25 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of January 8, 2024

Yeah, it looks like he knows
25 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of January 8, 2024

As hard as he tried when he walked hard, John C. Reilly was unsuccessful in cutting the (mic) cord for needless musical biopics. In the 17 years since Walk Hard’s release, there have been a bevy of musical biopics that serve as glorified music videos instead of making valuable observations about its subjects. It’s such a widespread epidemic that it even reached the biggest stage in Hollywood in 2018 when Rami Malek won an Oscar for his toothless portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

And it’s a trend that isn’t slowing down either. This week, Selena Gomez was tapped to portray trailblazing musician Linda Ronstadt in an upcoming biopic produced by the singer’s manager and the producer behind 2019’s Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice. Ronstadt, who won 11 Grammys during her career and was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Latin Recording Academy, became known for sultry vocals that combined a medley of genres for one unique sound. 

But when Gomez was announced in the role, a lot of people had a similar question: Who is going to be doing the singing? And, furthermore, who will be doing the acting?

Ouch. But while Gomez might now be singing the blues, she’s not the only digital burn victim this week. Other sick digs over the last seven days include those about a Hollywood nan out on the town, a woman with mayoral aspirations and a plate so white it asked to speak to the manager.

JewaLipa @Jewa_Lipa 3d The last time Washington's defense looked this bad was January 6th 2020 29 450 8.5K 672K
dunk. @_TonyHilfiger . 4d johnathon majors dress like he walk around flipping nickels all day lol 50 2K 14K 511K
Versace Hottie @evilrashida 4d I will never be that mad at anything. Lil Nas X does just because he makes that demographics so fucking mad and it is hilarious to watch them completely meltdown over someone who has the same sense of humor as a gay 11 year old with a crippling Fortnite addiction. 8 89 775 38K
Nathan Lee @PlentyOfNuggets . 4d Bradley Cooper spending six years mastering a project nobody cares about? The graduate students of the world salute you. 14 657 10K 364K
Kevin Clark @bykevinclark.3d ... I watch a lot of games officiated by ACC refs and they are not capable of conspiracy or showing favor. They are just sorta winging it and barely know the rules of the sport. 68 672 7.5K 575K
Louis Litt @BobBitto . 22h The Mayor of Chicago? Madou Love @madoulove_ 1d Dress for the position you want ها 0:02 641 8K 92K 4.9M
bee @beepupkin 1d ... hydrogen bomb vs coughing baby CelluloidCinema @acroce66.3d Which of these two films do you prefer.. THE KING OF POLICE COMEDY POLICE JOKER 13 475 9.3K 431K
Eleanor Tindall @eleanortindall_ - 1 1d ... RIP Amy Winehouse you would have hated this Amy Winehouse @amywinehouse 1d 'Back To Black' in cinemas from April 12th. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson featuring Marisa Abela as Amy. #BackToBlack C 132 5K 79K 4.1M
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio - 2d this is 9/11 for the most annoying ppl on this app Dexerto @Dexerto 2 2d X/Twitter has removed support for NFT profile pictures LINE NO Balways 200 119 5.1K 83K del 2.7M
Ryan Aguirre @aguirreryan 4d ... Jo Koy NO GOLDEN GLOBES FOR LIFE 5074 2222 2111 0110 Lis JENNA MARONEY 25 666 20K
@charliekclly 19h ... he has the eyes of a dog who knows it's about to be put down AST RS BILTM LOS ANGE A H BI AST gettyimages gettyimages Credit Matt Winkelmeyer Credit: VALERIE MACON LTM 54 2,221 44.2K 1.3M
sk @kirkxxs 1d Just listened to the first song on the Linda Ronstadt Essentials playlist... good luck, Selena, this will not be easy for you! FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 1d Selena Gomez will officially star as Linda Ronstadt in an upcoming biopic. (rollingstone.com/music/music-ne...) I G S 4 177 3K 158K
saira @sairaspooks - 2d vaccines work y'all Tate News @TateNews_ 5d I don't sleep with vaccinated women 472 12K 200K 7.1M
E @ShadesOfElias - 5d ... My chest 48 8:24 U watch anime Why this bitch so ugly so he sent us along order to help ease his mind. Who is this ugly bitch And why is she ugly 426 5.5K 84K 3.4M
Fu for Thought @fuforthoughtpod.2d This 100% looks like a porn parody. 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 2d New international poster for 'MADAME WEB'. 1/1-1/31 100 1K 17K 990K
owen @owenvpatnaude. 6d owen's 2023 in Film BY THE NUMBERS 874 385 999+ Films Logged Films Reviewed Hours Watched X Comments 32 Likes 374 Owen Creator Happy Letterboxd Wrapped Day !! #fyp #foryoupage #filmtok #movi... 10h more Green Screen Roberta Moshé Do you ever sit with your thoughts young man ? 14 358 9.5K del 221K
IG: lamdrinaa @imdrinaa.16h Send yo cash app this is ridiculous ASS so BIG LIKE THE @NylaaDa... 12/24/23 so good 350 30K 2.6K 1.9M
empress sissi @historicalfits - 2d ... she gave up the barbie looks and said let me go back to my truth. dressing for junior prom 21 @21metgala. 2d Margot Robbie attends the Governors Awards. OSCA 71 1.3K 43K 2.6M
Butthole Bandit @yom_ei 6d NIN condoms... never opened... says a lot... mellie @gothesbian . 6d nine inch nails promotional condom (1989) NIN GET FUCKED in имор<< it<< nine NIN FOR inch 12 USE nails ONLY tvt uo due july 89 PROMOTIONAL 87 2.6K 44K del 1.6M
McRib @McR1B69 . A 4d ... Не has the sadness in his eyes you only see in a man who's legendary career is gonna be capped off with Indiana Jones 5 and Captain America 4 CONSEQUENCE @consequence.4d Harrison Ford on the red carpet of the 2024 Golden Globes Photo credit: Michael Buckner 829 23K 188 937K
tara @tiredofdiri i.2d This shit in jonathan majors closet Morbid Knowledge @Morbidful.2d The top hat worn by Abraham Lincoln the night he was shot. 34 1.1K 12K 637K
thee progenitor @himbodia.3d extra-large ok mr fat butt Mr. Him @Louisiana_318.4d Not only do i have the individual packs i take with me to work use these as well.. yall missing out if yall don't ASSEMBLED IN SHEA BUTTER SHEA & ALMOND SMOOTH BUTTER COCONUT SCENTED USA JUDE WIPES 48 81293 961 SHABLE SEE BACK WIPES PANEL PLANT 7X7IN (17.8 X 17.8 cm) SOURCED FIBERS EXTRA LARGE WIPES ر CONSUMER EXTRA LARGE 25% SOURCED DUDE CYCLED FILM FIBERS 30 SOURCED SHEA BUTTER SMOOTH CLED FER FIBERS SHEA BUTTER COCONUT e ALMOUD SCENTED 3 PACK 144ct PARAS FLUSHABLE WIPES POST RECYCLED 25% CONSULTO FILM FOR
cait @86CINEMAS.4d ... S she's about to sing raise your glass 21 @21metgala.4d Florence Pugh attends the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards. GO DEN GL BES 53 1.7K 41K 1.9M
Harrison Brocklehurst @harrisonjbrock 19h ... They look like they've taken their little nan out V+ ASTE ЛС THE OF 38 12K 490 1.8M
@doxie_gay.2 21h white ppl be like dinner's ready 84 9.1K 701 341K


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