20 Of The Funniest Tweets From Monday, January 8th, 2024

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20 Of The Funniest Tweets From Monday, January 8th, 2024

The red-headed stepchild of Hollywood was the belle of the ball for one night only as the Golden Globes brought the biggest names in film and television to The Beverly Hilton for the show’s 81st ceremony. Going into the night with the most nominations, Barbie blanked and only walked away with wins for Best Original Song and a made-up award for selling a metric ton of tickets at the box office. 


Christopher Nolan’s magnum opus, on the other hand, emerged victorious with the most wins of the night, nabbing five trophies. Nolan earned his first wins for Oppenheimer after six previous nominations while Robert Downey Jr’s win put a halt to Charles Melton’s momentum going into the final stretch of Oscar voting. As everyone shouted “foul play” at The Bear’s presence in the comedy categories, the cast and crew was busy playing spoiler to Ted Lasso’s victory lap with the help of Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri.


And then there’s first time host Jo Koy whose cringeworthy opening monologue could have used a Will Smith cameo or a comically large vaudevillian cane to put the audience out of its misery. To Koy’s defense, it’s a difficult job—hence why so many people passed on the opportunity this year. Not only did he have to entertain a room filled with his peers but also the dozens of folks watching CBS’s televised broadcast from the comfort of their own home. The catastrophic bomb is a testament to why some shows stick to tried-and-true hosts like Billy Crystal and Jimmy Kimmel while others have nixed the job entirely. This is obviously not the end of Koy’s career and if he’s a smart comedian then he’s got pages and pages of material for his next stand-up special… Let's just hope he doesn’t throw his writers under the bus then, too. 


If there were a Globe for achievement in tweeting, then these users would be some contenders with these seriously hilarious tweets. Today’s funniest tweets include the feminine urge to take the hottest shower imaginable, life imitating art in an Alabama Bass Pro Shops, and the real gender spectrum. 

ArtButMakeltSports @ArtButSports-17h ... Art Sports The Triumph of Death, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1562 Bass Pro Shops 21 510 5.1K 298K
Jessica Smetana @jessica_smetana.20h 7 DUKE 13 3RD 0:21 Zach Schwartz @zachzachzach . 21h You have to be an absolute football pervert to be watching Jets Pats 292 888K 32 7.1K
John @drowsyluma 23h Bradley Cooper: I had to spend 6 years going to spirit tuning school to learn how to meditate on a mountaintop to commune with the spirit of Leonard Bernstein so he would possess me and conduct through me for that 6 minute scene Cillian Murphy and RDJ: CC TikTok @ griffinbrothersskating 36 2.3K 23K 599K
dreamlamb! @notdreamland 7h dating a girl that's not chronically online is so disorienting cause i showed her this image and instead of saying some shit like dumbass looking cow or me when i see fentanyl she hit me with the aww they're cute!! 3.6K 42K 123 585K
lissy @babeygirlmac. 15h whoops i dropped my monster condom that i use for my magnum dong kim @kwabiphobiA. 4d i actually fucking hate tiktok poetry aliza grace it hurts doesn't it? seeing other boyfriends do big romantic gestures for their girlfriends aliza grace + knowing he would never do that for you 342.4K ... 2556 22 1.7K 22K 694K
Jamie Smart @jamiesmart.23h Modern life might be rubbish but I do like that you can just type WHEN BINS into a screen and the government tells you. when bins Images Collection Videos On strike Teig GOV.UK https://www.gov.uk rubbish-colle... Find out your rubbish collection day Find out your rubbish collection day. Check your council's website to find out when your rubbish will be collected. 75 2.9K 58K 1.4M
Cait @CaitCamelia 20h Self-fulfillment needs Psychological needs a shower so hot that it pushes the boundaries of what the human Basic body can withstand needs 21 2.8K 22K 448K
Liam NissanTM @theliamnissan•23h The reason you never see the Proud Boys getting arrested by some local police officers is the same reason you never see Miley Cyrus hanging out with Hannah Montana 280 8.5K 61K du 1.5M
Chairman Birb Bernanke @Bonecondor. 1d just made eye contact with a girl who is down so bad she's letting a guy on the train explain fantasy football to her. her eyes caught mine and it was the loudest girl mind your own business i've ever heard 72 2.6K 72K 2.1M
(newcommand{/fembOt} @_fembot - 11h ... SOUL Wait AT&T LTE 14:47 41% insider.com INSIDER Ligma, a junior at the University of California-Berkeley who asked Insider only use his first name, said 40 679 13K 491K
squirrel @NotTramBraxton 14h You could tell me this was a member of the Olympic women's soccer team for the US and I'd believe it FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates. 16h Barry Keoghan has arrived to the 2024 #GoldenGlobes (via @RaminSetoodeh) B C ICIAL L RE-SH 0:05 116 4.4K 81K 3.7M
Max @ChrisGainesReal. 19h Who the fuck is out here gambling on Curb ... All sports Sunday, Feb 04 2024 Collapse To happen in Season 12 Larry dies +250 Jeff f & Susie separate/divorce +300 Larry to get married +400 Larry declares bankruptcy +500 Richard Lewis dies +600 Cheryl gets pregnant +600 Larry comes out as LGBTQ+ +2500 $ H CASHIER SPORTS LIVE BETTING CASINO 88 1.2K 16K 1.2M
B.I.G.K.E.V @indiKEV.21h This how Jerry y Kramer apartments was shan on the run @shanontherun . 1d New york city is not a real place 23 22 6 509 820K 10K
MIKE THE OUTSIDER. @_countinstars_ 2d ... There's a position in the CIA waiting on you and you wasting your talents keeping tabs on a bum. Rich @Crashhefner . 2d Wherever he at, НЕ CAUGHT 42 5K 34K 1.4M
Charles J. Moore @charles270.1h ... Martin Luther King Jr's ghost right now C x 0:04 LIVE 48 2.8K 6.2K 210K
immaterial @ungodlyandroid 13h ... bradley cooper seeing cillian win best actor CC From rai 77 3.5K 36K 1.1M
She-Rage, Princess of Pain @ClaireMax. 19h My gender is definitely stainless steel Gender - Unisex (28) - Women (23) Boys (14) Girls (14) Men (14) Stainless Steel (1) See less 72 634 7.8K to 142K
ian karmel @IanKarmel 14h Nice of Nancy Pelosi to let him borrow this. Cleveland Browns NFL @Browns 23h weekly fit check with @j_owuu ATI BENGALS 8 25 750 90K
Ethan Dragon @ethandragonVA20h oh no...she's into improv Pop Base @PopBase. 1d Ariana Grande announces new single yes, and? out this Friday, January 12th. 239K 4 86 3.5K
Sperry Bonds @TheTopGrant·2 22h ... Child Left Behind @nosnehx.2d What is plankton supposed to be, is he a flea? 11 1.3K 32K 1.1M
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