17 of the Most Absurd Items People Tried to Bring on a Plane

‘A full-sized chainsaw’
17 of the Most Absurd Items People Tried to Bring on a Plane

pre-9/11 world seems like an incredible utopia where you could walk through security without stripping down, light up a cigarette after boarding and fly the plane yourself. Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that, but our current plane-boarding reality is so restrictive that it makes us yearn for seemingly simpler times. And while most of us adhere to today’s restrictions, some people are more than willing to buck the system to get their chainsaw through security. 

Redditors have relayed the craziest things they’ve seen people try to bring on a plane, and we have questions for the guy with the box of raw chicken breasts.   

denk2mit . 78d I once saw a man at Salt Lick BBQ in Austin airport buy an entire $150 brisket to take home with him to Florida, but considering that it was a menu option, maybe that's only odd to Europeans Reply 64
roundyround22 . 7 78d I remember the flight from Maui to Hono was always full of people with three or four stacked boxes of Krispy Kreme on their laps. ALSO my autistic brother could only travel with a 5 foot long stuffed alligator during his Steve Irwin years ... Reply 43
ZoBuMaFu_ 78d I remember a man bringing a whole ass BBQ because his friend in Spain didn't have one...
2Loves2loves . . 78d A live monkey on a leash. it did have a diaper. ... Reply 21
JosephBayot . 78d Had a friend of mine try to bring a whole ass katana onto our flight back to the US from the Philippines. We told him it was a terrible idea, but he still tried. This was back in the 90s (pre-9/11), but still... ... Reply 124
Polldark01 . 78d Took a flight in Norway to Sweeden (if I recall correctly) and a guy who was presumably Sami by the way he dressed had like a walrus tusk or something similar. Was massive and wouldn't fit in the overhead bins. ... Reply 10
Nipper2758 . 1 78d A baby wallaby in a cat carrier. It was hoping around the gate area before boarding. ... Reply 9
Iron-Rythm . . 78d On a flight from South Korea to Mongolia. A lady brought a whole ass car door. It wasn't even wrapped with anything ... Reply 47
Comfortable-Figure17 . 78d In Alaska, an outboard boat motor. ... Reply 20
 . 78d Not as a carry-on but I've watched a guy check in 3 ironing boards. On a flight to Montreal. I'd think they have those in Canada as well... ... Reply 35
Viconahopa . 78d Absolutely gigantic deep sea fishing hooks. Не legit could not understand why he wasn't allowed to have them as carryon. The TSA agent pulled one from the bag and it looked like he was cosplaying the fisherman from I Know What You Did Last Summer. Also a barefoot, scraggly looking woman attempted to enter through the security exit with a hand full of shot gun shells. She was incredibly high. ... Reply 113
CoderInsomnia. 78d Guy managed to get on board with a potted plant about 4ft tall. The flight attendant only noticed when they were preparing to close the cabin door. Не was planning to fly from CA to NY with the pot between his feet and the leaves literally in his face. ... Reply 86
ayersf . 78d A few weeks ago someone in front of me had a cardboard box full of raw chicken breasts. Not in a cooler, not frozen chicken, just wanted to take them back on a 4 hour flight ... Reply 51
lenisefitz . 7 78d I get family in Alberta to bring me a backpack of steaks when they visit. Nothing like Alberta beef. It must be a bit odd for the security scanner. I also bring live lobster from Halifax. I've watched them moving in the box as they go through the scanner. ... Reply 27
emma7734 78d I used to go through the San Jose airport a lot, and always laughed at the glass display case full of prohibited items near the security line. My favorite item was the full size chainsaw. To this day, I cannot believe that anyone ever tried to get through security with a chainsaw. But then I remember that people are idiots, and it probably happens every day. ... Reply 214
rabidstoat. ] 78d I went to South Africa in the early 1990s. Many people would buy these wooden giraffe carvings in various sizes, some up to three or four feet tall. My flight to London had at least half a dozen unrelated passengers having these tall and narrow bundles that were clearly giraffe carvings that they were taking home. ... Reply 49
Prance_a_lot . 78d A snake in a glass terrarium. A medium sized boa constrictor. Flying home to SF from Madrid in 1993. They actually got it on the plane and had it under the window in the row where they were sitting. A stewardess finally saw the large, bulky blanket-covered terrarium and told them they couldn't have it there. Lots of arguing ensued. The couple finally left with the snake and it's terrarium and didn't return. Delayed the flight even further (already a 4 hour delay) which almost made us miss our connection. That was wild. ... Reply 13


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