32 of the Weirdest Compliments People Have Received

Uhh thanks, I guess?
32 of the Weirdest Compliments People Have Received

Have you ever had someone tell you that they’d like it if you got hit by a car so they could cradle your head as you died? Probably not. Though the statement seems to have a warm connotation (I guess???), it’s an extremely specific and unnerving way for someone to express fondness for you. By the way, if someone has said this to you, please be sure to look both ways before crossing the street in the near (and distant) future. 

That bizarre compliment is just one of many that Redditors could recall being given, and while they were very grateful for the kind words, they were left very, very confused afterward.

drummerfromjetwash . 2y you remind me of Kermit the frog. Not in looks, in vibes. ... 13.2k
 2y You smell organic. ... 7.7k
Editor-In-Queef . 2y My eyes were brown like a really nice table ... 1.7k
MooMoo_Juic3 . 2y your mind is like a kaleidoscope ... 7.4k
YeetoCheetoBurrito . 2y You look like one of them creepy victorian dolls ... 1.1k
Elena_320 . . 2y A girl in high school told me I have really pretty knees. ... 7.6k
 . 2y Your pubic hair curls in a cute way. Huh? ... 1.1k
 . 2y your eyes are so beautiful! I just want to scoop them out and replace them with my own I wear sunglasses everywhere now ... 780
mbltlh. 2y An ex once picked up my hand and told me I had feminine, delicate wrists
Martini_Man_ . 2 2y A random woman outside a café beside a train station, as I get chased by a wasp: You smell very sweet and spicy, that's why he's chasing you. Its very nice! Thank you random lady, 2 years later and I'll never forget. ... 10.6k
wishsleepwasoptional . 2y I had a girl tell me she'd like it if I got hit by a car so she could cradle my head and stroke my hair as I died.
Snuggle_Pounce . 2y You smell like dirt. - my mrs. (She meant it in a good have you been gardening this morning way) ... 418
holy_wha_eh . . 2y You have good birthing hips. -Two separate guys, two separate occasions. One dude was gay... ... 476
SmartAlec105 . 2y That I have a very swan-like voice. She didn't actually know what swans sound like. She was complimenting me on how I said your coffee will be ready over there when we were both working at a coffee shop. ... 2.2k
Guava_ . 2y 'You have juicy veins, I'd love to take blood from them' from a friend who works in pathology. ... 5.1k
winged_barbeque . 2y Your nose is so pointy, I bet it would fit right into my pussy. ... 5.4k
Gingerbarkid . 2y That I looked like I belonged on a shortbread tin. ... 5.3k
DidYouEatToday . . 2y You look you'd be fun to take to Colorado said the man to me, in a gas station. Не liked my choice of beer. I'm just broke and PBR isn't that bad ... 2k
thelesserbabka_ . 2y A drunk old sailor once told me the shape of the top of my upper lip was very nice. Very specific and very odd. Не was nice though, gave me some (unsolicited but true) life advice as well. ... 737
TheMooney 2y You've got good ears. Not even pretty, but good. ... 211
jxj24 . . 2y I wish I didn't have a cold, because I really want to smell you all over! ... 1.9k
PolackTony . . 2y I was admiringly told by a female anthropology professor in class that I have a very robust cranium. ... 13.5k
HighonDoughnuts . 2y How calm I am in an emergency.
mc1r-jen . . 2y Your eyes protrude nicely from your head. ... thanks? ... 273
 2y I was at a pool party in college and I saw two girls that looked like they were talking about me. I asked if I could help them in a flirty way and they straight up said we just wanted to say you have really nice nipples...I'm a guy Sadly I didn't get either of their numbers but at least now I know that I have nice nipples. ... 958
girlwiththesith . . 2y Your ears look like tortellini... ... delicious ... 2.9k
 . 2y that I looked Pre-Raphaelite ... 697
wtfdoicare . 2y I was told by a random lady walking past me in the mall that I had a really large, bright aura. I looked at her kinda confused and she just said she was gifted that way and to have a nice day and kept walking... 3.7k
CottonPlant99 . 2y i was wearing a green dress and blonde curls. You look like the cute dog from animal crossing! Said by a woman my age. We're girlfriends now. ... 166
Jelz . 2y Older lady (60's) I was helping update her resume said Mmmm, you have nice veiny hands....I love that. ... 600
hardsleaz . 2y I was late for school and decided not to shower so i could catch my bus in time. I arrive to school say hello to a girl I barely knew, she comes up to me smells my sweaty shirt and says Dammn you smell really good. Yeah that was a creepy way to start the day. ... 5.2k
 . 2y Well, I got called a twink once. I weigh 200 pounds, and I am stereotypically masculine / dominant. ... 300
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