20 Jokes It Took People a Long Time to Get

‘That’s intense… like camping’
20 Jokes It Took People a Long Time to Get

Everyone has experienced the “Ohhhh!” lightbulb moment when something clicks. In nightmare scenarios, it means realizing way after the fact that someone was flirting with you (I’m really sorry for bringing it up). But in the best-case scenario, it means a joke told days, weeks or years before has finally landed in your head. 

At any rate, Redditors have left their shame at the door and admitted the nuances, double entendres and punchlines that took them embarrassingly long to get, and there’s one or two here that will hit me later down the road, too.  

 . 8y Clueless. They're in gym class doing tennis and Amber makes a remark about her plastic surgeon telling her that she can't do activities where balls might hit her face, and Dionne goes well, there goes your social life. ... 5
fatbabyotters_ . 3 3y That joke in The Mummy where Evie asks Rick, You swear? And he replies, Every damn day. To be fair, I was a kid when I saw that movie for the first time and haven't watched it for maybe two decades, but it clicked recently. ... 316
wackystick8. 3y Classmate would always say that's intense... Like camping always found it weird but never asked for clarification. Then one time out camping that phrase came to mind and it finally clicked intense = in tents. Felt real dumb Imao 129
bluswimmer2. . 3y What has six wheels and flies? A garbage truck. Took me ages to realize that flies referred to the bug. I always wondered how does a garbage truck fly? ... 286
Porch_Viking . 3y Miles Tails Prower. Miles Prower. Miles per hour. FFS I'd been playing Sonic games since the 90s, and only realized this pun in the 2010s. ... 325
 . 3y In Airplane, it was the joke about the character having a drinking problem. I never got why he was pouring water on his head. That's his problem. Не has a drinking problem. ... 698
 . 3y What has 4 letters, occasionally 12, always 6 and never 5 Took me a month, yeah they really do. ... 138
starthirteen . 3y In Blazing Saddles, Bart's friend from the railroad says to him They said you was hung and Sheriff Bart replies And they was right. I watched that movie a hundred times growing up but it took me well into adulthood to notice the double entendre. ... 727
ManySleeplessNights . 1 1y There are 3 types of people in this world; those who can count and those who can't
ass_munch_reborn . 9 9y I watched Drawn Together, and then had some handless, legless undercover cops. One was hanging on the wall. They call him Art. One was laying on the floor, they called him bob. One was stuck in the middle of the ocean, floating, and they called him Bob. Okay, random amputees with normal names in random places. Whatever. Months later, I finally got the joke. ... 2
MichaelOChE . 3y Shrek thinks Farquaad is compensating for something when noticing the size of his castle. 9 year old me thought that was a joke about Farquaad's short stature. ... 387
Hellofriendinternet • 9y What's the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain? I don't know, what? so YOU'RE THE ONE!! ... 3
GestaDanknorum . 3y I just flew in from (city) and boy are my arms tired I only got that one last year. ... 499
SlicedBread35 7y In an episode of Rocko's Modern Life, some cows were dressed in jeans and denim shirts, they were intimidating Rocko, and ate the carpet. Obviously now I know that 'carpet munching' is a term loosely used in describing lesbian activity ... 2
nooneimportan7 . 8 8y Harmless one, the Dinklebergs on the fairly odd parents have so much fun cool stuff because they're a Dual Income No Kids couple. Dinks. ... 84
nomenclate . 3y I can give you ten good reasons to never let go of a dime - Mr. Krabs When I was a dumb kid I just thought, wow, he must really know of a lot of ways to spend 10¢. ... 199
GeleRaev 9y Why don't cannibals eat clowns? Because they taste funny. A barber told me that joke when I was about 7 years old and getting my hair cut. I spent the rest of the time there, the drive home, and most of that evening asking my dad about it, and failing to understand it. ... 2
PadSeeYewLater . 3y When I was a kid on a boat with my parents they saw another boat named My Dixie Wrecked and were laughing. Took me years. ... 476
domestic_omnom . 3y South Park Bigger, Longer, Uncut is a dick joke. I just realized this a few months ago when a coworker pointed it out. ... 144
marmadillo06 . 8y From Remember The Titans: WHAT IS PAIN?! FRENCH BREAD! ... 15


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