21 Funny, Weird or Creepy Things Homeowners Found After Moving Into Their New Places

Secret passageway, anyone?
21 Funny, Weird or Creepy Things Homeowners Found After Moving Into Their New Places

When you move into a new home, you have to consider the possibility that some real freaks lived there before you. There’s nothing wrong with being a freak, of course, but sometimes there are remnants of their freakdom left behind for you to discover later on. From secret passageways to hidden skeletons, these are the funniest, weirdest and creepiest things new homeowners on Reddit have found after all of the paperwork was signed.

kgalla0 . 18d Fully decorated 4ft Xmas tree in the attic ... Reply 106
CG1991 . 18d Old creepy painting of a little girl in the attic with her eyes scratched out ... Reply 85
Fun-Rub5823. 18d 20 year old bottle of holy water hidden in a dark corner of a cabinet. ... Reply 135
acheron53 . 18d Tucked away in a crawl space under the kitchen, the previous owner placed a dummy with a horrifying Halloween mask on it. Went in to replace a pipe and had to replace my undies. ... Reply 815
lockednchaste. 18d Handcuffs attached to a water pipe in the basement. ... Reply 85
Hubert_Gene.. 18d A ceramic piggy bank shaped like a naked woman who was all fours with her ass in the air. Her butt crack was the coin slot. ... Reply 97
jeanralphio . 18d Moved a piece of cabinet and counter top in the basement and found a ouija board along with a wooden mallet that had been electrical taped by the handle to one of those little Louisville Slugger bat day baseball bats. I'm good friends with the previous owner and his grandparents built the house and he had no explanation for the pair. We call the improvised weapon the hammerbat now. ... Reply 171
AstridCrabapple . 18d There were two grave markers under a tree that the seller picked up and took with her. So, I'm assuming it will be some kind of Carolanne, stay away from the lightsituation any moment. ... Reply 55 that-1-chick-u-know 18d I don't recommend digging a pool ... 30
OkRegular7090 . 18d Wasn't a purchase, but I was showing a house to a couple and we couldn't believe the reported square footage. It looked like a nice 1700 sq ft house in a semi rural community, but the square footage on the listing said about 4,500. I was sure it was a typo. Turns out most of it was basement. Think Buffalo Bill's basement that just goes on and on with random rooms. Place was vacant, lighting wasn't great, and we get to a dead end room down there and turn on the lights and there is this porcelain doll
StarlightM4 . 1 18d A cannonball. In the garden. It is quite rusted now, I use it to hold the back gate open. ... Reply 309
chunkerton_chunksley . 1 18d When I was in college we rented a house and in almost every cabinet the previous owner hid a picture of himself. It was hilarious because we found them throughout the year. I have one of them still in a small frame in a cabinet I rarely use in my office. I laugh every time I open it. ... Reply 54
Used-Stress . 18d Not my house, but the school my friend worked at. A pipe had leaked and ruined a wall in the building, one of the oldest schools in the city. It was a beautiful property. Anyways the pipe leaked so they pulled down the ruined wall and behind the wall found a door. A fully furnished apartment was there. Had a coal burning stove to heat it. Early 1900s appliances and decor. It was for the caretaker of the school. ... Reply 6.4k
silverthorn7 18d Phone sockets EVERYWHERE. It was a 2 up 2 down house with a truly excessive number of phone sockets and some in weird places like above the kitchen door or in the attic, which was not even not finished as rooms but had no ladder and wasn't even boarded, just rafters. Why? The house had no alarm system or anything like that that might need phone sockets. There was absolutely no logical reason we could see for some of those placements. Like the one above the kitchen door wouldn't have made any sense at all to plug into
Gotskilla. 18d We had our air ducts cleaned before we moved in. They also inspected them with a camera. Someone wrote Fuck You deep inside one of the ducts. We thought it was hilarious. ... Reply 1.6k
twodogstwocats . 18d 30 plus years ago my parents bought an older home in a historic district and found 2 human skulls on a high shelf in the garage. They called the police. It turns out the previous owner was a missionary who received the skulls as a gift from a tribe they were on mission to in some faraway land that I cannot remember. I think there was official paperwork, but my memory is not good. The skulls were donated to a local museum. ... Reply 35
Individual-Common-89 . 18d First time I took a hot shower in our new home. The steam covered the mirror, only to reveal the phrase HELLO, I SEE YOU in large finger drawn writing. It freaked me out for a second, but made me laugh soon after that. It was such an inconspicuous yet obvious thing to leave for the new homeowner (me). ... Reply 1.8k
DarrenEdwards .  18d A friend bought a house that had a zig zag tunnel leading to a bomb shelter. Empty with some rust, it was otherwise just a dirty room. The only thing cool about it is was that it was built under a pond so it had a skylight to let in light. She boarded it up when she divided the house into apartments. ... Reply 978
disqeau . 18d These assholes I bought a house from stuck a little skeleton figurine dressed up in a little monk's robe behind the exhaust vent in the furnace closet. Just about shit myself when I opened up that door and there was this tiny skeletal hand poking out, I thought it was a fucking dead baby. ... Reply 3.9k
Careless_Leek_5803 . . 18d Not mine, and it was a rental, but when some of my high school friends went off to college in the early 90s they rented a house, and whoever lived there before hid weed all over the place. Probably about an ounce(?) in total but it was everywhere. Pull up the corner of the carpet? Weed. On top of the refrigerator? Weed. Back of the shelves in the hall closet? Weed. Either they were the most forgetful stoners ever or they did it as a surprise for the new residents. ... Reply 1.5k
PutinontheRiitz 18d Probably buried at this point... but I chopped off the tip of my thumb W an ахе, and kept the tip of it in a small plastic jar (think urinalysis jar) that the hospital gave me. I put it in my freezer and kept it there for about 4 years. When I moved out I got three states away in a U-Haul when I went We left the finger I can only imagine the new owners surprise ... Reply 324
twinsrule . 1 18d In the basement closet is another closet. That locks from the outside, the door has a window, has eyebolts that hang from the ceiling, and has drains. I have either a murder room or a sex dungeon. ... Reply 33
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