20 Hilarious Fake Life Hacks

‘If you want to save some serious money, simply stop paying your bills’
20 Hilarious Fake Life Hacks

Smartasses are the backbone of society. Every day, they come up with pithy remarks that make you wonder why you should ever be more than halfway serious about anything. To that end, Redditors have put their cynicism to use and mocked the people coming up with “hacks” to maximize every second of the day — and they’ve made some really good points. Instead of chewing Nicorette, you really could just smoke a cigarette while chewing gum. Two birds, one stone and a whole lot of hilarity. 

 • 9y an oldie but a goodie... If you tilt your head back and pretend you're shaking a salt shaker into your mouth, you will actually taste salt. ... 56
kremstyle . . 9y Why waste money on skimmed milk? Get whole milk and just add a lot of water to it. That way you'll have so much more for the same price. ... 3.1k
33mmpaperclip . . 9y put pedals on your wheelchair so your arms don't get tired. ... 2.8k
brians7772 . 9y When using a urinal, pull your pants all the way down to ensure no one uses the urinal next to you, ... 2k
hardcorvd . . 9y Laptop running too slow? Close and open it multiple times, it should do the trick. ... 566
Urgullibl . 9y If you want to save some serious money, simply stop paying your bills. ... 1
 . 9y Use toothpaste as lube for masturbating to give yourself a refreshing and tingly sensation. ... 2.3k
JealotGaming .  9y When you're downloading a file,flip your screen sideways so gravity helps the download.
FeralLorax . 9y Get your drugs for free by simply running away. ... 2.5k
Mmm_Booze. 9y If you want to win a heated fight with your wife, rub her nose in a counter clockwise fashion. ... 741
baboudali • . 9y Save money on expensive binoculars by just standing closer to the object you want to look at. ... 3.7k
faraway2. 9y I tried that turn toaster sideways, get grilled cheese one that went around a while back. Short circuited the kitchen and set fire to the toaster. Did not get my grilled cheese. ... 2.2k
odsquad64 . . 9y To avoid getting costly parking tickets, just take the windshield wipers off of your car. Not just the wiper blade, but the whole arm as well. This will stop police from being able to give you a ticket, so you can park pretty much anywhere for as long as you'd like. ... 1.4k
Cheats_at_Uno. 9y Need to bury a body? cal 811 before you dig. This makes sure you don't do anything stupid like electrocute yourself. Comcast has fucked you over enough already. ... 71
Software_Engineer - 9 9y Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Eat some cayenne pepper before going down on your boyfriend to give him a tingly treat! ... 825
 . 7y Slash 3 of their tires instead of all 4, because insurance will only cover it if all 4 tires are slashed.
Hendreth . 9y Stuck in a police station? Call 911 and pretend you are a police officer, commanding that they release your name in third person immediately. ... 1.7k
Rock_Scientist ОР . 9y Microwave your spoon to cut right through that rock hard ice cream!
Tortilla_in_your_car . 9y If you slouch and stare at the ground when you walk, you are more likely able to find money or other cool stuff on the ground. ... 1.8k zach2992 . 9y Tried this at a concert. Found $20. ... 975
penguinopusredux - 9y Don't spend money on expensive nicotine gum. Make your own by chewing ordinary gum while smoking a cigarette to add that nicotine flavour. ... 56


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