34 of the Most Bizarre Items People Donated to Goodwill

Like a Louis Vuitton wallet full of human teeth
34 of the Most Bizarre Items People Donated to Goodwill

Though TikTok influencers would have you believe that Goodwill is full of hidden gems just waiting to be found, the retailer is often mostly a smorgasbord of junk. That’s not to say you can’t find real treasure nestled amongst the garbage, but you have to push past the taxidermied squirrel and wallet full of human teeth to find it. 

To that end, Goodwill workers and shoppers have long traded stories about the most insane items they’ve seen donated as well as given some sound advice to future donors: Check your pockets before dropping off your goods.

Twinge . 5y We once has someone donate a guillotine. I think we sold for it for $30.
key1010 . 5y Literal bags of their garbage. The first time I thought it was just an accident but no. This would happen often. Usually people with an old truck and a mullet. ... 43
Esrange . 5y A basket of taxidermy kittens ... 574
optimists_unite.. 4y I did find a shirt with a huge picture of a dead fly on it. ... 8.2k
ANoiseChild . 5y A book with Bible for the deaf written across the cover while the rest of it was written in Braille... They kinda missed the point with that one. ... 4.4k
mohawk_ADE. . 5y A Blazer Vest with a LIVE BAT comfortably nestled inside it, cute little guy. Never got pictures, was before the age of smartphones I'm afraid. Got the thickest pair of gloves to carefully grab him and release him outside. ... 4.3k
onionofyourbusiness . . 5y A glass jar labeled fart june. 1975 ... 17.9k
MythicalHobo . . 5y 3-man tent. All poles, excellent condition, complete with shit-filled underwear stashed away in one of the pockets attached to said tent. .. 17.5k
anewjesus420. 5y Shoebox of used+unopened condoms was the worst of it 279
spicywookiee . 5y Old porn DVD's donated with a crockpot full of moldy bean water. ... 15.7k
 4y A trio of mariachi band figurines... that were made of prunes ... 3.8k
Srianen . 5y I was volunteering at a Goodwill once and while sorting donations, came upon an urn that still contained the ash of human remains. ... 24k
themaggotprince. 5y I don't work at a Goodwill but my brother once bought a rock he found on the shelf there for $11. There was nothing special about it, it was just a normal rock. ... 2.9k
Weinertotheface . 5y my brother used to work there and one time someone donated probably by accident a pair of fake breast like the ones some cancer patients get. Anyways he got the idea of a little bity skinny dude walking around with some d cup tittes would be hilirious. Turns out it was and the looks he got were priceless! ... 1.7k
 5y I've posted this story before- My mom used to work at goodwill, and one day a real Luis Vuitton purse and matching wallet got donated. She started working there specifically to get first dibs on stuff and she decided she would buy the purse for my sister. But when she opened the wallet to check it out it was filled with human teeth ... 65
Joe_A__ 5y A tiny toy car that said Pizza with bean... Have you tried it? on the side. It sounds like a shitpost I know, but honest to god it's real. I brought it home because it was going to get thrown away. I still don't know what it means. Edit: posted a picture to - - the - r/me_irl for your viewing pleasure. https://www.reddit.com/r/me_irl/comments/ 9b88pc/me_irl/utm_source=reddit-android ... 266
JimmyL2014 . 4y I was sorting out some donated items and come across an unusual set of tools. Through some research, we discovered that it was a full transorbital lobotomy tool set. It got donated to a local university for display. Apparently, a vintage set in good condition can sell for around $1,000. ... 26.2k
captainduck2 . ! 5y I was doing community service at Goodwill and somebody dropped off a purse with a bag of cocaine in it. ... 106
DonGotchoJr . . 5y Like 1000 VHS tapes in a wet box, he wanted the box back too. I try not to throw shit away infront of people but I had to that time. ... 461
ohitsalreadygone. 5y A tea cozy knitted to look like the Irish President, Micheal D. Higgins. (It looked like him too!) We have it as a trophy on the front counter. ... 41
Novacro 0 5y Goodwill was my first job. My first day of working there, I opened a box and saw some yarn. It looked suspicious, so I poked it and a bunch of pinkies (baby mice) crawled out. That was a pretty good indicator of what the next year of my employment was going to be like. The only thing I really learned was that people take donation to mean free trash dump. ... 289
KeepsFallingDown . 5y A 4ft tall bong. Leather bondage gear. A set of silk sheets with rubber lining the fitted one.
thepurplehedgehog . 5y The used vibrator was a highlight, with the added touch of a single pube stuck to it. The dead mouse was....a somewhat different experience. The homemade jam was a nice one. We couldn't sell it but we had pre-opening staff toast parties in honour of Mrs Old Lady and her homemade plum jam!
 4y I worked in donations. In the same day we got a pickled baby tiger shark and a coin purse made from a kangaroo scrotum.
SixYourPleasure . 2y As a customer, I have seen a taxidermy squirrel along with a little photo of that same squirrel when it was alive next to it ... 33
xNekozushi . 5y We got a winter jacket with a lice comb and an extremely old hard boiled egg once. My coworker took the egg out back and chucked it, which is how we found out about it being hard boiled... Also people have accidentally donated their groceries before, that's always interesting. ... 8.3k
SparkyMountain . . 5y Worked there one summer at a satellite drop-off area by a bar. Weirdest was a medical study skull made from a real human skull. It came in a legit medical study supply box. The top of the skull was cut and hinged. ... 7.2k
 4y We've had some nipple clamps on a chain, a rampant rabbit with car charger, a jug in the shape of a tit and a book with a hole in it that you stick your dick in for a novelty puppet show. Oh and there was also a mobile phone with a bunch of photos of a local policeman wearing his girlfriend's underwear. I securely deleted those. Не owes me a get out of jail free card for that. ... 8.6k
hecticengine . 5y An S/M collection. There was a whip, a fur glove, several heavily illustrated insanely violent novels from the 70s, and other stuff I've forgotten. My manager let me take most of it for .99 an item. She kept the fur glove. ... 5.2k
2016mindfuck . 5y an entire cardboard box of original newspapers from historical events. Kennedy Assassination, Nixon Resignation, Man on the moon, etc. ... 2.1k
Michaelmozden . 2y Pair of panties that said tastes like chicken on the ass ... 35
lethargicmess . . 4y My aunt's a cop and had to go investigate a donated hand grenade.
armouredbutterfly . . 5y A bedazzled painting of Jesus. ... 44
burntends97 . 5y This guy brought in a metal Dance Dance Revolution pad that looked like it was harvested off of an original arcade machine
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