15 People Who Were Cheap to the Point of Absurdity

One guy’s penny-pinching was hard on the guts
15 People Who Were Cheap to the Point of Absurdity

Given the state of the economy, it’s hard to reprimand someone for being frugal — unless that person is so cheap that they take constipation pills instead of paying to use a restroom on their five-day train trip across Europe. I’m sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere. If you’re choosing to be frugal to the point of physical pain, you need to roll up your sleeves and crunch the numbers again, because surely there’s another way to save a few bucks. 

Redditors have shared stories about the biggest penny-pinchers they know, and there’s a toilet-paper hack we definitely won’t be trying.

WeaponizedOrigami . 7y Insurance agent here. The state of NJ applies a tax to the sale of insurance, the state of NY does not. I have had multiple NJ residents fight tooth and nail to have NY listed as their residence to avoid paying a 76-cent tax. What if I rent a P.O. box in NY? Doesn't make you a resident. But I work in NY! Yeah, but you don't live there. I have family in NY! So do lots of people, but all your shit is in NJ. I've even had a couple straight-up tell me they're gonna lie on
linetrash3792 . 7y Go out to grab drinks after work, everyone buys one round each. One guy would sit there the whole while other guys bought the rounds and then when it was his turn to buy he'd just say it was an emergency and leave. Happened twice.. Needless to say everyone noticed and don't bother to invite him now. We make real good money so it wasn't like he was hurting. ... 24
krisfunk27 . 7 7y My great-grandpa used to go into restaurants and take ketchup packets by the pocketful to fill up his bottle at home with. Also, my husband's aunt washes and re-uses plastic cutlery. ... 11
justsamthings . . 7y My aunt once stole toilet paper from a racetrack because she bet on the horse races and was mad that she didn't win anything. She's not poor; in fact she's pretty well off. ... 13
 . 7 7y At a formal dinner for an event my wife and I sat at the same table as my boss and other coworkers and their wives. At the end of the night my boss' wife swept all the bread and butter that was leftover into her purse and started walking away. Then came back and took the flower arrangement that was on the middle of the table. It was so embarrassing. ... 55
chosenamewhendrunk. 7y When my friend went to pick her kids up from birthday parties she'd always go 10-15 minutes early and offer to help the host clean up. She would then put all the plastic disposable plates, cups and cutlery in her bag, take them home and wash them. 34
twitmer . 7y Removing the peels from bananas at the supermarket and bagging only the fruit to avoid paying for the extra weight. ... 56
UnderlordZ. 7y Unrolling and splitting 2-ply toilet paper into two separate 1-ply rolls, so it lasts twice as long. ... 48
Shazaamism327 . 7y I have a great uncle in Florida. He's the infamous cheap- polak stereotype to a T. Keep in mind he's worth somewhere around a million dollars, has no kids, and an iron clad prenup with his wife. When my great aunt visited him for the first time In years, he took her to a McDonald's and spent the whole meal saying how great the deals were. When my great uncle and his wife visited, on the second day of staying there they asked for more towels. The response was why are you showering so much? We only
firemogle . . 7y My exes dad was worth millions and would wash paper towels for reuse in the house he paid straight cash for. ... 4
anepidemic . 7y A friend of mine took a train trip across Europe and instead of paying to use public bathrooms, he took constipation pills. Не didn't shit for almost 5 days. ... 92
bananafanafofirley . . 7y I once lived with a housemate who came home from doing groceries and saw she was charged $3 for a $2 lettuce. Drove back to the store for the $1. Seemed pointless to me not to mention using fuel to go back to the store.. ... 24
ChickenFarmer . 7y Haven't seen int personally, but according to my father, my step-granddad used to class=
funadulttimes . . 7y According to my dad, his step-grandfather, who was a Polish immigrant, once: Pulled his own tooth to avoid going to the dentist. Set and splinted his own broken leg to avoid going to the doctor. It healed incorrectly and he walked with a limp for the rest of his life. ... 4
splitfoot1121 . 7y Reminds me of aunt who threatened to close her accounts and transfer her mortgage from Wells Fargo because she claimed the teller gave her $2 less. ... 3


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