30 of the Funniest Tweets from December 27, 2023

30 of the Funniest Tweets from December 27, 2023

Christmas has come and gone, and it seems like Jeff Bezos wasn’t visited by three ghosts to make him rethink his practices. Amazon announced that they planned to integrate ads into their programming, and they’ll be making due on their promise relatively soon. Come January 29th, Prime users can expect Amazon Originals like the upcoming season of The Boys and A24’s foray into adult animation with Hazbin Hotel to be interrupted by Swiffer WetJet ads. In an email to subscribers, the company explained the change “will allow (them) to continue investing in compelling content.” Another thing that will help line their pockets is the option for subscribers to go ad-free, but that will run an extra $2.99 a month. 

The streamer is the latest to increase their prices after Netflix and Hulu recently did the same to massive disapproval from users. As streamers continue to jack up their prices without an increase in quality, basic cable will have the funniest opportunity ever to come back in 2024. 

One way Amazon might be able to generate some buzz is with the help of the world’s most famous mouse. Okay, maybe not the most famous iteration of that mouse, but certainly the one that’s been around the longest. Steamboat Willie, who was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928, sails into the public domain next week, giving anyone free reign to create material using the character. With what we’ve seen happen to Winnie the Pooh after he came out of copyright protection, it’s only a matter of time before Steamboat Willie takes to the high seas on some bloodthirsty, homicidal quest that’s highly uncharacteristic for the beloved rodent. 

Meanwhile, the timeline has blessed us with the gift of laugh out loud tweets. Today’s funniest include those about a hockey team inadvertently celebrating the January 6th insurrection, the type of show that lurks in the shadows and the duality of Hitachi. 

squidward @fortnitejizz 1d nvm i found a use for them HINOE squidward @fortnitejizz.1 1d i feel like a fucking nerd with two monitors man 47 2.2K 34K del 721K

Robert Komaniecki @Komaniecki_R 13h It has been brought to my attention that a version of this tweet translated into Japanese has been shared with people working at the Hitachi corporate headquarters in Tokyo Robert Komaniecki @Komaniecki_R-3/21/23 Me: I need a personal massager Hitachi: No problem, here's our Magic Wand. Anything else? Me: You wouldn't happen to know where I can get a 20- ton industrial crawler excavator would you? Hitachi: You're not gonna believe this HITACHI Magic Wand 55 4.4K 73K 3.6M

lil peanut @such_A_frknlady.1d .. imagine how many males unwrapped podcast equipment for christmas yesterday entu libe 142 7.9K 47K 2M

L.L. Human Clickbait @human_clickbait-id Driving to new york with my sister and she looked out the window and said there it is the city of dreams! It was the Jersey city skyline 15 208 5.7K 215K

bae @NurseCo__ 20h LMFAO0000000O YALL HEY sports fan WHY DO YOU ALWAYS WEAR THAT MASK? parlay LET'S KEEP THIS ON. gambling addiction parlay 16K 30 3.2K 613K

America Is Musty @DragonflyJonez - 18h ... Girl what he do K. @therealkaishan - 20h PS5 for sale. $450. brand new. 50 3.9K 44K 2.7M

rosie @roramdin 19h Chat why did airport security pat me down and when i looked at the security scan there was a big red bar over my penis with the word ANOMALY 32 309 13K 282K

Austine @theereal_one. dd ... Not a SINGLE cookie in this fuckin house smh ally @allyluvx. 1d Can't stand when healthy me does groceries 62 7.8K 58K 3.2M

becca @girrlpuppy 18h ... my boyfriend is visiting LA for the first time НА !! ? НА Also babe it looks so much like GTA here 38 1.2K 30K 966K

clare @sadderlizards - 22h ... 24 2.3K 15K 743K

Lindy @AreyouthereZod19h The mom in Elf jesus christ we used to be a society larry davids mistress @b1gdumb1diott. dd The mom in Elf is an underrated hottie 140 619 17K 2M

thornhead @wormsofbarlo 1d ice consists OI alternating units OI WINU and water seuments, out 10-30 cm (4-12 in). Sediment laid by water shows complete Gravels show imbrication. stratified and d deposits. Some horizontal loess may also be present. on [ edit source 1 ferentiates wadis from e action and prevalence e courses, are formed b ed from river valleys or er is intermittent or erally drv year round. 12 2K 26K 578K

Haus of Decline @hausofdecline - 1d I'm going to make a totally WILD and FUCKED UP Mickey Mouse movie where Mickey FUCKS and SMOKES CRACK and says incredibly BASED shit constantly like haha I'm Mickey Mouse and I'm here to FUCK and SMOKE CRACK. 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 1d The original Mickey Mouse enters public domain in 1 week. 130 1K 12K 414K

JM @panettonepapi• 1d I've never seen biblically accurate cinnamon rolls before wow dove @lovedoveclarke - 1d update: it was incredible twitter.com/jomarcuscrum/ S... 6 1.4K 539K 21K

ava @wownicebuttdude- 1d ... Elaine Benes found dead in a ditch 4 135 5.3K 168K

didyoujustsaywig @2002scoobydoo 17h how do we explain to her what mother means without making her panic HAPPY BDAY FRIEND @HAPPYBDAY... . 18h in honor of Gypsy Rose's release tomorrow, we're making a special video to honor her. send in a nice message here for mother: happybdayfriend.com/ gypsyrose Guidelines: record vertically, keep video < 1 minute Deadline: December 28th 9:00 PM PST social media handle number 16 764 11K 694K

gorgeous randy flamethrower @praisethySAINT - dd ... 8:40 am brother let's get you to a meeting Jerm @dirtyboul.1 1d Once again it's on Hennessy PUREWHITE COC 40%vol NAC aus - I I EXHIBITE any They H the - %70d 59 3.1K 50K 2.8M

Jillian needs a living wage @no_good_wyfe 1d ... I give my 11 y/o nephew pastels and within 3 hours of receiving them he's like I call this one 'Imprisoned ?????? Is this from a YouTube tutorial or something or is this kid literally Picasso including the mood disorder 12K 590 206K 5.1M

favored by God эїв @kaseyonnuh . 16h My man phone lights up every time he gets a notification, and it's just lighting up. I'm sitting here thinking who tf texting him, but I don't go through phones, so I just flip over. Y'all, why did I realize it lights up every time I send him a tweet? WANTED MANIAC 37 33K 806K 1.6K

SLUG @generalslug 1d my dad found a channel that plays car chase footage 24/7 and had it on mute during christmas eve like a yule log LIVE Sky9 BREAKING NEWS 10:00 55° LAPD Foot Pursuit KCAL 9 PANORAMA CITY fcbsLA PREVIOUSLY RECORDED CAR CHASE MUTE 1.3M 52K 2.1K 66

Bits @BitsHammer 23h ... Minimalism is a scam created by big small to sell more less. 4 1,696 23K 467K

@BramR0t 19h Bram the Bug I have been informed that's I have been drinking out of a cadmium poisoned glass for years Bram the Bug @BramR0t - 1d Getting out the fine china DREAMWORKS ReKTHE THiRD Z Z Z Z ZZ Z, 3K 56K 2.6M 179

alex @turntineforwhat - 1d ... first mf on earth to say MISSOURI is too progressive Jason Whitlock @WhitlockJason - 2d Men, women and CHILDREN using same bathroom at KC airport. Diversity, equity and indoctrination. ALL GENDER RESTROOM Readers added context To increase accessibility and efficiency single-stalled bathrooms were implemented in Kansas city for universal use. They are no different from using family bathrooms.... Show this note 4 26 643 60K

Connor Moore @ConnorMoore_7.15h Paint the town WHAT on WHEN?!?! Cincinnati Cyclones @CincyCyclones. 17h We don't care, we paint the town red (on January 6) C CYNCY С DE LIGHT 4 0:02 31 1.1K 21K 1.9M

King Pierre. @pierrefleury_ 1d ... There are some shows that you only know of because you had insomnia. Kai @squ1rtm0nst3r. 2d Do yall remember this???? MOBILE DENTISTRI Glenn Martin, DDS DOS MOSTLE 7.1K 44K 2.1M 159

Serpico Rising @SerpicoRising 18h I would act a fool with this, like really stupid dummy-style eating. Macy's Place Pizzeria @macyspizza . 19h Chopped Chicken Finger Caesar Hoagie Show this thread 11 72 1.6K 122K

Max Gross @maxgotjokes 1d UE The edgar allen poe when once upon a midnight dreary he ponders weak and weary NFL NFL Memes MEMES @NFL_Memes.1 1d F*ck it.. A Raven is down there somewhere C 49ERS 13 3 792 616K 12K

best of greta lee @archivegreta 1d behind every successful woman is a giant picture of herself 7 445 5K 632K

Bophamet @biasbe. 1d  and everyone The replies: 200 blue checks posting else saying you just made an IED Joe Flateau @joeflateau 2d Can't describe how dumb I feel not knowing before today that this hole in the crockpot is for a thermometer ULIGHT 15 381 11K 579K

@ItsJabrone 1d me and my coworker in the back for the next three minutes CC 0:03 @THEUN1VRSE 1d Lemme go in the back and check that out for you one of the greatest lies of all time 87 7.5K 53K 3.7M
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