26 of the Most Hilarious Burns from the Week of December 11, 2023

26 of the Most Hilarious Burns from the Week of December 11, 2023

Superhero lovers and manga obsessives have Comic Con. Cinephiles have film festivals. And for more than two decades, gamers had E3. But after a bumpy few years, the “central showcase for the video game industry” has come to an end. The Electronic Entertainment Expo began in 1995 and was the preeminent space for studios and developers to tease and test the latest and greatest in gaming — such as franchises like Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil — before they hit shelves. One Twitter user took a trip down memory lane and reminisced about the time another spooky franchise was introduced at E3 in 1998. The only problem? Instead of the horrifying atmosphere we now associate with Silent Hill, its first look was “giving Scooby Doo.” 

Luckily for them, the goofy pixelated sign beckoning us into Silent Hill wasn’t the only thing getting roasted this week. Other victims included Cornell alumni, a singer with a specific taste in men and Bradley Cooper… twice. 

5d Jacob @jpwphoto @cameramanjake - 4 4d Every time yall say this it turn out to be a 4/10 Imao... THE REAL QUEEN в This movie on Netflix is a 10/10 fasure Leave th OPTIONS N LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND Love this! like this Not for me Enjoying this? Rating helps us know if we should recommend more like this. 13:58 Other... 2:07:43 English  with Subtitles English  819K 7.8K 993 315

i still hate you eric adams @sonyashea3.3d bradley cooper is going to say something embarrassing beyond the realm of human comprehension V @Variety . 3 3d Variety BRADLEY COOPER + SPIKE LEE DIRECTORS ON DIRECTORS DEC. 14 E 16 742 20K 1.1M

Tyler @tytacobell. 1d Girl fuck you Broba Fett @TheDietCokeBtn. 2d People born in 1995 are turning 50 next year let that sink in 1.1K 22K 1M 41

@BrendanDaGawd 3d Unemployed people can't get in my car and lay back : Sit your ass up and look out that window for a job 12 620 7.4K 313K

DR. LUMAR @LucyyKT 4d There's a man in my dms like this and I want him to know it's never going to end up like this BIG SHONCE @Ur_Sweetst_Sin 55 Yall better answer them DMs how it started how it's going Hey gorgeous MAR 15, 2019, 5:08 PM How are you APR 16, 2019, 12:59 A Hey gorgeous JUL 13, 2019, 9:47 PM Hey gorgeous NOV 26, 2019, 11:26 P Hey gorgeous DEC 21, 2019, 4:51 AM Hey gorgeous 4:26 AM Hey gorgeous Double tap to 175 5.7K 22K 1.8M

poptart @bellaxedward666 - 3d Thursdays on The CW at 8/9 EST DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 3d First posters for 'MADAME WEB'. In theaters on February 14. HER WEB CONNECTS THEM ALL HER WEB CONNECTS DAKOTA JOHNSON THEM ALL MADAME MADAME WEB WEB 34 1.3K 25K 921K

Kimchi @kimchiforprez 4d wen u date ye u can just go out butt naked W a blonde bowl cut n nobody questions it BORDA Donda Times @dondatimes.4d. ESW Ye singing Father stretch my hands with his fans CC 202 4.2K 111K 11M

Quantavius Nutsack @dirtyharrypussy.3d do NOT want to run into whoever been smoking this 43 3.5K 48K 1.6M

Kyla Jenée Lacey @Kyla_Lacey.3 3d We said your age not your rim size. You handsome tho, my fellow millennial. THEBIGGEST @PAYPESOS 4d age - 22 sign - Gemini Birthday - June 5th Height - 6'4 fav color - twitter.com/__kameron__3/s... CC AI 0:04 106 441 13K 1.8M

bonnie @scorbonnie.4d ... I Think Our Son Is Gay 1 OKURA Noventia @noventia_dair.4d my life a manga fr 60 4.8K 48K 1.2M

Crocodile Cam GHIA @browningisland.4d ... This a level of grown I don't ever aspire to reach Green @owTGreen . 5d Y'all could eat seasoned tomatoes by themselves?? 172 2.8K 33K 1.9M

Noah @NCassiel 2d Rumplestiltskin on his way to Shreks wedding 23 VE E3 From The Memes Archive 118 4.1K 53K 2M

Cigs @UsingCigarettes - 5d Now they take pics of people in the airport and post online to make fun of them like some sorta gossipy gay bitch Rev. Robby Jordan @RobbyJ380 . 6d Men used to go to war UNITED 1 Boarding 2 begins لا hero V 160 11K 185K 3.5M

Mr start some shit @MrStartSomeShit. 1d ... They call bro Dickhead @CreepyOrg 1d Creepy.org The aftermath of a Turkish hair transplant 5 547 12K 1.1M

EL @thisiselliz.3d Bro got the OJ Simpson gloves on while handling a Captain Hook sha boing boing x3dPL3x @CyberSeCX.3d Snacking for the mean time... un that 21 2.7K 28K 1.7M

Anton Chigurh Updates @mikugly 3d I thought this was that guy trying to reverse his age but it's bradley cooper may 1.5K 125 37K 1.9M

Maia @maiamindel 1d elaine benes if she was alive in 2023: I'm straight but flirted with another woman to get a discount on a couch. I consider myself an LGBTQ ally, but my friends called me out for my behavior. Essay by Rebecca Morrison Feb 24, 2023, 2:39 PM EST Share Save 48 984 19K 938K

Benedict Townsend @BenedictTown 2d yzhk wait ur british??? 9m Reply 2 Benedict Townsend Creator My name is Benedict Townsend 7m Reply 46 27 1.4K 60K del 1.1M

tatum @planetgraves 22h ... Hey! I couldn't help but notice you're the worst person I've ever met. Yeah in my life 7 943 5.2K 158K

icyhot pussy mooncakes @mewncakes . 18h ... ur a mean one mr grinch is a rly nasty diss track actually...... stink stank STUNK????? ouuuuuuu get ha 1 16 157 3.9K

@Rob_sxchz . 2d Think about the worst person you know, funny how they attended Cornell University 7 116 850 85K

Ben Collins @oneunderscore_ 4d ... We are reaching terminal levels of divorce. X Elon Musk X is speaking LIVE WITH ALEX X +93.5K JONES, ELON MUSK, ANDREW TATE & VIVEK RAMASWAMY 602 2.4K 22K 1.4M

Hermès Astronaut @TheButcher127 . 4d bro talkin like they in medieval times @KonnyTalks 4d Konny Deleted Ty Dolla post teases a Travis Scott feature, and a potential 'Vultures' delay tydollasign ... My brother Travis hasn't sent his verse in. We shall wait and unite the family. Vultures travers as a pack ¥$ ¥$ 66 1.5K 33K 1.5M

janito @yassnito 1d fruity men being her biggest weakness POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave • 1d Drake and Camila Cabello spark dating rumors after being spotted together. 90 907 29K 1.4M

tangomushi @iloveklim.2 2d This was the official logo for Silent Hill when it was first shown off at ЕЗ 1998 I'm in fucking tears it's giving Scooby Doo SILENT HILL 243 6.7K 57K 1.6M

AARON @lidolmix 4d girl no one looking at that ring iris s loves alex @mmith132.4d i said YES 145 15K 119K 3.9M
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