17 of the Strangest Things Ever Seen by Window Washers

A grown man jumping on the bed
17 of the Strangest Things Ever Seen by Window Washers

The drawbacks of a dangerous job like window washing are matched by one incredible perk: the ability to spy with impunity. Thanks to a staggering amount of people who don’t believe in blinds, curtains or any type of window coverings for that matter, the gravity-defying gig regularly comes with free shows, ranging from witnessing various sexual acts to having a little peek into an FBI office. 

While you sit and wonder about the FBI’s very clear lack of security, enjoy the rest of these voyeuristic tales from window washers all over the world…

bamerjamer.6y FBI department. Took my by surprise their windows weren't mirrored or anything. ... 28
smearhunter 0 6y My wife was in labor for about 14 hours with our first child. Our room was on the 4th floor of the building. Around hour 13, a window cleaner worked his way down the massive windows, which were wall to wall and floor to ceiling if memory serves me correctly. My wife was spread eagle facing directly towards the window. 13 hours in everyone (especially my wife) was so exhausted that initially we almost didn't react. Не was there for about 15 minutes which made it a different kind of weird after the initial shock. I have
PerrinAA. 6y Ugh. I was taking a dump when window washers lowered themselves to my level. I could hear them talking about and laughing at the situation. ... 791
LUCIEN . 6y I don't work at a hotel but do a lot of swing stage work with a company that replaces windows in apartments & condos. At one building, we went up on the lift and saw a unit that had 10-12 pot plants in it. When we came back down they had put a blanket over the window ... 7
smartlikefox . . 6y I worked on swing stages doing concrete finishing and I once saw a grown man jumping on his bed in his tighty whities. I wasn't even shocked. Не just looked like he was having so much fun.
khatuul . 6y Window cleaner based in Fort Worth and I once had someone open the window and offer me coffee while in mid-air. It was quite refreshing. ... 382
widgetbox . 6y I was once sitting in a classroom at the pharma company I worked for at the time watching some training videos. The video in question just happened to involve some bloke on all fours having a metal tube stuck up his arse while the good doctor in the video was explaining what he could see. I was doing a lot of bowel drugs at the time ... Heard a noise behind me to see and looked round to see a couple (not one but two) wide eyed window cleaners wondering wtf was I watching... ... 649
BOBANYPC . 6y Finally a question I can answer. We were cleaning a fairly tall building 12 stories iirc adjacent to an equally tall government office building. This office building had several bedrooms on the top level, which we could see from the roof but certainly not from the ground. From where we were standing this bedroom was about ten meters away. As we're setting up a naked dude jumps onto his bed with an ipad and starts masturbating furiously. Facing us.
JetCooler DI 6y Another story from the other side of the window: I was in a behavioral psych unit when I was in high school, fifth floor of a regular ole hospital. Let me tell you, it gets boring af. So one day when we saw the ropes come down, I waited by the window until the guy got to our floor and started barking my ass off. A couple of the other patients joined me, it was fun for a while. I doubt it made much of an impression, but it was an event at the time. No punishment
Imperfectyourenot . 3 3y I was the one being watched... Was at my new, empty condo which had pillars. My guy and I decided to meet there for some fun times Не decided to tie me between pillars. Which was hot.... until we noticed the window washer. ... 812
GHostPR . . 6y Someone was shitting on the bed. ... 213
tobin-yo . . 6y Noting too strange but a third floor pole dancing class (got to do two passes on their windows hehe). The other was a guy smoking a bong by the window, think me dropping in blew his mind a bit because he looked pretty shocked. ... 295
 3y One guy was on his computer wearing complete death metal attire. Spiked hair, full body leather and heavy and I mean heavy mascara/eye liner. Не was facing the window and in turn me. Не locked eyes with me the entire time I was doing my job. Не looked like he was going to murder me. That's when I saw what he was watching on his computer. My little pony. That's when his demeanor changed. Не realized what I saw and smiled from ear to ear. ... 2.9k
ssuss . 6y High rise window cleaner here. The most bizarre thing I saw had to be a taxidermy alligator with bird wings sprouting out of its back, chained to the ceiling. Also, a wooden penis in the window sill that I could only guess was an art piece of some sort. ... 406
GrossmanSheepdog . 6y Classmate of mine from college had that job. Не told me before a test one day that he had seen a chick pooping on a dude with a bunch of trash bags spread over the floor. Kinda forgot everything from the cram session. ... 34
mymaggied . 6y For anyone who has ever had an IUD, you know placement isn't the most pleasant process in the world. A couple summers ago, when I was getting mine replaced, I was in building with BIG glass windows. And it just so happened that during the exact moment my feet were in the stirrups and my gynecologist was actively swapping the new for the old, I stop yelling long enough to look beyond my knees to see a window washer, with a perfect view. ... 27
 3y Window cleaner for over 12 years now. I've seen horrible things. Also hilarious things. Once helped catch a pair of yobs who were on the run from the police, was just minding my own business cleaning a customer's windows when the fence panels behind us in the garden exploded. Like it started raining splintered wood and dirt! Some scum had nicked a car and cornered way too fast, they shot the corner jumped the curb and obliterated the garden and the nicely parked up BMW in the drive. Both nobheads ran immediately and hopped the gardens and in
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