20 Wild Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties That Ruined the Wedding

20 Wild Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties That Ruined the Wedding

Throwing one last rager before entering into matrimony is a confusing, time-honored tradition. While there aren’t universal, clear-cut rules about what isn’t allowed, a bachelor or bachelorette party probably shouldn’t lead to an elaborate fistfight between the groomsmen and bridesmaids that ends up delaying the entire ceremony. It also shouldn’t lead to the mother of the bride having to convince the bride and groom to get married, with both of them reluctantly agreeing, only to get hammered and argue during the reception. And lastly, the wedding day almost certainly shouldn’t end with the groom feeling up his own mother during the mother-son dance. 

Yes, those are all scenes from the same wedding that went off-the-rails because of the bachelor and bachelorette parties that preceded it. And although the bride and groom still got married in the end, we can all agree that the ceremony that kick-started their marriage was an absolute disaster.

To that end, Redditors have clanged the wedding bells and revealed the messiest bachelor and bachelorette parties they’ve participated in that ruined the nuptials that followed. If you’re currently engaged, let these stories serve as cautionary tales.


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