26 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, January 11, 2024

Right, it’s for ‘popcorn’
26 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, January 11, 2024

Looks like Paramount doesn’t want to let Disney hog all the stars in the galaxy. The studio is moving faster than the speed of light to expand the Star Trek universe and bring the Starship Enterprise back to the big screen. In what would be the first Trek film in almost a decade, the untitled prequel is slated to take place decades before J.J. Abrams’ 2009 feature that introduced viewers to the Kelvin timeline. The origin story will be directed by Toby Haynes, who will be trading in a lightsaber for a phaser after previously directing episodes of the Star Wars series Andor. Again, the film will be the studio’s first trek back to the movies after fixing much of its energy on the show’s origin in television with shows like Picard and the animated series Lower Decks.

Meanwhile, down on land, pivotal casting decisions have been made ahead of the production of the next season of HBO’s The Last of Us. After nabbing eight Creative Arts Emmys, the show added two impressive talents to its roster, starting with No One Will Save You and Booksmart star Kaitlyn Dever. This isn’t Dever’s first interaction with the show as she previously auditioned for Ellie, a role that ultimately went to Emmy nominee Bella Ramsey. Additionally, after a standout performance on Netflix’s BeefYoung Mazino also joins Pedro Pascal, Ramsey and Dever as a character said to be “a pillar of his community who puts everyone else’s needs before his own, sometimes at a terrible cost.” Production is expected to start in the spring, with a return to air set for next year. 

In between all of this galactic and post-apocalyptic news, the timeline has remained the place for laughs. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the saving grace of Google Maps, the fallen president who honestly deserved it and the most precious loaf of bread ever.

Jacqueline @Horse_Jeans1 15h Forever and always: okay who is this.....straight people are always sharing videos and gifs of him he's like their wendy williams 3 409 6,128 237K
xanath.fm @xanathgum 21h ... im not religious but i am a fan of marriage because i like the idea of someone having the need to take legal action if they wanted to leave me 41 3,665 28.5K 822K
Warren Commission Test Skull 2h ... anyone wanna hang this weekend i'm С grilling on my deck 113 1,246 26K 546K
jolly jim @importancatpete-1 20h ... This it the superintelligence that I'm told will kill us all within the next 5 years You Greek philosopher with name starting with M ChatGPT One famous Greek philosopher whose name starts with M is M Aristotle. Message Q W E R T Y U I o P A S D F G H J K L 224 3,630 50.2K 1.1M
RK Jackson I Atlanta @the... 16h ... yes that is exactly what I will use it for @PopBase 18h Pop Base AMC is selling a Burn Book popcorn tin for the new 'Mean Girls' movie. BOAD 437 20K 290K 16.8M
maddie, hot dog enthusiast 18h ... Trying to find nicer ways to tell people I think they're overthinking something НА НА ? That's an interesting number of thoughts to have Reply Undo Send Edit Copy Translate A x 153 4,832 82.8K 2.8M
lucy @slaymaiden 22h ... being in your early 20s is ALL about living with a guy. its nice if hes your boyfriend but he could be anybody 36 638 7,381 393K
taryn @peepsaregood.20h babe what's wrong, you've barely touched your eye of sourdoughron 40 1,088 13.3K 463K
Good looking guy @theladins... 20h ... 2:40 83 Cancel Drafts Post Trying to fit in with my coworkers: Yeah Saltburn wasn't even that bad film snobs are tripping Trying to fit in with Letterboxd users: Whoever was in charge of lighting and photography for Saltburn should go to jail! Trying to fit in with the group of monkeys that come into my job on a regular basis : Yeah I've been telling my boss for months that we should carry bananas but he just doesn't listen 3 428 6,505 124K
Tripp @pli_cachete 21h You know that feeling when you're 11 beers deep at a college party and you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and it feels like you're seeing yourself through the eyes that other people see you for the first time in your life 69 628 10.6K del 314K
lane the plane @starcruisercapt 19h .... important rat hole update: people are now paying tribute to the rat hole 118 4,772 71.9K 1.8M
jenny_tightpants @halomancer1 - 1 11h ... imagine these guys walking around calling each other sis evan @esjesjesj 13h Richard Hanania once said he isn't a Nazi anymore Elon Musk X @elonmusk.1 1h X Cis is a heterophobic word. Shame on anyone who uses it. 5,746 9,210 62.3K 4.3M Richard Hanania @RichardHanania 1h ... We should repurpose it like the N word. What up, my cis? 43 21 210 du 25.8K 42 424 12K 315K
xero @xerorgg 18h ... yeah man i think apples should go danny @beyoncegarden. 2d ONE fruit must GO 65K 48 4K 1.3M
chris @ATR3LDES 19h my planet arrakis is so beautiful when the sun is low FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates - 3d Jeremy Allen White at the 2024 #GoldenGlobes (via @mekhiturner) CG BI 0:03 19 876 18K 1.1M
Весса @bexual_healing 1d ... obsessed with the mailman putting my package in a full recycling bin which was promptly collected. just tremendous stuff SCI VICE ustu. Royal Mail Tracked 48TM ? Proof of delivery TALA Tracked 48 T/ALA T/ALA Rotate image 1.9K 141 54K 2.2M
Uncle Runk @Negrosis2049 - 1 1d All a man's needs is a 60 inch TV and a wooden chair 591K 78 799 14K
Ed @ted_pen 1d ... a naked man in the bass pro shop aquarium. a guy stuck in a vase at a wedding. a hasidic jew walking out of a secret sewer tunnel. before the internet, you would see exactly one thing like this in an entire lifetime, and you would bring it up at every family event. 13 1.3K 22K 482K
Amir @amirism_ 1d ... google maps telling me to jump the thames dor St BLACKFRIARS Blac ars Upper Thames St. River Fleet Blackfriars Bridge Millennium Bridge Shakespeare's Globe 22 min A201 opton St 59 3.8K 78K 181
sweel potayo @thu_rs_day 1d ... i need to be in the pierogi room PIEROGI ROOM MUSIC THIS WAY 2.2K 609K 72 17K
Rob Humanick @rhumanick 15h 0 When you name your theater the County, you have to be prepared for this to happen once in a while. FUNTY I THE BOYS IN THE BOAT 2 POOR THINGS 3 HERON 4 HOLDOVERS 5 MAESTRO WE REACHED OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING YOUR FAVORITE NONPROFIT THEATER NOS SHOEST 28 1.1K 22K 705K
Haus of Decline @hausofdecline. 1d This dog won't stop calling me The f-slur B 39 142 3.1K 78K
Hispanic Shaun King @okimst... 17h ... 6'4 wearing a top hat in a theater. I'd shoot him too. @Mo... . 1d Morbid Knowledge The top hat worn by Abraham Lincoln the night he was shot. 266 12.5K 209K 10.6M
tat @heluvstat.4h ... me after BEGGING my friends to take my pictures 72 3,609 25.9K 534K
No Context Brits @NoConte... 6h ... Must be willing to work in a fast-paced and exciting environment. The environment: 107 884 15.6K 708K
Meg @megannn_lynne 16h I was born in the wrong generation Okay well if I didn't have Google Maps I'd kill myself so now what 45 9,178 67.2K 1.4M


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