15 Wild Stories from Factory Workers

There’s a lot of fingers going missing
15 Wild Stories from Factory Workers

For those who didn’t grow up around people with blue-collar jobs, the concept of working in a factory evokes images of a bygone era when child labor laws were nonexistent and nobody had a clue what asbestos was. But the truth is, we’re not as far removed from the assembly line as you might think, and the job can still be relatively unsafe — just ask the guy who accidentally cut off the same finger twice in one day. 

The factory workers of Reddit have punched the clock and shared the most insane things they’ve seen on the job, and if you take away one thing, let it be to always make sure bone-crushing equipment is turned off before you go sticking your arm in it. 

allkindsofjake . 5y Happened a week before I started but... A guy was unwrapping a big pallet of parts that had been shipped over from the plant a county away. Apparently a copperhead snake had slithered into the wrapped up pallet of stuff and wasn't able to get out, so when he cut open the wrapping this angry snake slithered out and bit him. Не went to the hospital and was fine, but who the hell expected a poisonous snake to jump out at you indoors?? ... 76
MyNamelsNotRyn 5y My dad used to work at a factory. The plant made food- grade plastic bags (the name brand may have rhymed with FLIP-LOCK) and if there was ever a risk of biological contamination - say, a bird flew into the warehouse, the entire plant would have to shut down, the pest removed, and then inspected for sanitary hazards. Removing the bird could take several hours, costing an enormous amount of money lost due to the production halt. My dad figured that he could just make a DIY blowgun to remove the pest, reducing the amount of time the factory had
that_bench_in_hagey 5y A spark from welder flew into an area used by the engineers to store materials. It hit a piece of cardboard and caught fire. So the full factory started smoking up - but no fire alarms went off or anything. Half of us kind of made our way outside. Apparently, some of our team leaders had extinguished it with some difficulty, as that area was locked off by a metal caging. They gave the factory 10 minutes to let some smoke off the floor, and then we were all told to go back to work. No EMS or anything
errgreen 5y Mostly just small things; Guy smashed the end of his finger, just blowing the tip completely off. Не wraps it in papertowels and duct tape, and I hear him say he will go to the ER after work because 'Im not gonna lose the year end bonus for the whole fucking department.' Walk in one morning, to find bunch of managers standing around one of the giant metal columns (see I beam) supporting the building. As I walk by, I see that there is a perfect whole punched right through it, in the shape of a forklift fork.
poi123e 5y My dad worked for a furniture manufacturer back in the late 90s, while he wasn't paying attention he sliced his hand in half after it got caught in a machine. It was a late shift and his buddy took him to the local hospital, then just drove away once my dad was in the parking lot. Не got it reattatched surprisingly and although he can't move it well he can function. WELL The sad part is, he later joined the police force and worked for the animal control division, where he was accidentally pricked with euthenasia blue juice
complimentary_mint . 5y i'm the accident-prone person got my ponytail stuck in an uncovered(!) rotating part because i forgot it was there. later stuck my arm inside a working machine and nearly had it crushed at the elbow. i i am not a smart person ... 3
oxiginthief 5y Not a factory but I used to work in a sportswear warehouse packaging stuff up. We got a shipping container delivered and everything was covered in orange dust, it was in our mouths, hair, noses, the lot! We all felt fine but as a precaution sent one of the lads up to the hospital to get checked out. Не got there, they wouldn't see him because it was an unknown substance, told him to go away and we had to call the specialist hazardous substances team to come out and in the meantime evacuate the factory. So we're
chicocraig . 5y My Dad worked on fighter jets. Once, one of his со workers was sitting in the pilots seat working on something and accidentally pulled the ejector seat. The plane was inside of a hanger. You can probably guess how that ended up. L ... 3
 . 5y Worked in factory with 10k lbs wooden spools of plastic pipe. Girl pushing full spool down isle. Splinter in wood snagged the sweater she was wearing. You cant stop a 10000 lb spool once it starts moving. Spool pulled her sweater and t shirt off like a Benny Hill gag. Thank god she had the sense to let it take her clothes and not roll over the top of spool ... 167
BuffaloBuckbeak 5y My boyfriend works in a factor producing medical equipment. A few weeks ago some guy purposefully shit himself in the clean room to get fired. It took two full shifts to re-sterilize the clean room and no one was happy about it. ... 6
whipperwill . 5y I used to work as a welding inspector, there was a dude grinding on a pipe with a pinch point and the grinding wheel pinched and broke off and glanced off his left eyebrow. Got a couple stitches. We had smoked a joint together twenty minutes earlier and he said the only reason he has his head leaned so far back was coz he was high and it was very loud, had he been in his normal grinding position the blade would have struck him full force square in the face ... 257
SoapSudGaming • . 5y Not me, but my dad: he had to take someone at his job to the hospital to get a finger reattached. The day that his co-worker went back to work, he cut off the same finger. ... 264
EffityJeffity . . 5y I once saw a baling (packing) robot totally bale up a guy onto a pallet, ready to be loaded into a truck. Once we found out he was OK, it was unbelievably funny. ... 163
Verotes . 5y My dad told me a story once, he used to work in this factory that had a big acid vat used for acid washing jigs and what not. The acid apparently was heated to just below boiling, and a guy fell in it waist deep and had to be pulled out. Не was screaming and they I guess tried to remove his steel toed boots and jeans but it was peeling his skin off his body like a rubber glove. The guy went in to shock and they just had to wait for an ambulance to arrive.
Mr_Drewski . 5y You know those machines that wrap pallets, yeah, those wrap a lot tighter than you probably think. Bet was as follows: hands in front pockets, utility knife in back pocket, 20 bucks says you cant get out after being wrapped.....and it took all of 10 seconds for everyone to realize he was gasping for air. ... 107
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