27 Classic Things That Are Actually Quite Modern (and Vice Versa)

You know nothing, Jon Snow
27 Classic Things That Are Actually Quite Modern (and Vice Versa)

Teenagers have only been around since the 1940s? Animation has been around for millennia? Everything we know is a lie!

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Beach vacations are as recent as the Industrial Revolution. The beach is the holiday spot- but until the 18th century, beaches were seen as a scary place, what with all those shipwrecks, diseases, and sea monsters. It changed when British doctors got to prescribing the restorative sea to treat pretty much any complaint of their high-class patients. CRACKED.COM
Until pretty recently, you couldn't drink on St. Patrick's Day. For most of the 20th century, Irish pubs remained closed on March 17th - because it was a goddamn (well, godblessed) religious holiday, and authorities didn't want this solemn day to be tarnished by drunkenness. Only in 1970 was the law changed. CRACKED.COM
BRAIN SURGERY HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE THE NEOLITHIC PERIOD. Archeologists have found holes intentionally carved by instruments into skulls. Some have edges of healing visible, meaning that the prehistoric humans survived the surgery. CRACKED.COM
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