19 Bad Landlords Who Somehow Give Landlords an Even Worse Name

19 Bad Landlords Who Somehow Give Landlords an Even Worse Name

There are so many people whose occupations offer undeniable value to society and enrich our lives for the better. Landlords are not among them. In fact, most of us have stories about a landlord who made us wonder if some human beings are born in hell and later make a trek above ground to torment the rest of us. 

Redditors have detailed some of the most infuriating situations they’ve been in while living in a rental property, and we hope that there’s some serious karma in store for these landlords.

shortshat . 9y It was a home with an apartment in the basement. If he didn't like my music or games I was playing he would turn the router off that was in his part of the home. It pissed me off to no end. Не also let my dog out and she was picked up by animal control. $270 later I was about 5 seconds from getting into a fist fight with him when his neighbor heard us shouting and told us both to just walk away from eachother. At that moment I said i was leaving, packed everything

TenthSpeedWriter 6y It was an apartment complex, but this one stands out still. They didn't pay the power. Not, they forgot to pay the power. Not, they were in financial trouble. They just wanted to see if they could call the power company's bluff. The power company killed and locked half the breakers in every building. I dunno if you've ever seen a riot take shape, but try cutting off the AC and refrigeration for a few dozen Alabamians in the middle of June in a heat wave. ... 492

 5y When I was living with an ex up in Massachusetts my landlord was this 90 year old man named Fred, who didn't care much about tenant laws. MA is one of those states that has some pretty strong laws, like one where you have to give a certain amount of notice to the tenants before showing their apartment to potential buyers. Fred didn't give a fuck, and would bring people over with no notice, and expect me to let them into my apartment when I was chilling on a saturday afternoon. Once he came by, opened the door

smkels 6y My landlord knew I was a clean and quiet tenant who loved baking. Не renovated and removed the stove while moving the kitchen (cupboards, sink and fridge) to the other wall. Не replaced the stove with a toaster oven. Не also removed my living room door. Не increased my rent by 30% for those renovations. We've been in legal hearings ever since, and now he's trying to keep my damage deposit out of spite because I hung shelves (no storage in bathroom) and curtains (huge window almost to the floor by toilet, which faces a busy street and

CloudMage1 6y Land lord found out I was a renovation specialist. With a long background in historic renovation and water/fire/ storm damage. Asked if I would do little odds and ends around the place to fix it up. Took it off the rent or paid for materials to do the work. I did a lot for her. Refinished the concrete floor in the laundry room, replace ALL door knobs with new style knobs. (They were the old slide in glass knobs, so each door took about 6 hours to complete. Because of wood filling, sanding, and painting then resetting the

forman98 6y I never actually met him, but we nearly ended up taking him to court. We complained about a ton of broken things that he would never fix. When they did get fixed, it was by the unqualified worker that he hired from the Home Depot parking lot (no offense to those guys, but they didn't fix our roof correctly). Being college kids, we go to the free legal council out university offered, hoping we had some options to get things fixed. The lawyer found out that the house we were renting had been foreclosed on 2 months prior

AntiparticleCollider • 6y Last November I get a knock on the door of my newly renovated basement appartment from the fire department saying I'm living in an illegal apartment and will be evicted in 3 months if the landlord doesn't get the place up to code. Landlord kicks me and my girlfriend out in february for just two weeks, but we'll say three just to be safe. I ask if i have to move out ny furniture, and he says no, theyll just work around it. I then spent 7 weeks living illegally in my buddy's basement 30 mins away, paying

 6y While deployed, my wife remained at our home in Texas. The A/C broke in the middle of summer. They told her that the temperature wasn't hot enough to constitute a repair. When she showed them pictures of the thermostat reading over 100 degrees indoor they finally said that they would send a repairman but that I needed to be there because I was the primary name on the lease although she had power of attorney. I threatened to sue. A/C was eventually Jerry-rigged (the repair guy told her that he was paid to do the bare minimum fix)

anon_admin_1.6y One apartment I rented had on the lease that they paid water and sewer. 3 months in the water was cut off because they did not pay it and they insisted that it was a mistake to put it on the lease and I needed to pay it. I ended up having to pay for the water and sewer but then when I moved out they billed me $1500 for breach of contract. Seems the clause in the contract stated In the event of a breach of contract the renter will be liable for a $1500 breach of contract

missdb9 . 5y Our landlord got drunk, couldn't remember where he lived, got dropped off at our place, couldn't get in, passed out on the lawn, and his dad had to come apologise the next day and pick up some things he left behind.

MisterCanoeHead . 9y My landlord asked if I was going home for Christmas and I said it was. Christmas sucked so I came back early and found my landlord and three of his buddies smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and playing poker in my living room. ... 8

grege1978 . 6y I had a landlord that admitted when we moved out that what they really wanted was a nice quiet older lady who didn't do much. We lived upstairs and had friends. We were never loud but the stairs squeeked and when our friends would leave anytime after 10pm they took it personally. They would turn off the heat and hot water randomly as revenge. ... 76

sikkerhet . 5y I had a landlord refuse to warn me when she had people coming to look at the room I was living in, and then send me pissed off emails about how it was messy. Even though I had no warning. So I started keeping the room spotless but every time I left I placed a large dildo on the floor in the center of the room. She started giving me proper notice after a couple days. ... 206

AHOY arcadiaware . 5y I woke up to her kid running around my room, and her husband rooting around downstairs. They gave no notice and didn't bother knocking. We had a bug problem since day one and she decided to do a 'surprise' inspection to prove it was our fault. ... 68

 9y At my first apartment, if I didn't answer the door, my landlord would knock on my bedroom window. If I still didn't answer, he'd open the window (they were really crappy old windows) and shout into it. ... 4

 . 6y Had a landlord that collected WW2 Nazi paraphernalia with hopes of one day opening his own museum. I'd come home to mannequins in uniform, random guns, giant flags hanging so he could get the wrinkles out. Good times. ... 12

jaimakimnoah . 6y There was literally one handicapped parking spot in the entire townhome complex. Не parked his jet ski in it.

 . 5y Ex-tenant here, but I think waking up to my landlord watching me sleep should count. door and let himself in. Fuck No call-ahead, unlocked that guy. ... 17

wombatidae . 9y Had a leak in the house that went unfixed for weeks, then my ceiling sprouted black mold in a large patch 5 feet wide, and WHILE STANDING UNDER IT denied there was mold and refused to fix it or do anything about it. ... 6


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