15 of the Funniest Times People Saw a Celebrity Drunk or High

Imagine playing chess with a stoned Woody Harrelson
15 of the Funniest Times People Saw a Celebrity Drunk or High

While paparazzi and gossip blogs are hellbent on telling us who’s dating who or who yells at their personal assistantRedditors are giving us the real stories we want to hear about celebrities — like the time Woody Harrelson got stoned and played a very slow game of chess. Or the time a journalism student at a conference got to see Maury Povich and Connie Chung get increasingly hammered as the night wore on. 

To that end, here are more tales of trashed celebrities from eyewitness accounts on the ground. Dennis Rodman, of course, makes several appearances. 

kempo666 . 1 14y I met Ryan Dunn (Jackass) in a bar in Mobile, Alabama... And he punched me in the dick. Then I gave him my Baphomet necklace. ... 7
gilbobaggins . 11y Walking down PCH in Laguna Beach, CA. Dennis Rodman walks past me, slaps me on the back and says We've got some white boys over here! ... 3
 11y remember that time charles barkley threw a dude through a window in an orlando bar? saw it ... 6
Le_dude_guy . 1 11y Billy Dee Williams high as fuck, we had a conversation about sandwiches, he was awesome. ... 5
Thinc_Ng_Kap . 11y I smoked a joint with Woody Harrelson once. Afterwards we played a game of chess; he was so baked it took him at least 5 mins to move a piece. ... 27
pochaccomaru. 11y Was working at a club in Hollywood when Ron Artest (note: before the name change, after the loss to the Mavs) wastedly gets on the stage, steals the mic from the MC, halts the DJ, and makes a semblance of a speech slurring out how the LIIIIakerszz will win next year... Ev'n though we dinn gettit thisyr we cannnn next. LAAAAAAAAKERRRRRRRRSSSSSSzZZZZZZ throws arms up, hangs head low, cue DJ ... 7
DrTweed . 11y John Cleese on stage at UCSB after a screening of A Fish Called Wanda. When he re-appeared after the movie finished, you could tell he had definitely thrown back a couple of drinks backstage. Не then began to rant about his divorce which was finalized that day, in a manner only a comedian of his caliber could pull-off. Laughed so hard, but felt so bad for him at the same time. ... 18
bgog . 14y Here is my embarrassing story. I was semi-drunk at a comedy club in San Francisco and there was this cute chick at the next table. I said to my buddy... That chicks been looking my way all night... I'm going to go get her number.... I stood up and my friend grabs my arm and says... DUDE... wtf. You know that's fricking Tanya Harding don't you. I sat back down and re-evaluated my life. Talk about beer-goggles. ... 23
 11y I was at some journalism event as a student in D.C. a few years ago - it was a movie at the Newseum that the host would discuss with journalist guests before and after. The guests this time were Connie Chung and Maury Povich (yeah, I know, but he was a sportscaster back in the day so I guess he counted). They were WASTED. Connie made fun of Maury's talk show in front of the entire audience, saying he really could have become a great journalist instead of selling out and doing a talk show (and Maury got pissed and
roopert • 11y My dad once gambled with Dennis Rodman in Vegas. Не was apparently drunk as hell and hemorrhaging money at a high stakes table. After losing a considerable amount, probably tens of thousands, he grabs a nearby vacuum that the cleaning crew had near by and begins just vacuuming up everyone's chips on the table. Security had to take him away and then check the video to give everyone the correct amount of chips back.
everything_is_free 11y I saw Andy Dick in Westwood (Los Angeles) a few years ago. Не was taking a piss on a tree right next to the street and looked very drunk. Someone in our car yelled hey Andy. At which point he turned towards us, completely flashing everyone in the car, and lifted his junk in what I think was a an attempt to pee on us. ... 3
TehScrumpy 11y At Chiller 2010 Richard Dreyfuss, drunk as a skunk, got up on stage, drink in hand, and started preaching how we should all teach our children civics. Не went on for a good 15 minutes. Then the host (dressed up as a doctor skeleton) attempted to get him off stage to start the music acts. Не went up to the mic and said Richard Dreyfuss, ladies and gentlemen. Then good ole Mr Dreyfuss stuck his finger in Dr Skeleton's face and said I'll tell you when I'm finished. I lost it there. ... 17
Abstruse . 11y I went to see Patton Oswalt at a comedy club in Austin. I'd run into him earlier in the week at a movie theater and he remembered me, so I got to sit down with him and a few other people (Harry Knowles from AICN and some of the other comics) and we just sat and drank and talked like the nerds we were. It was awesome until Patton looked at his watch and said Oh shit, I've got to be on stage! and I said Oh shit, I've got to be in the audience!
DSSCRA 11y Was at a comedy club watching Joe Rogan and people were buying him a bunch of drinks so as his routine progressed (he lost track of time so he went like 40 minutes over) the stuff he said got stranger. One of the things he talked about for a while was about magical dirt at the bottom of the grand canyon that enlarged your penis. ... 14
PinchoVe 11y I was eating with 2 friends (they are cousins) at a restaurant called Chow, really good Asian fusion place which turned into a chill/lounge after Dinner. We're just sitting there talking and suddenly a wild Dennis Rodman appears with 3 friends. Не starts talking to the staff, having a laugh and somehow produces a bottle of Kettle One vodka and proceeds to drink with his friends. We just kinda say 'Hey Cool, it's Dennis Rodman!' and continue eating. Out of nowhere, Dennis is sitting in our table, right next to me. Не immediately points at my friend and


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