17 Funny Instances of People Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Someone witnessed the theft of 100 meatballs
17 Funny Instances of People Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

As the saying goes, so much of life is about being in the right place at the right time. But realistically, much more of it is about the exact opposite. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is the bread and butter of pretty much every bizarre experience you’ve ever had in your stupid little life. Honestly, most awkward situations are about the cosmic alignment of bad luck and incredibly poor timing. For instance: If one unlucky Redditor hadn’t gotten out of school early, they never would’ve seen their parents in an… uncompromising position. The single silver lining is that they got a funny story out of it, but at what cost? 

To that end, these Redditors have certainly paid a premium for the following experiences, and while they likely still have nightmares about what they’ve seen, it was definitely worth it for the rest of us. To the man who walked in on someone stealing 100 meatballs: Thank you for your service. 

 5y Walked into the wrong art classroom in college. I was going to a sculpture class, and my project involved a bit of blacksmithing (this will be relevant later). I didn't get the memo that we wouldn't be in the usual room, but 4 doors down the hall. So, I walk into the classroom, with a tool belt including tongs, a butane torch, a few forging hammers, as well as fire resistant gloves and apron. People I don't recognize are at easels painting what looks like a naked chick. I blink and notice the naked chick is in fact
fauxxfoxx . 5y Not walked into, but woke up to. I slept over my then- boyfriend's dorm, and woke up at like 3am to pee. Only I look over and notice his roommate is awake, and going down on a girl. I just lay in silence, my bladder about to burst, and my then-boyfriend wakes up and taps me lightly and we try to not laugh. After a few excruciating moments, the girl goes yeaaaah this isn't really doing it for me and they roll over to go to sleep. Definitely awkward, but also hilarious. ... 1.2k
Jorricha . 5y In college I was at a house party, I left to get smokes and when I got back I went inside the house and am so drunk I couldn't figure out where all the people went. So I'm walking around inside the house and I open a door and some dude is sitting at his computer beating his meat. Не yells and I run out and across the street. I watched as he left and walked over to the correct house to bitch. I waited like 30 minutes and went back to the party and never spoke
 5y Shitty bar near where I bartended. We closed at 1:30 am and they stayed open til 3 so if I hustled I could make it in time to grab a few drinks before they closed. I was still way too sober when I walked into the ladies room and this wasted chick was standing at the sink with her dress hiked up and using a paper towel to wash her pussy. Really getting in there too. My mouth dropped open and I just froze for a second, she noticed me and just laughed and was like sorry, girl
PencilErection ОР 5y Not me. But I was at a sporting event last year and I had gotten up to get a drink and came back to see my seat was taken by another guy in our group, we had a bunch of seats by each other. Whatever I thought and found another seat. Not more than 5 mins passed before the guy next to him turned and threw up on him. Instant karma. ... 1.8k
BananaWilly . 5y I walked into a bank and a full on team bank robbery was in progress. They did a quick search for weapons and had me join the rest of the customers. Here's where is gets scary. I am a bodyguard and carry at all times, except in Fed buildings and Banks unless on the job. If I'd been found with my weapon, I might have been shot thinking I was a cop. ... 26
Murdock07 . 5y I had to shit super bad for like 20 minutes in the school bus, decided to get off the bus and run to a friends house because I was exploding at this point. Run into his bathroom and just let loose with the worst shit I've ever had... then I hear a water drop... I pull back the shower curtain and it's his little sister having a bath... I must have traumatized her so bad ... 5k
BirtlesNiinja . . 5y I tried to ride my bike indoors and a old man appeared out of nowhere and said this is not the time or place to do that never been so embarrassed before in my life ... 1.5k
STANKKNIGHT 0 5y At an all you can eat buffet, walk into the men's room and this guy is taking meatballs out of a sandwich bag under his shirt and transferring them to a different bag in his backpack. All in all Id say he rolled them for close to 100 meatballs. The shame I walked away with from seeing that meatball thieving bastard was palpable. ... 3.2k
Mycatisademon . 5y I was 15 and my neighbor asked me to babysit so his wife could do some 5k fundraiser event while he was away at a hunting trip. Не told me I needed to be there at 6am so she could get to the event to set up. Не also said that the door would be unlocked so just walk in so I wouldn't wake up the kids. I walked in on his wife having sex with some random dude. They didn't notice me, so I went back out and closed the door. I then softly knocked on
Mr_Drewski 5y I had some cable management to do in a conference room that was rarely used at my work. I walked up to a closed door, which was the norm for that room. I entered without knocking under the presumption that the room was empty (the posted schedule said it was unoccupied). That was a mistake.... walked in to see the HR director, the plant manager, and another employee all in the midst of a very serious conversation. The thing that made it awkward is the employee was being let go just then, and was bawling his eyes out.
sixesand7s 5y Was at a water park with my family when I was younger (13-15ish) while we were away for summer vacation. Parents bought me some real slick Nike shorts that were reversable, basketball like mesh on one side, and smooth silk like material on the other. I had the mesh side out, and went down a slide. I ended up getting stuck half way down, my parents and brother were laughing at me because of my misfortune. I had a great idea, I'll reverse the shorts in the change room to the silk side, and slide like silk down
icecreampopncereal • . 5y Mom eating dads ass on the fouton when school let out early ... 2.8k
 . 5y Passed out drunk on the bed where people were tossing coats at a party. Woke up later that night to a couple having sex on top of me, complaining about how lumpy the bed was. ... 7.6k
t-nuggets . . 5y We used to have block parties a lot when I was a kid. When I was about 14, I walked in on my neighbours fucking on my water bed. Не just said please don't tell your mother. Well I did tell her....30 years later and she's pissed. Enjoy that phone call Mike ... 2.8k
Swing_Wildly . 5y I walked into an office of 5 or 6 women just as one of them was showing off her new boob job. Shirt up with a bra. I walked out feeling so guilty but I know it was them doing the innapropriate thing. ... 645
DylanCO . 5y I was at a party and walked in on two naked guys making out in a tub full of spageti-o's. I have no idea what I saw and I don't wanna know. ... 84
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