21 Funny Situations People Just Sat Back and Watched Unfold

Sure, pour gasoline on that bonfire
21 Funny Situations People Just Sat Back and Watched Unfold

Though your conscience tells you to intervene when you see a little catastrophe unfolding, sometimes you just have to let it happen in favor of the story you’ll be able to tell later. Like, you obviously know that pouring gasoline on a bonfire is the least advisable way to keep that fire going, but maybe a very dumb friend needs to learn a very important lesson by doing so. Hell, you should even grab your phone — to not only document the occasion, but to have tangible proof of their dumbassery. 

Redditors have spoken up about the times they stayed silent in a hilariously disastrous situation, and we’re incredibly grateful that their lips have since loosened.

NewToLT. 11y I let my 6 year old sister taste vanilla extract because it should taste as good as it smells, right? In all fairness, my aunt did it to me when I was a kid. :) ... 34
halibutcrustacean . 11y One morning in the cafeteria, I watched my buddy crack a raw egg all over his breakfast. I knew they weren't hard-boiled, but said nothing. ... 2
BlueMacaw . 11y When I was 5, I walked in on my 3-year old sister cooking PopTarts in the kitchen. In the box. On the stovetop. I stood there and watched until the box started smoking before notifying a responsible adult, because it wasn't funny until it caught fire. ... 28
losingmyreligion . 11y Mine isn't really that bad, but I've let my friend slam into the revolving doors at work after they lock them. I know the revolving doors are locked after a certain time due to many late nights at the office, but it was her first time. I just stood back watching with a smile on my face. ... 166
Zuzou . 4y I saw a woman on the GO train pull out an entire raw white onion from her purse then proceed to eat it like an apple as if it were nothing. She was tearing up and didn't seem to be enjoying it much. ... 4.5k
KrazyEyezKilla. 11y My bed is rather high and my girlfriend is pretty short (5'2) but she does not stop moving around in her sleep, this causes her to sometimes teeter on the edge of the bed, she's fell out of bed twice in the last 3 weeks, I find it utterly hilarious. This then makes it my fault somehow but it's worth it. ... 222
olafthebent. 11y In University back in the 1980's my room-mate and I would purposely leave an ashtray on the edge of the table which would eventually get knocked off by a drunk person who would usually feel bad and offer to clean it up. Then we'd point to the vacuum cleaner... we didn't vacuum our own apartment for 4 months. Nobody caught on. ... 760
 11y When I was in elementary school, my friend and I watched a kid ride a scooter into a fresh poured area of cement instead of warning the kid about the hazard ahead of him. Не went over the handlebars, and made an almost perfect person-sized imprint in the wet concrete. I still think it was worth it. ... 279
Duke_Nukem_1990 . 1 11y This will probably get buried but anyways. My best buddy was sleeping over at my place and the next day he had an importanz date. So the next morning I see him taking my razor to shave himself without asking me first. This razor was the one I always shave my balls with, he shaved his face. I never told him. ... 0
boondoggie42 . 1 11y After telling him it was a stupid idea, I went and got a video camera when my dumbass buddy wanted to re- light the bonfire by pouring gasoline on it. I've never been disappointed by people using gas as a firestarter. it's always an entertaining disaster. ... 77
 11y When I was staying at the Hilton Hotel London I observed the following situation: It was breakfast time and a woman was at the toaster (the ones that have some kind of conveyor band and the toast gets toasted while running through). And um well, that woman was trying to toast a whole fucking bread roll. I knew this was gonna end badly but I really wanted to see that toaster on fire so I just waited. Alright, she put the roll on the band. A few seconds pass. The roll doesn't come out. Shes looking a bit
 11y I worked at a sports and outdoor retail store where I did asset protection. My first week on the job, I was to stand at the podium at the front of the store, watch people coming/going, and make sure that nobody stole anything. This was an easy job, but every time someone would make the alarms go off, we'd have to mark it down, search them with their consent, and figure out what happened. Well one day I see these two kids looking at the phiten necklaces beside the podium, and I noticed that the younger kid took
fullautophx 11y I was at a gas station and had just finished filling up when I noticed the lady right in front of me get into her car. She had just come from the snack shop and had forgotten the gas pump was still in the filler neck of her car. I quickly started my truck, and backed up to give her room, and watched with glee to see what would happen. Sure enough, she starts up her car and I can barely contain my laughter. I've always wanted to see what happens in this situation. As she pulled forward,
AnalBumCovers 11y In southern california we have these big ass reddish spiders that show up all over the place in the fall. Their favorite places to weave their huge webs are between stop signs/electric poles and bushes, which i assume is them trying to catch and eat pedestrians. At one point in high school, i was walking home when i saw a couple girls about to walk right into one of the webs, and the spider was chilling right in the center. I kind of knew them, so i yelled one of their names. She turned around and went, ew,
jasonscomputer . 11y Walking by my cousin's house that sat on a hill I noticed him with his friends in the side yard chiseling something with a screwdriver. Не was trying to break open a bowling ball he found in the basement to see what was on the inside. Having no luck with the screwdriver he picked it up and walked over to a large, flat exposed rock a few feet away. It was at this point I knew he was going to try and break it open by smashing the ball into the rock. So I just thought I'd
choast 11y two kids walking down the street, one of them pushing the other in a shopping cart. I'm stopped at a 4-way intersection, waiting for them to cross the street. i knew he would try to push the cart off the curb. i knew the cart was going to dip forward hard, and i knew the kid in the cart was not ready. he tries to go off of the curb, the cart falls forward. kid face plants hard. coulda stopped it, but the kids parents that were walking right behind them could have stopped that shit too. ...
The0 . 11y At work, there are turnstiles between the front service counter and the rest of the store (to prevent people from trying to steal things out the entrance door, I guess) People always assume they turn both ways and try to get back to the customer service counter from the wrong side. I always see it coming, and I never say a word as they walk full speed into a thigh/waist high bar and almost do a somersault over it. It's awesome every time. ... 2
brOconnor . 11y Around Christmas time, we had these dog treats that looked a lot like cookies - they were shaped like candy canes, presents, bows, and then there were a few that looked like bones. Some friends and I were casually drinking in the kitchen, eating all of the random Christmas snacks, when one of them reached for the bag of the dog treats - asking if they were cookies. The rest of us looked at each other and just nodded, like yeah, duh... - so he ate a few of them, then noticed one was bone shaped. Не got pissed, we all laughed. ...
 . 11y In highschool last year during hockey I witnessed one teammate put clear tape on the skates of another. This is tough to see and results in constant slipping. I was going to tell the guy, who is a close friend of mine, but decided to watch him fall and flail around on the ice. I realized I made the right choice when his first step on the ice resulted in a faceplant ... 25
Toothy_Mcveigh . . 11y My ex told me one day she wanted a tattoo and asked me where to avoid putting it because she didn't want a tramp stamp. I then told her to put it on her lower back, that way she could hide it if she wanted. She believed me and got the tattoo right above her ass cheek, I am so glad I didn't multiply with this woman. ... 107
Porchsmoker 11y For christmas my father had given me a bottle of Dave's insanity sauce. If you have never had it, it is great for spicing up large amounts of soups and stuff. You only use a little because it is so hot. One day my GF asks if she can use some for her snack. I said no problem and watched her pour it on. It was hard not to stare at her as she took a bite (I didn't want to tip her off) but it was worth it. ... 3
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