18 of the Funniest Pranks Played on Teachers

Have you ever frozen Barbasol?
18 of the Funniest Pranks Played on Teachers

As if it’s not enough to be responsible for the education and well-being of their students, teachers also have to worry about being pranked to hell and back. But as annoying as it is to be on the receiving end of one of their practical jokes, the dastardly little devils can be pretty creative. Just look at the kids who pretended segregation still existed in their classroom, or the students who safely parked a teacher’s car in the school swimming pool.  

Redditors have reflected on some of the pranks they witnessed during their school days (and a few teachers have shared the ones they fell victim to as well), and if nothing else, it reminds us that pranks aren’t dead. 

the_all_time_loser . . 8y Some students bought about a hundred cans of Barbasol and froze them, then punctured them. These students broke into the high school at night and left all one hundred cans of shaving cream in one teacher's room. The janitor said the foam was waist deep. ... 8
lobbo . 8y We had a maths teacher who was hopeless, and a student who need constant supervision. When the teacher wasn't looking he hid in the cupboard next to his desk. When the teacher noticed he was gone she panicked and started looking around the whole school, getting other teachers involved, to try and find him. When all the teachers were out the room looking for him the student came out the cupboard and sat at his desk acting as if he'd been there all along. They were gone for a while looking for him and were pretty furious
MisterCanoeHead . 8y Had a Geography teacher who was so excited about geography but so disappointed that no students shared his enthusiasm. One day a kid puts up his hand and out of blue asks, Actually where is China? The teacher rushed over to the backboard, reaches up the rolled up map of the world, and quickly pulls it down. There, taped over China, is a picture of a naked chick spread eagle, right out of a porno mag. For a few seconds, the class was finally interested in Geography. ... 19
BowmanTheShowman 8y This isn't the funniest thing ever, but... My class last year found out I was afraid of roaches. They bought fake roaches and hid them under assorted papers and the like throughout the room on the last week of school. I kept finding them and falling for it. It was pretty funny because every time I found one they'd ask how I possibly kept falling for that, and then they'd name the roach I found that day. By the last day, we had a collection of 10 with names ranging from Jerry to Roachelle. We took a picture
queencactus . 8y When my Dad was in high school, he and a bunch of his friends took 50+ desks, stacked them in the school pool, and pushed a teacher's car out onto it. Then, they took the desks away (excluding the ones the car was actually standing on). The next morning, no-one could figure out what happened, or how they could got it there. Bonus: Y'know Lorde? Her mum locked a math teacher in a closet. Yes, NZ is that tiny - my mum and aunt knew her. ... 10
hillbillyar . 8y My Dad told me once he and his best friend snuck into the typing classroom before class, and put roll-caps (the kind you used in cap pistols) under all the typewriter ribbons. When the class started their typing assignment, it sounded like machine guns going off and half the class jumped out of their seats. ... 5
Wisest_Quickscoper . . 8y Everyone organized themselves to fall down at the exact same time during an exam. The look on the teacher's face was priceless. ... 128
JonnyWat 8y We had an older teacher who was useless with all forms of technology, so as you can imagine, he was not too pleased when the school introduced electronic whiteboards. We quickly found out that when drawing on the board, if another person moved the mouse on his desk, the board would go crazy and draw all over the place. So as you can imagine, when he moved kids away from their friends and near his desk for miss-behaving, they would move the mouse around as soon as he touched the board and chaos would ensue. One time he
 8y In junior high, we would all drink Powerade and Fruitopias. There was a teacher that would grab your bottle and drink it if you left it on your desk during class. She did this even if you'd opened it. It was a perfect opportunity. I bought the white/grayish flavor of Powerade, poured out a little, put a bunch of salt into it, then brought it into class. As expected, she grabbed it, drank, and spit it out when she tasted it. She thought it was funny though so I didn't get into trouble. ... 104
Studly_Wonderballs . . 4y A teacher took a cell phone from a student, opened the ceiling tile and tossed the phone so that it was above the neighbouring classroom. Then all day people would call the phone and the teacher next door went insane trying to find where the noise was coming from. ... 1.9k
ReticXPython . . 8y I can make that water droplet sound by flicking my cheek. I did this to my history teacher junior year throughout the whole year. Не never knew it was me. ... 3
cat-clowder . . 4y A student brought in a huge watermelon, dumped it on my co-worker's desk and said, They were out of apples. It was so random, and we all got a big kick out of it. ... 3.5k
EIPanaChevere . 8y My brother told me this in middle school. One day, just to mess with a substitute teacher for his math class, everyone thought it would be a brilliant idea to have all the white and black people in the class sit on opposite sides of the room. When the sub came in, everyone just told her well, this is our current seating arrangement. ... 57
legion_dota . 4y Two students stole my stapler and tried to do the jello thing with it (which, I admit, I would have laughed at), but the idiots put the jello in the freezer so it would set faster. All it did was freeze the water which promptly melted all over my classroom's floor... I laughed my ass off as they frantically tried to clean it all up and explain. ... 1.2k
VerySorryWrongThread. 8y the student council got the entire high school population to hide before the teachers got to the school, it was fucking glorious. ... 13
ManaZaka . 8y In 8th grade we decided to scoot our tables an inch or so backwards every time she turned her back to us. She didn't notice until the back row hit her desk in the back of the room and started spilling to the sides. The best part of it was that she kept walking further and further to her math book on a desk in the front row. ... 3
Mdcastle . 8y Not when I was in school, but still talked about. Due to the crazy architecture with many additions, there was a narrow roof just below the third floor window that you couldn't see unless you looked out and straight down. A substitute teacher was in the middle of a lecture when a student yells that he's sick of life and jumps out the window.
therentmoney 8y My whole grade 11 class conspired against our math teacher our favourite game was to have one person hum very low but just loud enough to be irritating, the teacher would get so infuriated but as soon as he accused one student of humming another student would pick it up seamlessly and the whole class denied we could hear anything. Hahaha poor guy! ... 9
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