17 of the Weirdest Things Ever Witnessed in New York City

Where else would you see an oiled-up guy in a clown mask?
17 of the Weirdest Things Ever Witnessed in New York City

New York is often lauded as a place where people can be weird as hell without anyone batting an eye. But sometimes, a sight is strange enough that it throws even the most seasoned New Yorker off-guard. Like the shirtless muscular guy who gets all oiled up, dons a clown mask and exercises in Times Square late at night. Apparently, he can occasionally be found in Washington Square Park, for a change of scenery, no doubt. 

Along those lines, Redditors have chimed in with the strangest things they’ve witnessed in the city, and it’s more clear than ever that New York really is a special place.

periphrasistic . 185d Recently, I've been seeing a guy late night in Times Square and also in Washington Square Park who invariably is shirtless, jacked, oiled up, wearing a creepy clown mask, and doing strength training with resistance bands and kettle bells, all without saying a word but breathing heavily like you would expect from Michael Myers or something. ... 796
Michelle50plus 2y Diana Ross stepped on my toe when I was seven years old. It was a Saturday morning off 42nd Street in the fashion district in 1977. She was coming out of a Chock-full-O-Nuts coffee shop and running toward her limousine which was double parked. We were waiting outside to get into the coffee shop. As we were ushered inside Ross was coming out. She bumped into my aunt and stepped on my toe. She said sorry. So sorry little girl and got into her car. She held me by my shoulders as she apologized. She was wearing a
Coconutrugby 185d I saw an entire bar pile out into the street and start fighting. One of the participants was using the outdoor cigarette ashtray filled with sand as a weapon. 20 people easy just swinging. There were four of us waiting to cross the street watching. We were headed into that bar. If we were 90 seconds earlier we would have been in the middle of the mayhem. We went to the next bar. ... 70
cleo42 . 1 185d I have was on the subway in Brooklyn. Guy gets on and starts walking back and forth through the car giving a speech about how he's hungry and would really like some food. After a while, the general ask for food becomes him talking specifically about how nice it would be to have a cheeseburger. After a couple minutes, a woman sitting across from me, digs into the bottom of her giant purse, pulls out a wrapped McDonald's CHEESEBURGER and hands it to the guy. Не thanks her without missing a bit or any noticable suprise. Still not
chickenyogurt 185d I was at a McDonald's at like 2am with a friend, and no more than maybe 2 or 3 minutes after walking in, this dude barges into the restaurant tweaking real hard. Spots us and walks right over, spends like 5 minutes telling us something like it's his birthday but he's short on cash and needed $20 to go buy shawarma for his annual birthday celebration. It's so long winded and rapid fire that other people in line with us have stopped their own conversations to look. When he is finally done, my friend just says something like
GravyBoatShipwreck . 1 185d While on the с train headed uptown one morning, a man stood up, reached into his pockets and pulled out three mice, and started juggling them. But once he missed a catch and the mouse fell to the floor, he totally gave up and dropped the other two. The mice ran around until we reached the next stop and they managed to scurry off the train to the platform. The guy had just sat back down like he wasn't just juggling mice he pulled out of his pocket. ... 5.9k
MisterBigDude 2y As a teenager, I traveled through NYC in the late '70s. After leaving Grand Central Station, I discovered my wallet was gone. Guess I got pickpocketed. (This was before I started carrying my wallet in my front pocket.) A week later, my wallet arrived in the mail, in an unmarked envelope. The cash was gone, but everything else was still there (membership cards and other stuff with no value). I doubt the pickpocket had a conscience, so I suppose they tossed the wallet and some nicer person found it. After this, I was a lot more careful when
Revolutionary-Tiger . 1 185d When things started opening back up in 2021, my friends and I were chilling in Washington Square Park and we saw a man dressed as a rat climb on top of a garbage can. ... 2.5k
darkpyre2 . . 5y I don't live in the city but I am a new yorker. Once on a visit I saw a homeless man using an outlet on the subway platform for his electric razor. Sounds tame but it was like a utility outlet on the ceiling just a couple feet from the track. Shit looked weird ... 2
Kin2monkey . 1 185d My friend's mom swears she saw a well-dressed business woman throw a jacket over a street pigeon and stuff it in her purse, then just walk away like nothing happened. I choose to believe. ... 1.8k
YourMetsiah . 185d Probably not the weirdest but I saw a Mariachi band on the 1 train with a one-armed man playing a single maraca. ... 1.1k
Carols_Boss 185d Not as insane as some but one of the most heroic things I've ever seen. New Years I'm on the 6 going back to my place at like 2am. Train is pretty full. This girl across from me looks awful. Completely wasted and she knows it and feels it. Suddenly she flinched and puffs her cheeks out. She stays that way for the next 10 minutes, with her boyfriend rubbing her back. They get out at the same station as me, and I see her walk to a trash can and spit out a TON of vomit. She
dirkdastardly . . 8y A homeless guy walking down the street in front of the Met yelling Fuck Kennedy! while everyone ignored him. Then he got specific: Fuck Teddy! Fuck Bobby! Fuck Jackie! ... 1
fullmetalsprockets . 1 184d Probably pretty tame by this thread's standards but I saw a dog in wellies, a yellow rain slicker, and sunglasses that matched his owner's. ... 46
slashedjunkmind - 5 5y Im not From New York But When I was there the First time, Within the first 10 minutes I got of the bus somebody puked on My leg ... 2
whosevelt . 185d Guy got on the subway with his pants smoldering. Smoke drifting around him and he's slapping at his thigh area. Naturally everyone turned to look at him. Не was like, what you all lookin at? ... 1.6k
bakerton 185d I was walking over the bridge from Long Island City to Greenpoint and I looked down at the tunnels that lead into Manhattan and suddenly saw an animal come out of the tunnel and it realized it was a zebra. Then another one came out. Then a whole bunch of horses, then an elephant... it turns out when the circus performs in Manhattan all the animal transport vehicles are kept in Queens and they walk through the tunnel to get there an back. So Surreal. ... 1k


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