15 Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries from Peoples’ Hometowns

A 100-foot tree disappeared
15 Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries from Peoples’ Hometowns

Logistically, it seems incredibly unlikely that someone would be able to cut down a 100-foot tree and remove it from the center of town without a trace. But somehow, it happened, and the incident prompts a lot of questions from anyone with half a brain who hears the story. For instance: How do you quietly cut down a tree that large? Where do you hide it? Was there a personal vendetta against the tree? 

Redditors have gathered around the proverbial campfire to share their strange, sometimes spooky hometown mysteries. Whether it’s a very Canadian local quilt robbery or the mystery of severed feet constantly washing ashore, these bizarre tales will likely puzzle you, too. 

 . 2y in my old primary school ages ago there was one mystery where someone would leave banana peels on top of the bins not in the bins on top and we tryed to figure it and still didnt know after a while the person started writing messages like you will never catch me and im to sneaky but the one that stuck in my head and remember this was im the banana man so my whole primary was dedicated to finding out who this banana man was and thats the story of banana man ... 264
 . 2y Who abandoned the trailer on the side of the road and who kept moving it around town for months afterwards ... 1
WildSauce . 2y When I was in college a friend had his bike stolen. Well lots of people had their bikes stolen, but this one stands out. Because two weeks later we found his bike, returned to the bike rack outside the library where it had been stolen. It had been totally stripped - no wheels, handlebars, or pedals, and just the frame was returned to the original site of the crime, with some bits and pieces hanging off of it. We always wondered why anybody would go to the trouble of returning the bike frame. ... 2
WillDoTheThing 2y Late 90s, a natural gas compressor station was built next door to me. Entire neighbourhood protested it HARD. But we were just dumb farmers, and gas companies have money. Shortly after it was built, in the middle of the night, it sprung a leak. compressed gas spewed into the air like a geyser and there was now a jet black cloud next door. Not that I could see much anyway at that hour. The sound it made was so loud, it would make a foghorn sound like a squeeky toy. Anyway, we evacuated, gtfo to the other side
Cheeseybellend . . 2y Small Town, very rural, population about 20,000. Very peaceful, subject of some famous landscape paintings. Bag of human bones found in the river this year, still no one knows who's they are or who did it. ... 775
Eject101 . 2y there was a man that would spraypaint dicks on cars for over 3 years ... 2
The-Lying-Tree . 6 6y I live on the coast of BC and the severed feet that keep washing up on the beaches is probably one of the stranger mysteries here. ... 496
tacocat33 . 2y Back in 1903 a local woman poisoned many members of her family, including a baby over a few months. She served time and died but never really admit to a motive. One theory is that she really liked attending irish funerals. ... 474
Matchanu . 2y Story from my grandpa, small farm town Nebraska is in the 60's, a guy was found burnt alive in his car, hands wire tied to the steering wheel, it ruled as a suicide. Most of the town assumed that the guy owed gambling debts to some mob in Chicago or the like, and the guy wasn't exactly loved in the small town, so there was no real looking into it. ... 4.9k
 2y In the middle of a heavily wooded area, far from any trail (with no development for many miles in any direction) there's an outhouse. It just sits there amidst tall, mature trees, perfectly maintained (freshly painted, new roof, screens in good condition on the vents, and supplied with toilet paper - ready for use by anyone who happens upon it). Yet no one claims ownership or care for it. Residents wonder who made it, and why - especially since it's in the middle of nowhere and would have been difficult to deliver the building materials given the density of the forest.
ItsReflectLOL . 2y Kind of a strange one, but the whole potted plants supply at a nearby store (similar to Kroger) went missing a year back, and nobody knows what happened to then ... 443
ThorPagan 2y Probably too late to been seen, but my small town used to host a large bike race. Literally hundreds of cyclists riding around the parks' 3/4 mile loop track (maybe some road racing as well, can't remember). Anyway, the large gathering required all the police force to be on hand, and with the jam of cars, bicycles, and people it was really hard to get in or out. A bank robber dressed in full cyclist gear came into a bank just a block away from the park, robbed them blind, and then hoped on his getaway bicycle and
Natty77 . 6y Someone once stole thousands of dollars worth of quilts from our local craft shop. Later that week there was a report on tv and all those old ladies that made those quilts were crying. The quilts showed up in boxes, unharmed, down the road in a ditch. No one knows who did it, but as a true Canadian, they sure did feel bad about it. ... 3.7k
Fight_the_bastards . 2y Nowhere near the scale of disappearing children or Nazi collaborators, but my hometown's biggest mystery is who keeps shitting in the holes at the golf course. Person has been doing it for more than 20 years. Every 2-3 months, there's a hole that's been shat in. ... 3.6k
Pablo_pescado . 2y Someone cut down the giant pine tree in the center of town. Nobody knows who did it, nobody saw it happen, nobody knows where the 100 foot tree went ... 5
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