21 of the Craziest Things HR Professionals Have Ever Experienced

One employee accused another of practicing witchcraft
21 of the Craziest Things HR Professionals Have Ever Experienced

We previously assumed that the duties of HR specialists were limited to answering mundane questions about company policy, but some of them seem to have more important skills under their belts, too, like acting as mediators when a co-worker accuses a colleague of practicing witchcraft. One in particular also stepped up to handle the messy fallout of a co-worker who died and — surprise! — had two families that didn’t know about each other. 

These are just a couple of the insane things HR workers have had to deal with on the job, and trust us, they somehow get worse. 

gay_flatulent . 3 3y Got a call from our office in India that staff who supported the night shift were running a brothel from the office. They didn't know they couldn't do that. Still fired. They tried to appeal the decision. Did not work. ... 1.6k
ThePrevailer . 3y Overnight IT guy started working pantsless. Не was the only person in the building, but it still didn't fly. After being warned, he did another shift in his boxers and hit canned. ... 231
spoonythirtywon . . 3y Female GM banging 3 co-workers at the same time. Fight broke out once everyone found out about it. ... 7.5k
SausageOnToast . 3 3y Had to delete someone from the system following them being murdered. Was a bad day.
Blueiguana1976 3y I was a recruiter, and you would be shocked to see what some people actually have as their personal email. Most people have come around to using just their name, but then every once in a while you'll have to verify that brownglitter69 is in fact how they would like to be contacted. ... 15.3k
JayArlington . . 3y Call center employee calls HR to complain about their supervisor: He's abusive... he won't even let me leave my desk. Supervisor calls HR to complain about employee: can you please tell that she's allowed to leave her desk. Oh my god... she's shitting in her trashcan!
thedarlingbuttsofmay . . 3y I once had a temp job in HR. I was scanning lots of old personnel files, and the one perk of the job was reading old complaints against people. The best one I came across was a mediation caused by one member of staff accusing another of witchcraft. ... 30.7k
Vandelay222 . Зу An IT guy who worked the overnight shift (because he was doing support for our Asia/Europe regions) got written up for improper use of company systems. Не had dozens of not hundreds of Google image searches related to foot fetish stuff. Like insert celebrity here feet along with other random stuff like cute toes, etc Like dude...YOU'RE IN IT. You KNOW this stuff is tracked and that your boss could easily monitor it. ... 21.1k
 Зу My wife works in HR. She had to question a high ranking employee about an incident where a lower ranking employee - who was being talked to about her inappropriate wardrobe choices which clearly violated company policy - decided in an act of protest to take out her (quite large) left breast and smack it down on the table and ask him in her thick New England accent is this too much cleavage for you? ... 2.7k
(dan't meg_w1111 Зу The family of the guy who passed away came to speak to us (it was in a factory environment). To get pension docs etc. We sent them away with a to do list. 1 hour later reception pinged us saying Mr Xs family was here. Strange. The documents take a few days to get. Nope. New family. Yup. The guy had 2 different families. Who were about to have a fun surprise ... 13.7k
tanttrum . Зу One of the dumbest things, an employee that worked night audit at a hotel parked his car at the entrance and would occasional go out there to drink a bottle of vodka in full view of the cameras. Не didn't even sit in his car to drink! Just grabbed the bottle out of the car each time and drank in the open. Seriously, he could have put it in a water bottle and drank at the desk and would have not been caught as soon as he was. If at all! ... 2.5k
 Зу My dad works in HR. Не just told me about a day when they had to layoff about half of the company. It was crazy and there were a whole lot of moving parts that day. Unfortunately, in all the craziness, no one remembered to tell this one new hire that sadly the position he was hired for was no longer affordable. So he came in to the office only to see everyone clearing out their desks and leaving. And then...he got laid off. An hour into his first day. Не said the guy understood, but it was
Garimasaurus . 3y One of my relatives worked in tech support for a really high-profile company in Silicon Valley during the height of the dot com boom. Some guy who desperately wanted to work there was emailing his resume to HR one thousand times every day. Several times a day, the number of emails would get too overwhelming. So the people in HR would just select all the emails in the inbox and delete all of them, whether the emails were from the applicant or not. My relative had to show them how to filter emails from the applicant. ...
giantpoopyhead . 3y I had someone interviewing for a job and he asked bluntly the name of our president. We told him and he straight up said :I can get hired right now and do a much better job than said president. It will be a fool for you all not to hire me. Не was applying for an entry level customer service assistant job. Oh and he also cussed up a storm during the interview. ... 804
dailysunshineKO 3y I used to work at a staffing agency that placed people at manufacturing positions. Everyone had to be drug tested at the office as part of the orientation. If the pee cup came back as inconclusive, we'd send the potential hire to a medical lab. They would take another drug test and the lab could determine if the person was on a prescription or using illegal drugs (and therefore, not eligible for hire). So one guy failed his drug test at the lab. Не came back to the office claiming that it wasn't his fault. Не explained that
McNugget_Princess Зу The new receptionist was coming in every morning and opening up programs/documents to make it look like they were busy, and they'd sit with one hand on their mouse and one hand on their keyboard and stare blankly at their screen for 8 hours a day and not do anything. They'd also consistently pick up the phone and hang it up without saying anything so that it would stop ringing. I sat in on their termination, and the employee started screaming at the manager about how they were doing an amazing job, and they had to give them
Wehrsportyoga Зу This was in the early 2000s, when people still sent paper applications - I worked for a gaming company, so we got a fair amount of unsolicited applications, usually young people trying to break into the industry. But this application letter was extra-special. It started with I am in the center of an international conspiracy. Followed by two tightly printed A4 pages of the freakiest shit imaginable - researcher, on to something, hunted by dark forces, agent of other unseen forces he fell out of favor with, and a few weird political tangents. Wanted a job with us because he needed to
_ana_banana_ Зу Worked for a large trucking company. Every employee would get a present on their birthday (in the mail) and their names on the video board (this weeks birthdays are:). A guy called to ask if his name could not be on the board. Reason : his twin brother murdered his parents and he did not want to be reminded of his birthday ... 7.7k
Wiwig Зу Worked in HR for a couple years now, mostly for large firms managing facilities within properties. One of the strangest cases was brought about because a Client asked us to review CCTV footage as he'd driven past the office late at night and noticed the motion sensor lights inside going on and off and was concerned there had been a break in. Turned out our night security officer who's primary role is to monitor cameras from the control room was skipping up and down the corridors cause he felt too full of energy and had to get it
Amia262 Зу I no longer work in HR or at this company, but it's my favorite story from my time there. Our benefits team made the decision to eliminate reserved parking as lots of employees were frustrated when they walked past dozens of empty spots in the reserved lots every day. This new policy applied to all of the company's locations. Of course, the benefits manager received hundreds of complaints in the first few days from people insisting they needed an exception for their own personal spot. The best reason by far was from one person who needed a spot
drinkthecoffeeblack Зу I got a call from a woman I'd never spoken to, asking when she could start. She'd received a job offer after interviewing with a manager for a customer service position, she told me, but no one ever contacted her about a start date or pre-employment processes like a background check, and it had been a month. After a lengthy investigation, it came out that this manager had fabricated a job opening and offered it to this woman in an attempt to impress her. She quit her job (but, it should be noted, did not respond to the
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