14 Funny, Weird or Insane Lies That Blew Up in Peoples’ Faces

Learn from these liars’ mistakes
14 Funny, Weird or Insane Lies That Blew Up in Peoples’ Faces

Unless you’re lying to a baby, it’s important to harness the art of deception before attempting to use it out in the wild. Give too little information and you’ll get massacred by the follow-up questions you didn’t consider. Give too much information, and your story starts to sound as elaborate as a David Fincher film, which almost ensures being caught. Just ask the guy who, instead of breaking up with his girlfriend, concocted a story about his dad dying from cancer. Of course, the girlfriend found out that the dad was very much alive when she got a confusing phone call from the man himself. 

That liar is not alone — in fact, he’s in the company of many who told funny, crazy and downright weird lies that backfired on them horribly.

copilot602 11y I had a buddy who flunked out his senior year. Because he couldn't get that level of classes at a community college to bring his grades back up, he was pretty much screwed. Не never told his parents, rented a gown and had invites printed for graduation and sent them to the whole family. Showed up graduation day, wrote his name on the list of graduates in attendance, walked across stage when his name was called and shook the school presidents hand. There is a picture in his parents house above the couch of this exact moment. Later
 . 11y My bum of an uncle used to have this job where he was away on business trips every other week. His girlfriend and 2 kids didn't get to see him too often, and treated him like a king when he was in town. Later we found out he was only working at Wal-Mart making minimum wage, and had another girlfriend on the side. Girlfriend #2 also treated my uncle like a king and let him live at her place for free. Girlfriend #1 found out because she had some vacation time and wanted to accompany him on
channsterrr 11y I have a friend that faked a heart disease freshman year of college, complete with hospital visits, phone calls from the hospital (which showed up coming from her house number because that's how the hospital worked), , multiple open heart surgeries, and a crazy aunt who would kill her if she found out, hence it all had to be hush hush and we couldn't tell her parents that we knew she was sick. She was the only one of our friends at a college about 3 hours away from home. We think she just wanted the attention. ... 2
 11y My father and his brother were involved with the same promiscuous girl around town. His brother ended up marrying her despite her bad reputation and my dad went around his back and slept with her too. She ended up getting pregnant and didn't know who the father was, and much drama was had, but it turns out that my father's brother was also cheating on her with some random woman, so all was good and they divorced and the woman married my father instead. There was no paternity test and my dad adopted the baby since his brother
northerncraters 11y When I was in high school, one of my best girl friends dated this lead singer in a band. A couple months went by, and he told us he had been diagnosed with throat cancer. Не was in a hardcore/metal band so it seemed kind of legit to us at the time. We were his support circle and we would take turns driving him to the hospital for check ups, cook for him, generally just be as good of friends as we could have been. One day my friends mom calls the hospital he is supposed to be
tatitatta25 11y My friend was helping her boyfriend when his dad discovered he had cancer. Не was distraught and went home often. It put a pretty big strain on their relationship. Finally, his father succumbed and passed away. Не broke up with her shortly after. Five days later she got a call FROM HIS DEAD FATHER asking if everything was okay between the two of them. The father never even had cancer. Не made the whole thing up. EDIT: The BF made up the whole thing. They were working at a year long children camp and he went home for
 11y My friend made his parents believe he was colorblind up until he was 13. Не used it as an excuse for his bad grades, and used it for getting things by trying to get sympathy. I was with him and his family when we were driving to a mall and he said: woah look and that shit- colored car! His whole life pretty much went downhill after that, his parents lost all respect for him. They stopped buying him all this nice things , and they were a wealthy family too. It bit him in the ass pretty good.
Zammin . 11y Most impressive lie I've ever heard discovered: A certain person I knew thought he was circumcised his whole life. His parents explicitly told him he was circumcised. Earlier this year, at a random doctor's appointment, he found out he was not, in fact, circumcised. Kinda awkward, considering he's Jewish. ... 3
SingerBaby . 11y Finding out that boyfriend of 2 years was still married to his wife (who also happened to be expecting a second child) was a pretty hard blow. What a scum bucket. EDIT: I should add that she actually doesn't know who the father of her unborn child is. Their little story is a big ol' mess...and we were planning on marriage. Needless to say, I am glad I am out of that big ol' mess! ... 95
cigr . 11y A friend of mine in high school convinced everyone she was pregnant. Her boyfriend dropped his plans for college and enlisted in the Navy in order to help support the child. Baby showers were held, gifts were given. After about 10 months she finally admitted to everyone she had been lying all along. ... 29
TheKenluckian 11y My sister is very absolute in her hatred of cigarettes, so when she started dating former smoker, she made it very clear that if he started smoking again he'd have to choose between her and the cigarettes. Well, three of four years later, after they were living together and engaged, she discovered some cigarettes in his car. She was pretty pissed, figuring he'd smoked a few while out at the bars with his friends. They got into a big fight about it and then he somehow lets it slip that he'd been smoking without her knowledge for years.
Carbsv2 11y I used to work with a girl at a hotel. She was front desk, I worked in banquets. Anyway, turns out she had this huge crush on me. We hung out once over a drink at a bar we bumped into each other at. About a month later I start getting questioned from fellow employees and friends as to whether or not her and I were dating. We were not. I spoke to her about it, she denied it... and I kind of figured things got straightened out. Fast forward to six months later... she no longer works
Porfeariah 0 11y I was helping my boyfriend of seven months move when I came across his college degree... Stating a graduation date about ten years off from what he had been telling me the entire time we had been dating. Come to find out not only is he way older than he had claimed, but surprise! Не has a wife and two kids! That was a fun afternoon. ... 15
TheBawlrus . 11y My friends girlfriend a long while back told everyone she had leukemia and the medications were why she never had money. Also that she was getting harassed by a psycho ex-boyfriend who had accused her of a bunch of shit so if the cops showed up everyone needed to act like they didn't know her. Turns out she was in serious trouble for check fraud. Also, no leukemia. ... 1
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