18 of the Funniest Things Seen at Laser Tag

Why is a tub of vaseline in the arena?
18 of the Funniest Things Seen at Laser Tag

The hardest-fought battles take place at the laser-tag arena in your local strip mall. Those kids take their missions seriously and are intent on securing a dub, even if they need to strip down to their skivvies for the best aerodynamics. 

Redditors have tapped in to share their favorite laser-tag antics, including human shields, ass-first shooters and child soldiers zooming at the speed of light. Word to the wise: If you see a kid doing their best Max Payne impression, you’ve already lost. Just tap out already. 

mywifeson . 4y They probably thought I was a weird kid trying to bullet time dive and shoot people like Max Payne ... 1.1k
Imglitch13 4y Ahhhh this post is made for me!!! I worked at a lazer tag place about a year and I've seen some funny and weird shit Guy wanted a head start so he ran in there and wouldnt respond to my calls for him to get out and wait had to search for home for 20 mins Kids beat another kid with the gun, that one was hard to explain to the parents And a angry land whale of pure karen was watching from the observation room when her kid punched another kid. So she proceeded to run I
SuperSpirals . 4y I wasn't an employee, but I was playing laser tag against a group of random kids, and while in the match I saw a kid who took off his laser vest and all his clothes down to his undies, and was running around shooting at people with his laser gun, with the vest dragging by the cord behind him on the floor. Wasn't sure how to react, but he got me with his gun as I wasn't prepared for that. ... 10.3k
travenclawsloops. 4y I saw a kid who was sitting in the corner and just saying pew pew the funny thing is that he forgot his gun and jacket ... 43
MrMcGhoulberry . . 4y Not an employee, but the last time we played at our local arena, one of our guys got pistol whipped by like a 14 year old. Buddy then massively over reacts and head buts the kid. We stopped going after that. ... 32
TheMysticalBaconTree . 4y in the arena? found an open tub of vaseline. thought it was for butt stuff but actually people smear it over the sensors to cheat. a 'pro' was leaving it in the maze so he wouldn't have to smuggle it in every game.
SheZowRaisedByWolves. . 4y A kid had a seizure during the seizure warning video thing ... 24
darthjenkins . 4 4y Went in with a group of old army buddies (two were qualified sharp shooters) and got absolutely WRECKED by a team of 10-12 year olds. Little bastards were so fast. ... 15.3k
 0 4y Worked at a laser quest as a teenager. One time while a game was going a kid starting having seizures. Handled it in the proper way, made sure the kid was okay, got an ambulance called, and had the arena evacuated. After my manager came back to be with the kid I ran up to the lobby to find his mom. As I began to escort her back to her son, the first question she asked was am I getting my money back? ... 88
13ryye . 4y When our time was up we asked one of the employees to stand beside the wall and look at it and we executed him ... 2.4k
Callisto_Tg . 4y Me and my mates were playing against a few kids. I spotted one and shouted loudly get the bastard! I guess I was taking it too seriously in the heat of the moment. No mercy ... 43
ScoobyDooGhoulSchool 4y My cousin got permanently banned from a laser tag arena when we were growing up for spartan kicking a kid. I think he was like 13 and I was 12, and we went in against a huge group of 8 year olds. The little bastards strategy was to get four of them and just stand right around you like 4 inches from your body and just repeatedly shoot you and there was nothing you could do about it. Не got tired of it and just pushed all of them away from him and started to walk out. They
Aliencj 4y Not poop or sex. When i was young my family went to play laser tag (this was in new orleans). Mostly kids were playing that day, but there was also an older guy (maybe 25?). This older guy was competitive. Не wanted to win bad. Here i am, probably 13 years old, running around like james bond from N64 goldeneye, using the structures to cover myself. I round a corner looking for prey and what do i find? The older guy, coming at me full speed backwards, bent over, with his gun between his legs. Ass first. His
Liv4damuzik 4y Don't know if it's weird, but Someone got drunk, climbed onto one of the set pieces, and rode it like a horse, grabbing onto the fire sprinkler head above for support, and then proceeded to rip it out of the ceiling causing the whole arena to flood into the cell phone store below... thousands of dollars of damage. We followed that up by implementing a strict zero tolerance policy on alcohol. Also the guys we hired to paint the arena walls all space themed hid penises all over the place (it was very dark in there so easy
SoothingFlow . . 4y Some dude dropped acid at midnight laser tag and proceeded to have a mental breakdown and we had to reset the game without him. Still came out with our team being first place so all's well that ends well. ... 22
1ofZuulsMinions 4y I got banned from our local Lazer tag, and I'm a grown ass adult. I was cornered by a young girl who was 15 and she wouldn't move out of my way. She just kept shooting me point blank in the chest for like 5 minutes and wouldn't stop. I kept saying ok, you got me, now please move and she would just laugh and shoot me again. Finally I got pissed enough and said I didn't pay to get in here to stand in the corner this whole game and pushed her aside and walked off. She
andehpants . 4y Not an employee, but a player. Back when I was early 20s, me and a few guys went laser tag. Since there was only a couple of us, we got paired with a group of kids, and some of their parents. During the match, one of the fathers had looped his arm through his daughters vest, and was using her as a shield, and she was just getting carried around like a little shooting shield. Still makes me laugh. ... 2.3k
sandwichbeard513 . 4y My manager sold weed out of the laser tag arena. Guys would come to the front desk, pay for a game and grab a dimebag hidden somewhere in the arena. Fast forward to 10 children and one dude who looked like Badger from Breaking Bad playing laser tag together on a Saturday afternoon ... 208
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