15 Insane Things People Said to Their Hairstylist

A guy came in for a haircut and confessed to a murder
15 Insane Things People Said to Their Hairstylist

Unfortunately for barbers and hairstylists, sitting in the chair can get a little therapeutic. In fact, some people take a seat and start divulging secrets that would ordinarily require waterboarding or some other kind of extensive psychological torture. I mean, what is a hairstylist supposed to do when a woman sits down and starts talking about how her husband likes bestiality? Not only is that type of shit not taught in cosmetology school, but there’s no way for anyone to react to such information other than by asking, “What the hell did you just say?” 

To that end, the hair-doers of Reddit have broken barber-client confidentiality and shared some of the most insane things people have said to them — and there’s a surprising amount of confessing to murder.

quietworld19 . . 9y Not me, but a coworker at my salon had a new client propose to her while she was cutting his hair. Probably should talk to someone about making life decisions impulsively. ... 3
sldola . 9y I've been a stylist for 25 years and you wouldn't believe the stuff I've heard over the years. The worst, by far, is the one a Nurse told me. She was telling me how she caught another nurse having sex with a man who had passed away a few hours before. She wasn't sure how to handle the situation and wanted my advice. Honestly, I didn't know what to say to her. ... 4
Gizmo9682 . 9y My mom's a hairdresser, and she had a customer who sold Yankee candles. One day, she got arrested for shoplifting Yankee candles from local stores, and my mom understood why the prices were so low. ... 4
Heatherette . . 9y I have a married couple. Не tells me all the prostitutes he sleeps with and she tells me she's sleeping with the neighbors son across the street. I've been doing hair for close to 10 years. I've heard some shit. ... 8
dirtysarra . . 9y I had a lady who would come in and tell me all about the men she was bangin while her husband was deployed in Afghanistan. It made me uncomfortable to say the least, I drew the line when she sent her husband in to get his hair cut when he came back. I quit a week later. ... 3.5k
katerdie . 9y I have a client who told me she was going to leave her husband after he got a huge promotion at his company. The husband used to be a great client of mine, came in every 3 weeks. His wife left him, after his raise, and took everything. Не came in to say good bye, as he was forced to move out of his house to a tiny apartment in the city. I lost ALOT of respect for her, but professionally I can't say shit. ... 6
dirtyrottenshame 9y Wife's a hairstylist. Once had someone tell her that he was getting a haircut because he was about to turn himself in 'cause he had murdered someone. She kept cutting, but excused herself at one point to tell the receptionist to call the cops. Cops came and arrested the guy. Turns out he DID actually kill someone. He's now doing life in the can. ... 1.1k
vintagequeen 9y I once had a client tell me she regretted having her children. She then said she tells people they have allergies and gives them benadryl so they pass out when they are annoying her. This made me pretty sure she was crazy, but she confirmed it when the power went out (lasted like 6 minutes) and she ripped the cape off and started yelling WHY IS THE POWER OFF THIS SALON IS FUCKING SHIT then screamed at the top of her lungs until the power came on and I finished her hair. Thankfully never saw her again. ...
Heatherette . . 9y Also once had this lady that wanted just a root touch up of her red hair. She started to explain that she used to be blond but when her husband shot himself while they were in bed one night and the blood spattered on to her hair she liked how it looked... ... 20
Totally_Relevent 9y After 15 years of being a professional groomer monkey, you hear all kinds of crazy. One of my favs, this sweet eyed brunette started her confession about coming back after a day of shopping. We have all been in this same situation. Walking up to your door, hands full of things, comes a powerful urge to pee, al the while frantically struggling to find keys. The worst. Only this time she describes having some pretty severe diarrhea earlier that day. While going through her things she hears her cat on the other side of the door meowing. Finally
Merovingian89 . . 9y A good friend of mine is a hairdresser, his best story is that one day a woman came in for a color touch up. While shampooing her hair it became apparent that she was drunk and became talking about her ex husband. Her rant apparently went on for a while until all of a sudden she exclaims,  Не cheated on me once and ended up giving me syphilis! Needless to say he was unprepared for that kind of a confession. ... 2
klareman 9y A guy here in Missoula told his barber he was going to shoot some kid. Later that week he leaves his garage door half open with his wife's purse out in plain view. Waits for the kids to enter the garage, closes the garage door behind him and shoots one of the kids with a shotgun. Then later hid behind Montana's castle doctrine. I can show you links to the article. Pretty fucked ... 836
almostironic . 9y When you put a cape on people they tell you everything. Fresh out of school, I am cutting a short short on a gal who has a gigantic circular dent in her head. It kind of looks like it's associated with the shortness. I say, O sorry, is that a sore spot? She says Oh no, it's ok. That's where my husband tried to kill me when he hit me with a hammer. ... 6
BitingInsects 9y Barber. Guys don't really take it past the surface of conversation. But I have a lot of older clients give me advice on women, finance, kids and life in general. Sometimes if you get them in a good conversation they get the stories flowing. I did have one crazy customer, his name was Frank. Не was obsessed with this Illuminati bullshit. Reptilians, the apocalypse. Guy was a well paid Drug Rep for a big company, played basketball in college. But the amount of stupidity that came out of his mouth still boggles my mind. Не stopped coming because
callipygian82 . . 9y A client once told me about how on her honeymoon with her second husband her husband confessed to having a bestiality problem. This came out of nowhere, I did not know how to react. ... 15


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