18 Hilarious Punishments Children Have Received

These aren’t cruel, but they’re definitely unusual
18 Hilarious Punishments Children Have Received

Over the years, society has come up with a handful of tried-and-true punishments for misbehaving childrenSoap in the mouth. Sitting in the corner. Writing the same sentence on the board repeatedly like Bart in The Simpsons’ opening credits. But as reliable as those options are, they lack a certain joie de vivre. Sending a child to their room isn’t exciting, nor does it move the needle — that’s where these Redditors come in. Parents and punishers alike have taken to the confessional platform to detail some of the not-so-cruel but definitely unusual ways they’ve seen children get reprimanded. Looking a pint-sized shoplifter square in the eyes and telling him he “ruined Christmas for his family” is an inspiring punishment that even Jigsaw would envy. 

May this inspire all parents to get creative when teaching their child a lesson.

hillarygriffy . 9y I'm a middle school teacher, and I once had a boy who was just consistently misbehaving. Disrupting class, being rude and disrespectful, blurting out incessantly, etc. I talked to his mom about it, and her response is amazing. She decides to come down to the school for a whole day and just follow him around to each class, sit in the back, and stare him down ALL day. It may sound kind of harsh, but he was so embarrassed he didn't do anything negative again for the rest of the year. She was the most bad ass mom I've
svrtngr .  11y In my sixth period class junior year of high school (the last class of the day), if someone would fall asleep in the class, he would set the clock ahead three hours, order everyone out of the classroom, turn the lights off, and leave the sleeping kid alone.
BRIGHTLIKENEONLOVE . 9y I once saw a little girl have a maaaaajor tantrum and the dad whipped out his digital camera and pretended to do a photo shoot with her as the model. Work it Anna! You look so pretty when you scream like that! We all love it, you go girl! Look this way!! Everyone was laughing and the girl stopped within a couple minutes. ... 26
TurnipSoTurntUp - S 9y At the beach a little boy kept throwing sand at his sisters. His dad grabbed the boy by the arm, took him to the shore and waited for a big wave. As it approached he hurled the boy under the water and walked back to his family. The look of astonishment on the boys face when he breached the surface was funny ... 48
montafina . 11y When I was about 10, my dad took his wire cutters and snipped off the TV plug as punishment for refusing to come upstairs and practice the piano. Не then bought a removable replacement plug and would hide it whenever my sister and I were ticking him off. Cruel at the time, yet so brilliant in hind sight. ... 31
 11y A kid in my high school chemistry class wouldn't stop being a smart ass to the teacher after he finished his test and kept annoying him. The teacher pulled his test from the pile, lit a bunsen burner and set the kid's test on fire right in front of him. The kid was crushed, fell to the ground and was literally bawling. The teacher walks over to him and says, That was just my spare answer key, but maybe you've learned to shut up when I tell you to. Same teacher was famous for dropping a shot-put next
cronowing . 9y I saw a 14 year old boy whine to his father at Six Flags in New Jersey about not being able to get what he wanted. The father proceeded to pick up his child nearly 5'3 and cradle him out of the park incessantly yelling, YOU ACT LIKE CHILD I TREAT YOU LIKE CHILD! ... 82
HeroOfTime1987 11y Used to work LP as I have described in many previous post. When I worked for a major electronic retailer that rhymes with Vest Guy, Christmas time was theft central. On Christmas Eve I witnessed a young kid opening up 4 Boost Mobile phones with a knife and put them in his hoodie. So when we attempted to walk out I stopped him and brought him in the office. Each phone was $100 so it was a good size stop for a 14 year old. While waiting for the cops and his parents, one of the stock guys
BGC42 . 11y My biology teacher would take crawfish out of our fish tank and put them in your hair if you fell asleep. Occasionally one would grab onto an earlobe. ... 108
invrmnd_tht_was_dumb. 9y I've seen a mother make her child do jumping jacks. There's somethig oddly satisfying about watching a little brat cry while doing jumping jacks... ... 27
GOldenZERO . . 11y this was back when i was in middleschool i lived i in CA and our band trip was to disneyland. If anyone misbehaved on the trip our band director made us ride it's a small world 20x in a row ... 57
hyugafan . 11y My stepbrother skipped school to finish majora's mask when he was a kid. when his dad found out, he booted up the 64 and DELETED every save file. Lulz ensued. for me, at least. ... 104
KARMAVORE. 11y When I was a kid, around 5 or 6, my parent brought me to a store and i wanted a candy bar. They told me a couldn't have one so i i threw a tantrum in the store. This led to my father buying a candy bar, and when we got into the car he turned looking at me and ate the candy bar right in front of me. ... 265
SixFeetOfAwesome . 9y I was once working this crazy huge birthday party. It was a week in Vegas so all 200 of the guest flew in. I heard a parent threaten to fly their kid home if they didn't start acting right. The punishment was it would be a commercial flight... . . The kid actually shaped up because he'd never been on a non private flight. ... 102
NoahtheRed . 11y I taught sailing at a summer camp and we had a punishment on the water front called sugar cookies. We'd spray the kid down with high SPF sunblock to the point of it dripping, then they had to go roll in the sand for 30 seconds so they good and covered. Them they had to lay down on the dock for 15 minutes. It only took one example each week for the rest of them to learn to shut up and listen. ... 18
 9y I was working in a pharmacy. Kid was messing around in front of the counter. The mother snapped and said if you don't stop that right now, they're going to take you behind the counter and test out all the new medicines on you. ... 118
BonezyTheSquint . 1 11y In my biology class, some kid drew a penis on the desk. The teacher pointed it out in front of everybody and recommended him for counseling because he was too obsessed with his private parts. ... 170
Gumn00t . 9y I once saw a little boy have a tantrum, and his father just sat down on the floor next to him and started high-pitch wailing and punching the floor like his son. The little boy stopped pretty soon. ... 380
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