21 of the Strangest Addictions People Had

‘Candy Crush’ is a helluva drug
21 of the Strangest Addictions People Had

The mention of addiction brings the usual suspects to mind, but there are plenty of unconventional habits that people can’t seem to shake as well. Like the girl who rode for strawberry milk so hard that even a type 2 diabetes diagnosis couldn’t make her put the glass down. Or the person who got so into Candy Crush that they started setting their phone clock ahead just to get more plays (their phone was in the year 2030 by the time they kicked the Crush). 

Redditors have copped to the strange vices they fell victim to or witnessed with their own eyes, and if the rubber band queen is reading this, we want you to know that you’re valid.

moolucifer . 4 41d I used to be addicted to Candy crush back in the day. After running out of 5 lives I couldn't wait for them to be available so I would forward my clock just to be able to play. My phone was set to year 2030ish by the time I stopped playing. ... Reply 1.4k
-Some_Random- . 41d I used to know a girl who was addicted to eating those little polystyrene chips that are used for packaging. She always had a bag of them with her. The noise she made when she was munching on them used to set my teeth on edge. ... Reply 1.2k
rowenaravenclaw0 . 41d Youtube specifically a channel that shears sheep and another than cleans nasty rugs, ... Reply 45
lifesyndromes . 41d Used to work with a girl who would just chug litres of strawberry milk. Every time I went to the toilet after her it stank of milk. She was eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and gave up the milk... briefly. ... Reply 13.9k
Current-Newt8621 . 41d Chronic cheek biting. I just can't stop biting or chewing the insides of my mouth constantly. ... Reply 268
YOURenigma . . 41d Worked with a guy who was addicted to keyboard cleaner. Не had blacked out and crashed his work truck, so they thought it was a heart condition. Until someone found him passed out in a Porta potty with multiple cans in there. Apparently he's clean and sober now so that's good ... Reply 22
mistyoceania 41d I used to be addicted to chewing on ice, or maybe obsessed. I would bring a cup full of crushed ice with me everywhere. When I went to the beach I would just bring a bag of ice from the gas station and sit and eat it. I stopped for ages and then became temporarily obsessed again during one of my pregnancies. I was checked for vitamin deficiencies both times but nothing came up. ... Reply 2.9k
Jazzlike_Grab_7228 . . 41d Eating markers, like the tube of it. Inside the casing. I told his mother and her reply was Oh he's doing it again like... Again? Toxic ink? Again? I don't mean licking it. I mean chewing. Black ink in saliva and swallowing the ink soaked sponge.
StevenStephen . 40d I knew an older guy who tried to quit smoking with some diy shock therapy by rigging up a car battery to shock himself with whenever he wanted a cigarette. It failed to cure him, but he became addicted to the shocks. ... Reply 40
officiallyedgy . . 41d My best friend used to eat fabric softener in high school. She would keep bottles of it hidden around her room so she could have a taste whenever the mood struck her. I love her to death but she's a strange one lol ... Reply 3.3k
JUAREZ Centro CHICKEN EL PASO TX. 5hrs4hrs3hrs2hrs1mor 41d 250 I knew someone who had an uncontrollable habit of making rubber-band balls. I don't know that it qualifies as an addiction, but it was definitely a habit she could not break. She'd collect up rubber bands from around the store we worked in. We worked at a popular retail outlet that sells overpriced lingerie and loungewear. This girl would hoard all the rubber bands from new shipment and constantly knot them, add another layer and keep adding until a ball formed. Her hands were constantly moving and it was like the rest of
Fuzeillear 41d Judge Judy. And it was me. My boyfriend introduced me to the show in my mid thirties and I binged it on YouTube, listening to it whilst working in our warehouse/ driving/cleaning/anything. 6 years later, if I have a task that I really need to get into productive mode for, I put her on and my brain shifts gears. At one point it felt weird to work without her voice in the background yelling at people. She's like my white noise. She's my default soundtrack. ... Reply 246
Ok_Dragonfruit_3718 . 41d Corn starch. More common than you'd think. He'd hide little bowls of it to chew on. It blocked up his guts. ... Reply 41
chechifromCHI. 41d My wife had this over the counter medicated nasal spray that I had to literally hide from her as she continued to use it. I later read that after a few days use your body does actually develope something of an addiction to it. ... Reply 316
shavemejesus 41d Not so much addicted but I had a friend in college that would huff the fluid in his zippo lighter when he was really drunk. Treavor wasn't allowed to have his lighter after a few beers. ... Reply 1.8k MyrtleAv 40d With a name like Treavor that doesn't surprise me at all ... 529
prettiestburner . 41d My husband is addicted to jello. Eats probably 10 a day. Brought them to the hospital when I was in labor even tho hospitals are known for jello right? ... Reply 38
ThatPoolGuy 41d I had a good friend that was addicted to making himself pass out. Не would ball up his fists and press them into the side of his neck to cut off blood flow till he passed out, the same way a sleeper hold works to knock people out. Не had a whole routine where he would set up in an office chair in his bedroom at night, he would get drinks and snacks and spend a couple of hours there doing it over and over. Не did it so much he had permanent bruises on the sides of
Best_Assistance4211 .4 41d Sounds like a joke, but I'm completely addicted to talking to myself out loud around the house when no one's home. It's actually become difficult for me to structure my thoughts if I can't do it (so I'd say that constitutes as a mild withdrawal). ... Reply 209
bzsbal . 41d Roommate in college was addicted to hair. She collected hair and made hair people. She would use the community vacuum cleaner, take out the hair, wash it, make hair people. She would also go to salons asking for the cut hair for her family's garden, then proceed to make hair people. She had hundreds of them with names and stories about them. I kept my hair brush locked up after it was cleaned out the first time. ... Reply 8.3k
SheAlwaysHasMyHeart . 4 41d My first ever gf was genuinely addicted to Соса-Соӏа (self-admitted). She would have a glass as soon as she woke up and drink it all day. The one or two times I was there when her family had run out of it, she was irritable, anxious, and so grumpy until she was able to get down to the store to buy more. Strangely, it wasn't even the caffeine or sugar she was addicted to, because having a coffee or a different type of soda wasn't enough to ease her withdrawal symptoms. ... Reply 4.7k
windrider103 . 41d My mum, she likes eating rice... Not the boiled ones... Just raw ass rice... She takes a handful of them watches something on her phone and eats raw rice... ... Reply 516
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