22 of the Funniest Tweets from November 17, 2023

Justice for Tucci
22 of the Funniest Tweets from November 17, 2023

Carmen Electra, Kate Upton or any number of Playboy centerfolds are who you generally think of when imagining whose picture is hanging on the walls of horny college guys across the country. But the would-be King of England wasn’t like the other boys. There were no buxom babes of the ‘60s on Charles III’s walls at Cambridge, but rather one iconic star of the stage and screen: Barbra Streisand. The EGOT-winning Funny Girl described learning that she was the object of the then-prince’s desire in her new memoir My Name Is Barbra. Charles said the What’s Up, Doc? actress was his “only pinup” and allegedly described her as “devastatingly attractive” with “great sex appeal.” Streisand said she was grateful to not know that when they first met “because it would’ve made (her) self-conscious.” 

In other royal news, Prince William was named the “Sexiest Bald Man of 2023.” If that honor sounds fake, it’s because it basically is, considering it’s just a U.K.-based marketing agency conducting a study. But seriously, there’s an entire roster of bald men that your mother probably has the hots for, and I can guarantee you that William isn’t anywhere near it. To reach its conclusion, the study looked at how many times names were searched alongside the terms “shirtless” or “naked,” and considered other factors like height, net worth and scalp shine. Stanley Tucci, you will be avenged. 

All the while, the timeline has carried us through the week and gotten us to Friday with hilarious riffs and jokes. Today’s funny tweets include those about a Justin Timberlake hit coming back to haunt us, a president ready to ball out and the aftermath of listening to Shania Twain. 

Daniel @dadogeking 22h ... Hey quit bugging me or i will inform you of a behavioral pattern that is noticeable to other people but i can tell you are not yet aware of 79 10K 59.1K 1.5M
Cof fee Lovers and Fans 5h ... Stealing someone's car and doing a car acknowledgement before every time I drive it 10 859 10.1K 294K
swag @chillextremist.20h ... Some of y'all act like you know snoopy but he prolly wouldn't even fw you 93 10.1K 57.6K del 1.7M
Dane @daneari_ 18h ... my offering to my husband who turned 30 today I'm 30 years old. 194 9,994 88.5K 1.4M
tommy bayer @tommybayertime 5h ... been jacking off by memory recently and I think it's been making me smarter. I feel like it counts as reading a book or solving a puzzle 60 2,059 28.7K del 1M
possiblykimrichards @psblykimrichrds - 4 4h ... Signing NDA's is so fun like I'm still sending a voice note to the girls about this but okay! 10 506 6.7K 158K
lucy ford @lucyj_ford - 1 19h ... stanley tucci isn't sweating over a pot of al dente risotto on tiktok daily for this The Independent @Independent . 1d Prince William named 'sexiest bald man of 2023' according to study indy100.com/celebrities/pr... 24 2.5K 35K 1.5M
James @GravitysRa1nbow 21h One day this photo is going to be part the funniest AP US Pamary Colours are History question of all time NN 33 397 7.1K 171K
krizzia @jyushimatsu - 18h ... gay sex is back on the table 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 23h 'VENOM 3' has resumed filming. CITY AMSTE 21 4.2K 30K del 577K
Me. I Am Evelyn... The Elusive Chanteuse @pul... .2 2h ... Someone was out pussyfootin around. 2 106 1.3K 29K
Maniel Derk @danmerk - 17h wtf is wrong with North Carolina Mt Olive BAPTIST CHURCH A 4 INCH TONGUE CAN BRING A 6 FOOT MAN TO HIS KNEES. ETTLAD the - E. HENDERCON 23 206 1.2K 147K
the thicc husband & father @lukeisamazing 4h wild horses couldn't drag me away from this site Follow @fulong666 Django had one of the most beautiful and touching displays of loyalty in modern media. Even though it clumsily tries to portray Stephen as Evil and Django who shoots unarmed women as hero. 2:58 PM 11/16/23 from Earth 59K Views 2 Reposts 48 Quotes 19 Likes 17 Bookmarks 20 75K 130 3.1K
soul nate @MNateShyamalan 17h sorry but if you spend the koch brothers' money on onlyfans subscriptions think they should put you on mount rushmore philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_. 1d Ethics report: George Santos used campaign funds to pay for OnlyFans, Botox, Sephora ethics.house.gov/sites/ethics.h... On October 21, 2022, RedStone's bank account received a $25,000 wire from an account affiliated with Contributor 2. 154 From there, $25,000 was transferred from RedStone's account to Representative Santos' personal checking account. 155 On October 26, 2022, RedStone's bank account received a $25,000 wire from an account affiliated with Contributor 1. 156 On the same date, the
James Medlock @jdcmedlock 15h ... Bro is just happy to be on Newson's team after he saw Newsom flatten that small child Gabor Gurbacs @gaborgurbacs. 1d President Xi looks very happy about his new Golden State Warriors jersey. I haven't seen him smile like that before. Rakuten THE B BAY 15 10K 654K 324
Andrew Nadeau @TheAndrewNadeau . 3h ... If only there was some sort of song about crying rivers to explain how I feel about that. Britney Stan THE WOMAN NE WE @BritneyTheStan - 6 6h Justin Timberlake is reportedly miserable after fans and Hollywood A-listers like Madonna have turned on him following Britney's memoir #TheWomanIMe P 14 1.2K 424K 14K
Kacey @Kaceydotme• 17h ... won a $10 ebay listing for four broken Xbox 360s and they literally all work 233 1.1K 36K 987K
PrincessMuppet @PrincessMuppet . th STOP WITH HUMAN HOSTS!!! LET THE MUPPETS HOST THE OSCARS !!! WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR YEARS !!! DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm .1d Jimmy Kimmel will return to host the 2024 Oscars. 12 931 9.6K 242K
Call Me Da-vid-vid-vid @DGRMSP.1h ... When Shania Twain says Let's Go, Girls and I'm two rooms away @supersisi_ 1d SuperSisi Please explain this picture to me 14 492 2.9K 101K
they who walk silently @eleven... 1d ... girl autoworks 229 7,708 97.7K del 1.9M
Nick Miller @NickMillerMusic. 22h ... Can't really explain it but this Orson Welles pic feels like a George Santos pic 45 375 7,895 del 279K
kyle @Kyle_Patan 16h ... Call me marge the way I love my homies 37 4,540 30.2K del 1.2M
comeback jack @meanuncleja... 17h ... my dad brought me yellow gatorade because that's the medicinal flavor. orange is for exercise. red is the best tasting but has no healing properties, it's just a drink like an arizona iced tea. 191 2,867 49.3K del 1.4M
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