30 of the Weirdest Things That Workers Have Found in Someone’s Home

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30 of the Weirdest Things That Workers Have Found in Someone’s Home

No matter how awkward it feels to have a maintenance person working in your home, it’s infinitely weirder for the maintenance person — especially if your house is covered in pictures of Zac Efron. It’s also pretty weird if the guy delivering your oxygen tank has to maneuver around the 200 chickens living in your residence (yes, seriously). 

The contractors of Reddit have shared the most unbelievable things they’ve seen in peoples’ homes while on the job, and quite honestly, these stories will probably make you feel better about whatever you’ve got going on.

SauciestMeerKat . 4y I used to help install shutters in homes. You know how normally people have a picture frame with like a big picture in the middle of someone's face and then smaller pictures of them around it? Yeah, this one had small pictures of the person around a big picture of their feet. ... 176
qpwner . 4y A co-worker claims he saw a cooler with a chain locked around it in a crawl space. The freakiest thing I have seen is a life size cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton tucked around a corner in someone's basement. Gave me quite the spook. ... 27
podfoto . 4y Real Estate Photographer. Seen plenty of dildos and women's underwear. Lots of weed laying around and kids skipping school to bang or get high but one incident sticks out. Wasn't disturbing but totally weird. Client was wealthy and had a very nice home. Her and her husband were home while I was shooting and I asked the woman if I could remove her pink robe which was hanging on the shower door. She replied feel free to put it on. Caught me off guard but I just moved it aside.
 . 4y I delivered pizza for about 2 years. I had to deliver to a local motel pretty frequently. One day I go to deliver and a large lady, I'm talking 6'0 220 was decked out in dominatrix attire. She answered the door ready to get down to business then immediately closed the door and threw a robe on. She apologized perfusly and then tipped me $10 for the situation.
Karlen89 . 4y Fire Alarm Inspector. Working in a cheap long term hotel and knocked on a door where a larger man dressed in essentially a purple bikini opens the door half asleep. Enter to test the smoke detector and tried to keep my eyes off the bed but I knew I had seen something...tried not to look but I did and there's a big old purple dildo next to the tv remote. The detector then decides to not alarm in a timely fashion so I'm just staring at the wall hoping it will alarm so I get out of
r-immortalbeing . 4y A guy who had hand drawn demonic garfeild pictures and they were all over his walls ... 110
j2142b . 4 4y I went to install a tube style skylight in a bathroom. Owners had the GAYest bathroom I've ever seen, it was impressive. Think Roman decor, marble and EVERYTHING involved a penis...light switch, TP holder, towel rack shower curtain hooks...all dicks. ... 1.8k
spicy45 . 4y Nice house. Pictures of Zac Effron everywhere. EVERYWHERE. ... 8
thatsLife12345 4y I'm an electrician and I was troubleshooting a bad outlet in the bathroom of a former NFL player. I was taking all the outlets apart following them to see if I could trace out the homeruns when he comes in and starts talking football. We are in the middle of talking when he just walks over to the toilet and starts taking a shit. I couldn't see him but there was just a little pony wall between us. Не didn't even stop telling his story, it was crazy. I walked out because of the smell, he came out
apt2014 4y Upon entry the customer introduced me to the ghost of their deceased mother and asked me to say hello. Although, to be honest, I didn't actually see her mother, so not sure if it counts. But, non the less, I acknowledged the supposed presence of her mother to appease the customer. I figured it was the best thing to do. During the appointment, while we were talking, she would periodically interject to advise me of her mother's thoughts or comments on whatever it was we were conversing about. Peculiar. I never went back. ... 9
Living_Kumquat . 4y Long ago I did estimates for fire and water damage repairs for a restoration company. This couple had a smallish fire in their bedroom. When I enter the home it's seemingly normal, smells like smoke (there was a fire, makes sense). They take me to the bedroom and it was the mattress that had endured the majority of the fire, along with some of the wall above the head of the bed and smoke damage to the ceiling. Next to each side of the bed are 10 gallon buckets FILLED TO THE BRIM with cigarette butts, and hundreds of
DudeAtWork55 . 4y I painted a girls room one time while she laid in bed and played on her phone and took naps. I knocked and expected her to leave but she just laid back down. It was very strange. ... 8.4k
Wolfxskull . 4y I've told this story before, but I'm a carpenter and I got a job to do some work on an old house owned by an elderly lady that had passed away. The house was a perfect snap shot of the 1960s and had some really cool stuff in it. The weird part is that in almost every room there were mannequins fully dressed in 60's clothes in various scenes it was really bizarre. ... 35
bacon_waffler . 4y Im a landscaper and we were asked to build a fence for a guy. I pulled up to his property and there it was, a fully dressed mannequin sitting on a bench in his front yard. Sure not totally crazy I guess. Then we went to get power from the garage, and there it was...the whole garage filled with them, dressed in multiple positions, all kinds of weird dreesed up dolls all around. Turns out he owned a recycling center and thought it would be funny to put one out front to creep people out, and used
SomeoneStoleMyReddit 4y I'm an electrician working in one of the wealthiest parts of the America. A local billionaire has a sprawling estate with a full horse track, stables, and seven different houses. First thing you see when you drive past the gates is a 24 foot tall garden gnome holding a butt plug. Lots of other weird sexualized art all over the main house. The crazy wealthy are strange people. EDIT: You can google Rotterdamn Butt Plug Gnome if you don't believe me. ... 13
logicalsilly . 4 4y I was visiting someones house to see an antique table i was interested in buying. The walls had black spots all around. When asked he told me those are from candles which i use to burn mosquitoes. 131
Good_Looking_Karl 4y Used to deliver oxygen to people's homes. Saw plenty of weird things. Lots of hoarders, but this one took the cake. Не didn't want to let us into his house, but I had to do a home safety assessment before I could set up the equipment. Не was anxious about letting me in because his house was mess. Не kept telling me about his messy house. Come to find out, it wasn't just messy. It was filled with 200 chickens. Не was proud of his show chickens and wouldn't let them live in a barn or coop. The
shartnado3 . 4y Not weird or disturbing but this has always stuck with me. I used to deliver pizzas. I delivered to this elderly couple. The lady answered the door in a nightie and wearing one sock. She was taking her time to get her money so I browsed around their setup inside. The only thing they had hung up on their wall was a 5x7 photo of Abraham Lincoln. That's it. ... 476
DirtinEVE . . 4y A urinal puck used as an air freshener.
sorryarty 4y Was a Carrier for the post office. When you first start you only have 1 route 1 day a week. Every other day you cover for someone who calls in sick or is on vacation or something like that. So one day I covered for a different carrier who was sick. I get to one house and they have 4 packages. On the front door there was a sign that said Please don't knock or ring just open door and leave the packages behind the door. So I'm like ok this is weird but whatever it must happen
RTa98 4y I've posted this before a while back, but... used to work pest control, went into student accommodation to deal with insects... can't remember what type. Carpet moths or bedbugs, maybe? Anyway, that's not the point of the story. This one room is fairly clean, but we have to spray all fabrics with the chemical in question to prevent any eggs from having a safe space to gestate, so open up suitcases, wardrobes, that sorta thing. One suitcase is full of used tampons that she was saving for... fuck knows what reason, actually, and I don't want to know.
 . 4y I tutor privately so sometimes I meet clients at their homes. One lady had a huge shrine to Bob Berdella, which is really confusing because usually women attracted to serial killers gravitate toward the attractive ones. ... 4.1k
LordShadowThor 4y Tile guy here Doing a bathroom remodel for an older woman and her husband. We start ripping everything out, floor, shower walls, toilet, vanity pretty much everything. Since they wanted to keep the toilet we decided we would put it in the living room for the day then put it back later. As the later came we we go to walk outside to have a smoke break and the moment we turn the corner we all get blindsided by this old man with his pants around the ankles taking a dump... in a toliet thats not hooked up
 . . 4y Had a girl take the loudest pee I've ever heard with the door open and I was 2 feet from the door talking to her wife. Neither seemed very concerned. ... 217
WhilstTakingADump 4y Was a firefighter another time in my life. Had a middle of the night call to a mobile home for an elderly lady once. We walk in and it's dark but as my eyes start to adjust I think oh that's weird wallpaper. I keep looking around huh, it's on the ceiling too. Weird inconsistent patterns and rectangle shapes. Eyes adjust some more while we are talking to her. Wtf? Are those puzzles?! She had hundreds of puzzles that she had glued when completed and then glued them to every surface of her mobile home. Walls, ceiling, living
MaBoyLoki . 4y Not disturbing, just odd. I worked as a painter for a while, and was working on a shed. The clapboards toward the bottom were partially rotten, but they didn't want them replaced, just painted. So as I'm working, one of these boards opens up a bit more and a batarang falls out. Like a legit metal Batman batarang falls out of the outer wall of this shed. It has become one of my prized possessions.
BracesForlmpact . 4 4y Used too work for a Rent -A-Center long ago. Showed up at some dudes house to pick up his stuff because he was overdue. Не had a raccoon in a dog kennel cage. Не asked us to say he wasn't home in exchange for the racoon and cage. We said no and tok his living room set. It was not a tame racoon. ... 27
lilhomie420 4y Oooh. Me me. I have a good one. Finally as a lurker all these years I have something to contribute. I am a residential property manager and We had a guy who was too lazy to sit down to piss and shit so he created a make-shift slide funnel contraption out of a kids plastic slide so he could shit standing up. The slide led into the toilet and was waist high. It was stained yellow and brown. The same gentleman ran a commercial food prep station out of his living room and his second bedroom was stacked
toxik0n 4y I'm a face painter who does children's birthday parties. I've never had any super sketchy experiences, just a few run-down homes but the kids always have fun. I went to one house, kinda messy and smelly, but no big deal. I started setting up my supplies and I heard a weird 'peep' sound above me. I look up to see a guinea pig running through a clear plastic tube attached to the ceiling. Then I take a good look around the house and notice the whole place is covered with a network of guinea pig tubes. The mom
tesaract . 4y I used to petsit occasionally for people when they went out of town. One of my clients was my mom's coworker and her cat, Muggsy. The first time i went to this womans apartment was maybe 17 and i walked into her bedroom looking for the cat. What i fohnd instead was a wall absolutely COVERED in photos of black men's dicks, like at least 30 framed photos from angles i havent even seen my own dick from. She payed well though. ... 17
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