30 Funny, Awkward or Unbelievable Things Professors Did in Class

30 Funny, Awkward or Unbelievable Things Professors Did in Class

Though professors are authority figures meant to be taken seriously, they’re also human, which means they’re prone to having awkward moments just like the rest of us. How else do you explain the calculus professor who stopped class, erased everything on the chalkboard and yelled “FUCK OSAMA BIN LADEN!” before running out of the room? I mean, maybe there is a deeper explanation for that, but we’re not mental health professionals and Osama bin Laden was a total asshole. 

In that vein, Redditors have stepped up to the podium to lecture us about the weirdest, funniest or most unbelievable things their academic overlords did in class, and we’d like to know more about the professor who brought in a memento from his vasectomy.

LinT5292 . 11y Gets phone call in class, stops teaching to answer it. Alright, guys, I'm going to have to pick up my kids from soccer practice. Just wait here for about half an hour. Half an hour later. Okay I'm back. Anyway, like I was saying... ... 532

bucks4life . 11y My dutch econ professor asked some sort of math question. The one asian student raised his hand and answered. This prompted my professor to go on a rant about how the american school system was terrible, and that only international students answered math questions. It was at this point that the asian kid said ummmmm, I'm from Cleveland. ... 1.8k

theleatherman 11y my history professor has a hook for a hand. one day he took it off and the sock he had over his armnub, drew a face on it, and started talking to the class with it like a puppet ... 1k

lookatwhatchudid . 12y We were watching a movie with Grace Kelly in it for one of my film classes and the teacher asked us if we had any questions about the movie. One of the students raised his hand and said, 'Professor, I don't have a question but more of a statement... I'd like to fuck Grace Kelly. The professor just looked at the student for a minute, and then posed this question to the rest of the class, Who else would like to fuck Grace Kelly? ... 196

rirry . 1 11y My professor brought out a lizard puppet and had a poetry battle with it. Не laughed the whole time. No one else did. ... 253

PhilaGuy . . 12y Handed out exam to 30 students, told them they could only use his pencil, and started the auction. Gotta love economics. Everyone understood scarcity after that. ... 142

emmaleth . . 11y I once had a soft spoken, older instructor who wore a wireless mic so he could wander around and still be heard. Не forgot to take it off when he went to the restroom during a break. The whole class heard him urinate in surround sound. ... 156

OverlyEnthusiastic . 12y Philosophy prof was convinced that we were living in a Matrix type world. Very dark and dry sense of humour. Would usually end the day with: Yeah, and have that paper in to me by the end of the week. Or, you know, don't. Because the machines have already won. Prove me wrong. ... 344

jamesiscoolbeans . 1 12y One class, my college astronomy professor did a demonstration of newtons third law: Не put on an army helmet and goggles, got in a Radio Flyer wagon, and held up a fire extinguisher. Не pulled the pin, and proceeded to rocket across the fucking lecture hall. ... 607

greaterwolf . 11y Opens his bookmarks on the projector, first one is Hot Bikini Sex ... 705

masu94 5y First day of English class in my senior year of highschool. Our teacher is giving us the rundown about his whole career, life, etc. because why not. Не goes Am I forgetting anything? I happened to know that he had his own radio show on a little volunteer station outside town (stumbled onto it by complete accident the previous summer). So I threw that fact out in the air... I...wasn't going to tell anybody about that. After that, he was cool. ... 392

Bear_In_A_Man_Suit  . 13y My astronomy prof. had a slideshow about the creation of the universe (at .0001 seconds this happened, at .001 seconds, etc.) and the last slide was Billions of years later, an intelligent species evolved and started asking questions. Well a brilliant girl by the (legal) name of Cookie raises her hand and asks, Are we the intelligent species? And the prof, without missing a beat, replies, Apparently not. ... 558

k_to_the_j . 11y I had a calculus professor who one day stopped in the middle of working a problem on the chalkboard, erased everything, slammed his hands onto his podium, yelled FUCK. OSMAMA. BIN LADEN. and ran out of the room. ... 109

nhnhnh . 11y I had a prof show up to class with a stray kitten that he found, tucked inside his winter coat. Не then proceeded to solicit food from the class to feed it and then abandoned the class for 15 minutes to go play with it in his office. ... 1.4k

Knotwood 11y Had a prof get served divorce papers in class. Не said excuse me one moment and walked behind a small partition. A small boat of sailors could not curse the way he cursed out his soon to be ex-wife. After about 2 minutes, he walked out from behind the partition and went right back to the lecture. ... 1.3k

mketophx66. 11y To be fair, this was a prof/student shared effort. In my Spanish class a few years ago, if anybody's cell phone went off during class, they had to bring in a cake the next class period for everyone as some sort of punishment. Well, one day our professor's phone went off and she actually answered it in the middle of the lecture and proceeded to have a full-on fight with, apparently, her boyfriend, in front of the entire class. After she hung up, there was about a 10-15 second silence where she started to cry. When she started

anthropology_nerd 11y Setting: intro to archaeology and we are covering obsidian tools. Prof hands out several small obsidian blades to pass around the class, stressing how they are sharp so be careful. Then he tells us he performed an experiment when he had his vasectomy. Не asked the surgeon to use a scalpel on one side, and an obsidian blade on the other so he could see which side healed faster. Telling your class you are now firing blanks is a little awkward, but he then lets slip that one of the blades going around the class was the blade

calj13 . 11y I had a history professor who used to come into the class in a full three-piece-suit. During the first five minutes of class he would proceed (while lecturing) to remove his tie, suit jacket, vest, dress shirt, and belt. Не would then finish the lecture in an undershirt and dress pants. Why he did this I will never know but it was every day without fail. Super awkward to be lecturing about the holocaust while undoing the buttons of your shirt, dude. ... 1.1k

Strike_Gently . 11y Nobody is even listening to me. Maybe tonight I should just go home and kill myself. (Class goes silent) Ignore me saying that. ... 448

calmdown . 11y Не opened his chrome browser while the projector was on and YouPorn was one of his most visited links. ... 764

TheDongerNeedLove 12y First quarter chemistry course. Professor was teaching about liquid nitrogen. Не dipped various things, flowers, candy, whatever into a bucket of liquid nitrogen and then smashed them. Не wanted to play a trick on us so he hid a piece of hot dog in the thumb of his glove and put the glove on. Не told us to never try this at home and proceeded to stick his hand into the liquid nitrogen, pulled it out and smashed his thumb. Everyone freaked out and a piece of his thumb went flying onto this girl's desk and she fainted.

 11y My professor was reading off his slides in class and messing up all the words and he stopped after 10 minutes, sighed and said sorry guys, I'm a bit hungover a student said sir... It's Wednesday the prof replied I'm aware ... 49

 11y In my archaeology class last year, we had a legendary professor barge into the class during lecture. He's this 80-something year old guy and just skips around the classroom. We're too baffled to know what to say or do. Finally, my professor decides to ask him what the hell he's doing. I went to the doctor yesterday and asked about my new medication. I'm supposed to skip a day between taking pills. So I'm skipping today. Не managed to skip around a few more times before leaving without saying a word. ... 1.6k

tongue_punch. 11y I had a Sociology teacher named Coach Wable when I was a freshman in high school. This guy was a Vietnam Vet, his nose had been blown off during the war and had a prosthetic nose. One time he sneezed and the fake nose fell off. ... 1

mez_42 . 1 11y I had an econ teacher who was getting pissed at a bee buzzing around the room. In the middle of his lecture, he caught the bee barehanded, threw it on the ground, and stepped on it in one fluid motion. Afterwards, looked at us and said, that is a warning for the other bees then continued on with the lecture.

nanners-la . 11y We were learning about molecular signaling in biology, and the professor was explaining how the cell could sequester the receptor molecules and bring them into the cell, destroying them if need be. As an analogy, he compared it putting a child in a corner, chopping him up, and, if you did it right, you could put him back together. There was a lot of nervous laughter, and the professor realized that it wasn't a very appropriate example. ... 82

hgielrehtaeh 12y During a quiz, our marketing professor pulled up a website for Nantucket Nectars - url juiceguys.com, but he accidentally typed juicyguys.com. Instead of turning off the projector or closing the window, he yelled No one look! And ran to the projector and threw himself in front of it- so he stood there, panicked, covered in huge cocks. ... 1.1k

 . 11y we had an international ТА and she was explaining words she couldn't get the hang of saying when she was learning English. One of them was Pythagorean, and she said...no matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn't come in my mouth. She quickly changed the subject. ... 485

jiblet84 . 1 12y Randomly, an economics professor paused, and told us all to start procreating with each other to improve the economy. The way he said it was like he wanted us all to have a massive class orgy right then and there. ... 127

andrewsmith1986 11y My professor turned around, undid his belt and lowered his pants to show his boxers, then pulled them up and continued on. On the next test he asked what color his boxers were for 30% bonus. Не did this because no one paid attention. No one got the bonus and everyone was confused. ... 1.3k
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