16 Awkward Moments That Took Place in a Church

One person took a set of dentures to the face
16 Awkward Moments That Took Place in a Church

While there are definitely things more uncomfortable than watching a woman get up in front of an entire church congregation and admit to cheating on her husband, that particular situation still has to be near the top of the list. A higher power is supposed to be merciful, which theoretically means everyone should have been spared. Unfortunately, everyone was made to suffer instead, including the woman’s husband and children who were, uh, sitting there bearing witness to her very public confession

Redditors have testified to the most awkward scenes they’ve watched play out in holy houses, and some of the those mentioned could certainly use a prayer or two.

seriously_sarcastic . 5y I was at a catholic mass with my family. My then 4y/o brother had decided he was bored, so he crawled on the pew away from my parents to the aisle, hopped out and booked it to the back of this big motherfucking church that was completely full, screaming with laughter all the while. It was so fucking funny. My mom dragged him back and he had this big shit eating grin on his face ... 9
Sloth859 . . 7y During the sermon an old lady feel asleep next to me and her head kept drifted lower and lower until it was about 3 inches from being in my lap before she woke up and sat upright. ... Reply 12
Marisa_latex . 293d During a Testimony meeting (essentially an open mic where anyone can get up and share their personal witness of God/Christ) a woman got up and began to recount all of her sins to include drug use, a recent DUI and cheating on her husband (who is sitting in the congregation). The Bishop couldn't turn the mic off quick enough after she mentioned cheating on her husband. Не stood up and whispered something to her and she quickly left the stand to chase her husband and kids out of the chapel as they hurriedly ran out. ... 355
CerberusSays . . 4y they tried to make my parents sign a contract promising they'd come every week and never switch churches ... 66
 . 5y We had a social hour before the service with coffee and doughnuts and this girl ate at least half a dozen of them. When it was time to enter the main chapel she stood up from the table, immediately threw up everywhere, and fainted backwards into an antique stained glass window and broke it. ....That girl was me ... 68
kvrdave . 7y I was at church and after the service we all did the grit and grin with those around. My wife and I had two kids, about 2 and 4. A guy next to me asked, So when are you going to have more children? I laughed and said two was plenty for me. Не looked at me and said, The bible says to go forth and multiply. I was a bit taken aback. - looked at him and said, It doesn't say by eight. Не didn't quite seem to understand my point. ... Reply 57
Action_Seal 293d Pentacostal service in Florida to cast protection spells or whatever on my brother, who was going off to the Iraq War. They made him hold a plastic sword and shield while he introduced himself to the congregation, and then there was speaking in tongues as they all yelled their individual prayers at the same time. The congregation itself was aggressively caucasian, which is whatever, but there was a prominent portrait of a black baby jesus under the cross behind the podium. Bizarre experience. My brother's agnostic. ... 176
 . 2y My former friend almost falling off the roof as he leaned backwards. Only thing I can think about when seeing that church. Good times ... 2
 7y I went up with my daughter to get communion. Since my daughter was too young she couldn't receive but she saw daddy getting juice and crackers. When she asked I told her no and she proceeded to throw a full blown 3 year old tantrum right at the altar rail in front of the congregation.
huskyblue92 . 1 2y A dude was assumed to be having some kind of religious experience (evangelist) Turned out he was having a siezure. ... 3
The-WA-Mama 2y The preacher's pregnant mistress. ... 1
Im_just_saying . 7y Anglican Church in North America And then there was the time a lady in our church didn't want to get her clothes wet, so removed them, and wore only her bra and panties beneath the baptismal robe. The white, thin, wet baptismal robe. ... Reply 41
fessus_intellectiva 7y It was during worship and had my eyes closed and my hands in the air, sort of in front of me. I was kind of bringing my arms back down to my sides when I felt the back of my hand brush something soft so I opened my eyes and saw the pastor's daughter standing in front of me clutching her chest with her mouth hanging open. Apparently I accidentally brushed her boob when she was walking by. Another time when I was a kid I was super bored sitting in church so my mom gave me a
CANETOAD_HOLOCAUST . 7y I was an Altar Boy and my first midnight mass I was extremely tired. It was my job to light the candles on the Altar but I accidently also lit the Christmas Wreaths on fire which quickly spread to the rest of the Altar. I feel that was kind of awkward for everyone. ... 7
tuigdoilgheas . . 7y United Methodist I was busy finishing replacing a pedal on the piano, on my hands and knees. We're Methodists, so we start services on time, come hell or high water. Plus, the pianist knew I was hungover as hell. So he started playing. The whole congregation started giggling. Looked like I was blowing the pianist. ... Reply 46
Filtaido . . 7y Pastor had us shake hands and greet each other before we sat down. Woman in front of me sneezed in my face. Her dentures ricocheted off my glasses. ... 40


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