boobs massaged then? Delightfully small world. ... 39

DeeDeeW1313.2 215d I ran into an old HS friend from Houston once while visiting Seoul. We both just stared at each other in disbelief. Hadn't talked in years but we reconnected after that. (No, neither of us are Korean.) ... 61

CreativeKeane . 215d New Jersey turnpike rest stop at 2am during a snowy December night. We had just finished up at the men's roon, washing our hands, looked up and turned and saw each other. Started laughing our ass off, cleaned up, and went outside, hugged and chatted for a bit. I was on my way back home from NY after adopting a cat my aunt took in (after being abandon by her neighbors). ... 22

BenioffThrowAway . 215d At a bachelor party for a friend named Phil. His brother Terrance was going to show up. Turned out to be the same Terrance we were friends with for years. Circles never crossed. Yes, this was in Canada. ... 254

abe_froman_king_saus . 2 215d I was backpacking in Malaysia and met this cool english chick; we spent a week travelling together. 3 years later, I had a layover at Changi airport. Singapore reminded me of her and I wondered what she was up to as I walked through the airport. I didn't have to wonder for long as she was a few gates down from me, waiting for a flight back to London. ... 618

CompleteNumpty 215d The local STD clinic is in the same building as the podiatry clinic, which my 90 year old grandfather went to as he had an ingrown toenail. Не bumped into my best friend from high school, who's feet were fine. My friend then called me in a panic as he thought my grandad was cheating on my gran. ... 271

Larbear_117 . 2 215d Afghanistan. A buddy from high-school deployed to same base. We hadn't talked in years and didn't know each other had joined the army until we saw each other in the chow tent! ... 208

Theduckbytheoboe 215d I was on a train in the Beijing Metro. It pulled up to a stop and the door opened at a random station and a friend from the UK stepped on. ... 4.4k

ohmyganja . 215d I ran into my first girlfriend, from 20 years ago, three times on two different continents and three different countries all in one month. In Mexico, Japan, and Korea. Was the strangest thing. ... 25


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